Top 10 coolest festivals in the UK

Top 10 the coolest music festivals in the UK

With summer just around the corner, it means it’s nearly festival time. UK festivals are known for their mud but the Brits sure know how to put on a good show. UK music festivals are legendary and attract some of the best bands and acts from around the world. If you haven’t yet experienced one, get yourself a tent, sleeping bag, lots of beer and book one from the list below…

Top 10 weird things to do in South East Asia

Top 10 weird things to do in South East Asia

South East Asia has many wonderful places to visit and great things to do. It also offers some of the not-so-traditional and slightly crazy things to do that most people wouldn’t dream of doing back home, but hey isn’t that the joy of travelling? Here is my list (although I must say I don’t personally agree with all of them)..