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cool hotel San Diego

Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in San Diego

One of the most open, smog-free and sunniest cities in the whole of the USA, San Diego – located on California’s Pacific coast – beguiles and charms many of its hundreds of thousand visitors. Feeling more like a collection of ultra-hip neighbourhoods each with its own character and personality, the affluent ocean-orientated city is famously laid-back…

Siam, Bangkok

Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Bangkok

A restless, hedonistic and delightfully chaotic metropolis and an essential part of any trip to the land of smiles, the Thai capital continues to bewilder, bemuse and please its many visitors often in equal measures. A unique city of contrasts and contradictions, here sprawling megamalls and shiny skyscrapers sit side-by-side with gold-spired temples where orange-robed monks wander…