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9 reasons why I fell in love with Oaxaca City, Mexico and why you will too

A laid-back, blossoming cultural and culinary capital filled with elegant colonial buildings, tree-lined streets, vibrant markets, top museums and artists and artisans galore, Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most captivating and creative cities. Our guest blogger  Ash-lea Gazzola from Break Loose Journal has called Oaxaca her home for over a year now and has fallen head over…

The most extraordinary places to stay around the world for travel junkies

If you like nothing better than journeying to rural locales that are beyond the beaten path — places that are out of the way or overlooked by mainstream travellers here are the most extraordinary places to stay around the world guaranteed to please even the most hardened travel snobs out there… Malibu Airstream Trailer Stripped down and past its…