Most romantic hotels in Paris

The best cities in the world to get married

It sounds funny, but try asking a divorce lawyer what the secret to a happy marriage is. The majority will mention that choosing the perfect location for the wedding is a good way to start. Many of their clients opted for the cheaper route, and it bought them a one-way ticket to the divorce lawyer’s office. In today’s blog, we are looking at the world’s best cities for getting married. If you’re planning a destination wedding, then here are some ideas to get you inspired…

Dubai, UAE

The best cities in the world to get married

We bet you’d never thought of Dubai as a wedding destination before, but when you think about it a little more, why wouldn’t you? Dubai is an international metropolis filled with stunning vistas, gorgeous coastal scenery, and sandy beaches, not to mention the breathtaking desert dunes and sunsets just waiting to be your wedding background. On top of that, there are myriad 5-star and other international hotels at which you can host a luxurious and enjoyable reception and at which your wedding guests can stay to enjoy the city before and after the special day. If you want to start your new (and tax-free!) married life here, you’ll need to seek the advice of immigration experts, who will help with any bureaucratic procedures.

London, UK

Afternoon Tea London

Britain’s ancient capital city is one that beautifully combines heritage and modernity. London’s unique mix of old and new wedding venues includes centuries-old churches, modern hotels, beautiful Victorian public buildings, verdant outdoor spaces, and seemingly endless suburban quiet, riverside locations at which to throw the perfect wedding and reception. London has been named many times the world’s most visited city, and people flock there to take advantage of the diverse locations that suit just about every taste out there.

Paris, France

Most romantic hotels in Paris

For those who harbor an undying sense of the traditionally romantic, you couldn’t ignore Paris, the city of love, as a top wedding destination. From the beautifully preserved city buildings of the renaissance to the lush gardens and palace grounds of Versailles, Paris is a veritable playground for those looking to create a truly fairytale wedding setting.

Bali, Indonesia

Romantic places to get married

This tropical paradise has long been a favorite with Australians for beach holidays and time away de-stressing from work. You might be interested to know that it’s also a fantastic place to hold your dream wedding. It’s more far-flung and a bit tougher to get to, but you and your guests will agree that it was worth the journey. It’s best to avoid the rainy season if you can, which runs from October to April, or alternatively have a backup in Bali ready to cover the guests should the heavens open up. Perhaps one of the most unique things about Bali as a wedding destination is the way that you can integrate the work of local artisans to give your wedding a singular and artistic look that will set it apart from any other.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia Italy - a beauty spot in Italy

For those seeking an Italian or Mediterranean setting that isn’t just Lake Como or somewhere the celebrities live, then Puglia on the heel of Italy’s “boot” map is the perfect place. The beautiful hillside coastal towns and villages, the dramatic cliffs, the irresistible sunsets, the warm but unoppressive climate and welcoming locals make Puglia a place of true romance and spirit. The locals are well aware of their home’s attraction for seekers of destination weddings, and there are many great vendors on hand to give your wedding a touch of authentic local culture and cuisine.

Miami, USA

Romantic Miami USA

Florida’s southern metropolis is a magnet for tourists, but also provides some of the most gorgeous coastal wedding spots of which you could ever dream. The city of the Dolphins is home to not only gorgeous beaches, but also older-world charm like that at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Even better, while Miami is located in a far southern corner of the US, it is a busy transport hub with many daily flights from locations all over America and the world.

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