Exotic, beautiful and far-flung, most agree that Asia is a truly extraordinary and breathtaking travel destination with plenty to discover. Our team has spent many months and even years in this beautiful continent and have put together guides on all the countries in Asia from Bhutan to Malaysia, and everything in between.

So if you want to know where to find a less touristy version of Kuta in Bali, the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, the prettiest villages in India or most under-the-radar islands in Thailand, you’ll find it in our Asia category here.

Koh Mak Thailand

How to get a visa for travel to Thailand

Few places hold the allure that Thailand seems to have on visitors and despite traveling over all the world Thailand is still one my favourite destinations to visit. Thailand has grown in popularity over the past 20 years as their economy and attractions have continually attracted visitors from every part of the globe. Thailand maintains…

most beautiful places to visit in Japan

15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan

Beautiful, mystical and extraordinary in equal measures Japan, usually known for industrialization, is also home to historic shrines, temples, architecture, world-class restaurants, imperial palaces and natural wonders in the world. In short, it has something to offer for everyone and a visit here I promise a visit to this extraordinary Asian country will create unforgettable…

Top 15 of the world's most beautiful travel destinations

Top 10 most beautiful Maldives resorts

Need a break? Take 5 to dream about these 10 incredibly beautiful island resorts. There’s nowhere else on earth quite like The Maldives, with its impossibly pure waters scattered with sandy slides of paradise. Whether you’re looking for rustic Robinson Crusoe style or contemporary outposts from big-name brands – more and more resorts are opening…