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Travel tips – visiting expensive cities on a budget

Cities by their very nature are where it is happening. However, with city buzz, tourists have also come to expect a higher holiday expenditure. Londoners who work in England’s capital for example can expect to receive a higher salary to help with the high cost of living associated with calling London home, but what about tourists who are keen to experience a bit of city life on a country or suburb budget?

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5 cool places to visit in Chicago

Chicago serves as an international hub, a center for services, business and finance. In fact, Chicago has been ranked by The Atlantic as the world’s 4th most economically powerful city, and by Forbes as 5th most powerful. It’s also a place that has been featured notoriously in all kinds of art and culture – just think of “Chicago” the well-known Broadway musical.

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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Laos

Nobody who takes a trip to Laos ever forgets it. One of the most rugged, unspoiled countries on Earth, Laos is like a lost world that has breath-taking mountain vistas, colorful mountain tribes, and majestic Buddhist temples around every corner. And yet even with its isolation and challenging terrain, it has also inherited a rich, tragic history as the most bombed country in the world.