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Everyone’s idea of a beautiful paradise the Caribbean is known for its shimmering turquoise seas, sugar-sand beaches, gorgeous reefs, lush green mountain peaks and a laid back but upbeat atmosphere which is the envy of the world. We have a special fondness for the region and some of our team’s happiest times where spent exploring some of the countries in this region including St Vincent, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Jamaica.

So if you want to know where are the most fun places to head to in Cuba, how to find the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean or which one of the islands to head to this year then check out our posts in the Caribbean category.

Trinidad Cuba

Why you should visit Cuba

Cuba really does live up to cliches (in the best possible way), it’s full to bursting with life, music and passion and it’s without a doubt one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I spent four days in Havana but getting out of the capital helped me really understand what made this intriguing country tick…

Liming in St Vincent: conquering La Soufriere

Liming in St Vincent: conquering La Soufriere

We’re back from our incredible trip to Saint Vincent and The Grenadines (SVG) as part of Liming Live week, and we’re now fully versed in the Caribbean art of liming – taking in cocktails, sunshine, swimming and sightseeing. As guests of the Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Tourist Authority we knew we were in for a great time, though there was one mountainous challenge to start the week…