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The best and most beautiful places to visit in Georgia

16 most beautiful places to visit in Georgia

Gorgeous Georgia is mostly known for being home to charming historic cities filled with leafy squares and oak-lined streets, sprawling farmlands, towering mountains, and lashings of Southern charm.  That’s not forgetting the pretty beaches and coastline, sleepy rural settlements, roaring rivers, jaw-dropping national parks, clear sparkling lakes, and even a hip city that’s known for…

Kiev Ukraine

In pictures: a wintry Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is the proud capital city of Ukraine, cut in two by the mighty Dnieper River and known for its charming and unusually eclectic architecture, its revolutions and tough unbreakable spirit – having survived the Mongol Empire, WWII, Chernobyl, and Soviet rule. It’s a place filled with a punchy mish mash of elegant theatres, ornate…