7 reasons to visit St Ives, Cornwall, England

Holidays in St. Ives are some of the most sought after in England as it’s considered the most beautiful gem in the crown of Cornish resorts. The boundless ocean, rugged cliffs, cosy bays, old buildings, art galleries, and snug restaurants – this is what St. Ives is all about. This town is one of the…

Top 12 cool and unusual places to go in London

So you’ve seen all the major tourist attractions and now the crowds are starting to grate, so head off the UK capital’s well-trodden paths and unearth some of the quirkier gems instead. Around many a corner in London lies plenty of ultra-trendy hotels to stay at and cultish, offbeat and ultra-hip places to discover if…

5 reasons why you visit Northumberland, UK

With the weather getting warmer and summer fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your summer holiday. That brings with it a whole host of decisions to be made, none more so important than the destination. But why complicate things? Rather than spend hours giving yourself a headache about where to go, make it simple….

Exploring London – on the trail of literary heroes

If you’re a fan of English literature and taking a trip to London you maybe keen on visiting the sites where your heroes, both modern and ancient lived and worked. It is well-known that English literature, both old and contemporary, is filled with references to London. For example, the quotation mentioned above by Charlotte Bronte…