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Why VPN is essential for travellers

Why VPN is essential for travellers

We rely heavily on the World Wide Web now for all aspects of our lives and travel is no different. Whether you are planning a short or long journey, having access to the internet is an important consideration. Fortunately these days you’re never far from a wi-fi signal or a computer. However, the increased ease…

A 10 day vacation in Thailand

How to spend 10 days in beautiful Thailand

Thailand is a country of myriad exotic islands, impenetrable jungles, majestic temples, and divine mountain landscapes. The balmy climate, developed tourist infrastructure, and relative cheapness attracts thousands of visitors, many of whom choose to stay here forever! If you have only 10 days of vacation to spend in this beautiful country don’t just to the…

beautiful places to visit in Budapest

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Hungary

With an increasingly trendy capital and unspoiled countryside still undiscovered by the tourist masses, the landlocked country in Central Europe makes for an intriguing travel destination. Fusing old and new Europe in one, Hungary is known for both its historic grandeur and Communist-era grittiness. Romantic, proud and fiery it’s an extraordinary country with extraordinary locals….