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Allerford Somerset

Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Somerset

Somerset is a county full of hidden gems; ancient landscapes, caves and grottoes, rich folklore, undulating hills, and spectacular coastlines are all encompassed within its boundaries. You will find ancient history, pagan sites, holy springs, castles, and the breathtaking wilderness of Exmoor. A perfect county for al fresco exploration, architectural landmarks, and bustling market towns,…

The best and most beautiful places to visit in Bedfordshire

15 beautiful places to visit in Bedfordshire

Dismissed by some for a lack of showstopping landmarks, the understated county on the edge of London’s commuter belt in the East of England actually has some very gorgeous gems. For starters, it’s a very green and well-maintained area with miles of public rights of way perfect for long country walks, charming villages, wolds-like terrain…