Unspoiled Cyprus

Cyprus is probably best known for its gorgeous beaches, championship golf courses and package holiday resorts, but the island is not as developed as you may think. If you step just a little way off the beaten track you’ll find a whole other world away from the cheap Cyprus holidays, filled with traditional beauty and culture just begging to be explored…

Ostend - Soul trip

Finding soul in Ostend, Belgium

When we were asked where was our next trip would be and we replied Ostend, most people weren’t interested in finding out any more. Someone even laughed. Not known for its glamour – although it was once a fashionable resort – Ostend is mostly associated with its long sandy beach, its collection of seafood restaurants and its windy weather….

Trinidad Cuba

There’s nowhere quite like Cuba

Cuba really does live up to cliches (in the best possible way), it’s full to bursting with life, music and passion and it’s without a doubt one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I spent four days in Havana but getting out of the capital helped me really understand what made this intriguing country tick…