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In BIG pictures: Burano island, Venetian Lagoon

When we took a trip to Venice last summer there was one place we had heard so much about but we just didn’t have the time to see. It maybe a small island, but Burano with its canals, colourful houses and traditional way of life, has a pretty big reputation. Thankfully for us our writer Lee had the time to venture a little further into the Ventian Lagoon earlier this year…

Trinidad Cuba

There’s nowhere quite like Cuba

Cuba really does live up to cliches (in the best possible way), it’s full to bursting with life, music and passion and it’s without a doubt one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I spent four days in Havana but getting out of the capital helped me really understand what made this intriguing country tick…


Budapest: the Paris of the East?

Strangely enough, as I wrote the title of this article, I thought this might even be a little unfair to Budapest. Having experienced both cities during less than stellar weather conditions (Paris in pouring rain, Budapest in the freezing cold and under grey skies), I found the allure of Hungary’s capital impossible to resist….

Scooterworks Cafe on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Hidden London: Top 10 places to visit

From Royal engagements (love them or hate them!) to Olympic preparations, London is firmly in the global spotlight as one of the places to see and be seen right now. If you’re visiting, don’t fall into the usual tourist traps – get to know a different side to the capital – with our top 10 hidden London places to see. Here is Part 1 of our London double-bill. Look out for next week’s guide to London markets…