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Top 15 of the world's most beautiful travel destinations

Top 10 most beautiful Maldives resorts

Need a break? Take 5 to dream about these 10 incredibly beautiful island resorts. There’s nowhere else on earth quite like The Maldives, with its impossibly pure waters scattered with sandy slides of paradise. Whether you’re looking for rustic Robinson Crusoe style or contemporary outposts from big-name brands – more and more resorts are opening…

Top 5 countries to teach English in 2020

Top 5 countries to teach English in 2020

There are countless ways to earn money as you travel, but few beats teaching English. With over a billion speakers (counting native and secondary speakers), English has cemented itself as the lingua franca in the worlds of international business, diplomacy, and travel. This has resulted in a high demand for English lessons across the globe,…