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10 off the-beaten-track destinations to discover in Indonesia

Probably, the first destination that comes into your mind when you hear of Indonesia is Bali, right? Indonesia is way more diverse and has around 16 999 more islands to for you to explore! Long white sand beaches, virgin rain forest jungles, unique diving spots with 100 species of corals, friendly and smiling locals are just a few reasons why Indonesia should be on your bucket list! To fuel your wanderlust and start packing right now, I’d like to share the next 10 absolutely unique and hidden places in Indonesia…

Beautiful places to ski in Europe

Beautiful places to ski in Europe

Europe has something to offer everyone in terms of skiing, from lively aprés-ski and celebrity-spotting, to budget chalets and family destinations. While the resorts in Western Europe tend to be expensive, the resorts of Romania and Bulgaria offer cheaper options and are popular among school groups and students…

San Pedro Volcano, Guatemala

10 cool things to do in Guatemala, Central America

Originally from Mississauga, Chris Vervaeke is a blogger and adventurer who travels the world with his cute friend Pedro. Okay Pedro is actually a knitted penguin puppet but he still makes a great (and presumably very low maintenance) travelling partner. The two of them blog about their travels on Adventures with Pedro and here they tell us about their experiences in Guatemala, a country in Central America we were curious to know more about…