12 of the most beautiful wildlife holidays

A holiday combining beautiful scenery and beautiful wild animals is arguably one of the most life-changing trips you can take. I’ve always been a huge animal lover and I love photographing them too, but I firmly believe the only way to see animals is roaming around freely in their natural environment. And from the numbers of people who take wildlife holidays every year, there are plenty of people who agree with me. Here are some of the most beautiful wildlife holidays to choose for your next trip…

Whale watching in Vancouver

Catching a glimpse of these magnificent ocean creatures is on many a traveller’s bucket list. There are a few places in the world you can whale watch but one of the best is in the waters near Vancouver, Canada. From the months of March to October every year, literally, thousands of whales migrate through this part of the world and draws wildlife lovers all over the globe eager to catch a precious glimpse of them. To spot the pods of whales there are a number of tours operators that offer whale watching excursions around the Gulf and San Juan islands and you’ll have a choice of seeing them by a high-speed zodiac, cruiser, kayak or even from high up in a seaplane. There are many varieties of whales which pass through this way including humpback, minke and gray whales and orcas but also a fantastic range of seabirds, such as brown pelicans, tufted puffins and bald eagles.

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Get up close with sloths in Costa Rica

Many people seem to have a special fondness for sloths and who can blame them – super cute and super adorable they are very special creatures known for their slowness of movement (hence the name sloth)! They spend their lives hanging upside down in the trees of the tropical rainforests of South America and Central America and one of the best places to see them is in Costa Rica. There are six sloth species in the world, and two of these species – the two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths live in the popular Central American country. The creatures are actually quite shy so it’s best to go on tour or hire a professional naturalist to help you catch a glimpse. Head to Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, Manuel Antonio, Uvita, Dominical and the Osa Peninsula and keep everything crossed!

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See the mammals of Scotland

The Scottish Highlands is a beautiful, unspoilt and vastly underrated travel destination. The Ardnamurchan Peninsula is considered to be the most remote and secure place in the whole of the UK and its a truly wonderful place to see wildlife in their natural habitat – red squirrels, hedgehogs, pine martens and deer call this place home as well as many aquatic creatures such as the harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphin and even the minke whale.

Watch wolves in Spain

You may or may not know that you can see wolves in Spain! The best place to see them is deep within the mountains of northern Palencia, where the landscapes consist of broad valleys, heathland and forest. There’s no doubt that these are some incredible creatures – the true embodiment of wild and untamed that our loyal canine friends are descended from. You might also catch a glimpse of wildcats and brown bears in this unique corner of Europe.

See lemurs in Madagascar

Whether you saw them in the animated film franchise of the same name, or you just happened to always have loved lemurs, Madagascar is the place to head to see them in the wild. Here you can see the super cute titular lemurs and also a whole host of other great wildlife including chameleons and spiders. There’s a lot of different types of lemur too, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Check out birds at the Gambia 

Africa is home to many exotic and exceptionally stunning animals, and birds make up just a handful of the creatures that you can see here. The Gambia though is known for its large and heterogeneous bird species population attracting many bird watchers from around the world. Whether you go for gentle walks in the area, or view from the comfort of a safari lodge, there are many wonderful birds to try and spot.

Spot a tiger in India

Many travellers say you never forget your first sighting of a tiger in the wild and the best place to spot the world’s biggest cat is in India. Sadly these majestic creatures are very rare these days but for a chance of a glimpse of one prowl around the Nagarahole, Ranthambore or Panna national park and stay for at least three days.

Tour the Somerset levels of the UK

Nestled deep in the countryside of England is a beautiful area known as Somerset. It’s home to so many different types of birds so it’s a great area to take a look at all of the different species that make the area their home. You’ll get a chance to see lots of magnificent long-legged birds such as herons and storks.

See jaguars in Brazil

Jaguars in Brazil are often some of the most exciting and exciting animals that you’ll ever come across. They’re sturdy, untamed animals, and you can see the ferocity in their eyes when you get up close. Owing to the high population and a lot of animals to eat, this apex predator is a pretty common sight, so you’re in luck if you venture out into the wilderness to see these incredible animals for yourself.

Spot the wildlife in Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park pulls in visitors by the bucket load and if you’ve ever this wonderful place, it’s easy to see why. Here you’ll be able to see so many different types of animals if you take the time to go and visit. Bears, wolves and birds are just some of the different animals that you can see, as well as things like the American Bison. For animal enthusiasts, there’s a lot to look at and appreciate!

Shiver with polar bears in Norway

Listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), sadly polar bears face an uncertain future. So if you want to see them in the wild it’s best to go sooner rather than later! Head to The Svalbard Islands which are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Here, you will find untouched arctic wilderness and unique wildlife such as the amazing predators, the Polar Bears as well as arctic foxes, seals and whales too.

Go lynx-spotting in Spain

If you’re in Spain to see wolves, then perhaps you’re going to want also to spend some time looking for another type of animal that makes the area it’s home – the lynx. They’re a bit of rarity in modern days, but you’ll also get a chance to see plenty of deer, ducks and other animals. However, those who take the time to stop and look for these beautiful animals may well be rewarded with an extraordinary glimpse of one stalking prey or just coming out for some fresh air!

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