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Joshua Tree Park Road on GlobalGrasshopper.com

8 reasons why you should visit the USA

The USA is synonymous for everything bigger and better – big skies, gigantic skyscrapers, extraordinary sprawling National Park and some of the best road trips in the world. If you have never visited the U.S.A before, then your curiosity should have got the better of you by now! Here are some of the many beautiful reasons why…

Surf Hawaii

5 cool USA gems to visit in the summer

It’s heating up and we’ll soon be experiencing this year’s summer. So why stay at home? If you’ve got the methods, it would make sense to try out somewhere a little bit different for your holiday. Truth be told, if you’ve got to pick anywhere, the United States is probably the way to go. You’ve…


Awesome things to do in Glasgow rain or shine

Although it’s a fairly under-the-radar city destination outside of Scotland, Glasgow is by no means the lesser destination. It’s a place chock full of independent shops, cafes and bars, small batch coffee roasters and beer brewers, food trucks and festivals and a city full of culture; art galleries, pop up exhibitions and fashion shows. It’s also a city…