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Lesser known stops along Australia’s East Coast

The route up (or down) the Australian East coast is THE most travelled back packer route in the world, or so my Travel agent told me sitting in rainy London many months ago now. Being such an audacious claim I’m not going to put my head on the line and endorse this, but there’s no mistaking it as a mecca of travel for backpackers, flashpackers, career breakers and wandering souls…

Zurich old town

10 cool things to do in Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s largest city is really starting to come into its own. With its huge crystal-clear lake, attractive old town and backdrop of beautiful mountains, Zurich has always been known for its high standard of living (as well as anonymous bank accounts). Now though the city is also shedding its once uptight and dare we say…slightly stuffy image….


Couture and croissants: 48 hours in Cannes

I wouldn’t exactly say Cannes is a surprising city. Although some might say they wouldn’t expect it to be as small as it is (it had humble beginnings as a small fishing village) but otherwise the glitz, the glamour, the beautiful people, the tiny poodles, and the harbour filled with yachts bigger than most people’s houses is just how you’d expect the French Riviera’s arguably most famous city to be…

5 of England’s quirkiest hotels

You could say England is a land of curiosities. In Devon, there is a ‘gnome reserve’ where visitors are given a red hat and fishing rod so they will fit in. In Conwy, there is a house which is only six feet wide; while at Cerne Abbas, there is a giant figure of a naked man, carved into a hillside. If you are interested in curiosities, there are also a number of very quirky places to stay..

Great reads: my favourite travel books

Our literature-loving good friend Patrick Smith has written his debut blog post taking us on a journey around the world with some of his travel favourite books. From Alaska to Australia, taking in hiking, cycling and swimming, here are his pick of books that would inspire even the most hardened couch potato to book their plane tickets and start exploring…