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Luxembourg City - Beautiful cities in Europe on GlobalGrasshopper.com

How to visit expensive cities on a budget

Cities by their very nature are where it is happening. However, with city buzz, tourists have also come to expect a higher holiday expenditure. Londoners who work in England’s capital for example can expect to receive a higher salary to help with the high cost of living associated with calling London home, but what about tourists who are keen to experience a bit of city life on a country or suburb budget?

Couch-surfing on GlobalGrasshopper.com

The ups and downs of couch surfing

When you tell someone that you’ll staying with complete strangers during your travels, you will instantly be met with a plethora of concerned looks that let you know your friends think you’re absolutely insane. And it is indeed possible that one has to be kind of insane to couch surfing – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…