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Paris shopping on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Spending Christmas in Paris

Christmas always seems to be a big problem when you have a partner. Normally two months before Christmas the inevitable question is asked, “Where are we going for Christmas, yours or mine?” It’s always a hard call, my now wife and I often find ourselves in a tricky situation as I’m English and she’s Irish so we can’t please everyone…

A close diving experience with a whale shark, Western Australia

When I think of whales, I think of cute but massive blubbery beasts, making their way around the world’s oceans trying to escape the fate of being eaten by people who value their body fat. When I think of sharks, I think of Jaws, and of being terrified of one of nature’s finest and purest killing machines, a creature that has had little need to evolve in order to survive…

48 hours in Rome – a whistle stop tour

Rome is a wonderful place. It’s a truly beautiful and sometimes mysterious city. Rome was my home for over two years and these were some of the best years of my life so far. During my time there I learned a lot, although it’s an incredible place it also be a hard place to visit. I hope this guide will help you enjoy this famous and ancient city even more…