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Travel – around the world in 7 dates

As an intrepid traveller and a hopeless romantic, I’m a firm believer that Mr or Mrs Right won’t always live in the same town or even on the same continent as I do and have always been open to the possibility of meeting someone on the road! Sadly I have not met Mr Right Forever…

10 beautiful reasons to add Montenegro to your travel list

A Balkan pearl of the Mediterranean and brimming with wild mountains, breathtaking Adriatic beaches, medieval villages, and huddles of picturesque, orange-roofed houses small but perfectly formed Montenegro is for some the ultimate under-the-radar travel destination. You’d be forgiven for not knowing where Montenegro is, or never having heard of it before. After all, it’s only…

Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Stockholm

Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Stockholm 2020

Famous for its progressive politics, high standard of living, trend-setting design, inventive cuisine, Scandi Noirs, and seventies pop bands, the cool capital of Sweden is becoming an increasingly trendy travel destination. It’s an elegant and easy-on-the-eye city, spread across 14 islands and dotted with characterful neighbourhoods and cool architecture. With a juxtaposition of the old and the new, rows of…