Top 14 Cool and Fun Hotels in Asheville 2023

Nestled between the Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, this once-small town is now a popular destination. Asheville, NC’s stunning setting and world-renowned culinary and art scene has seen the city become a magnet for foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, and trendy types. Its hotels are also pretty special with some being very wow-inducing. From intimate boutiques to luxury on a grand scale, here is my pick for the best cool and fun hotels in Asheville, NC… 

Our Top 3 Best Cool and Unusual Hotels
Grand Bohemian l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Unique Stay
Grand Bohemian
The Inn On Biltmore Estate l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Couples
The Inn On Biltmore Estate
The Windsor l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Instagrammable Design
The Windsor
Best For Unique Stay

Grand Bohemian

Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville, Autograph Collection Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville, Autograph Collection1

Approaching the grand entrance, I was immediately struck by the fusion of old-world charm and modern comfort that defines this unique hotel. It felt like stepping into a European castle, with intricate stonework and exposed Tudor-style beams adding to its rustic yet elegant allure.

The interior was a stunning blend of luxury and coziness, reminiscent of a lavish wood cabin. Everywhere I looked, the hotel was a living art gallery showcasing various paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted pieces that sparked my imagination. The dark wood walls were a perfect backdrop for the vibrant local and international artwork mix.

The whole atmosphere exuded a refined bohemian flair, fostering a sense of freedom and individuality. Nestled near the historic Biltmore Estate, there was no shortage of activities to explore in the surrounding area. And after a day outdoors, the onsite dining options, including fine dining and a grill, were a delightful treat.

To wind down, I indulged in the pampering treatments at the Poseidon Spa, all made with local products. The Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville truly embodies the convergence of artistry and luxury. It’s a place where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the spirit of bohemia thrives.

One of my favorite aspects was indulging in pampering treatments at Poseidon Spa, crafted with local products.


Unique captivating castle-like interiors

Fine dining and grill

Poseidon spa


No gymnasium

Showers can be a little small

Best For Couples

The Inn On Biltmore Estate

The Inn On Biltmore Estate - Asheville The Inn On Biltmore Estate1 - Asheville

Arriving at the Biltmore Estate’s Inn felt like stepping into a historical masterpiece. The grandeur of the Vanderbilt legacy echoed through the Regency-era luxury and breathtaking mountain vistas. A majestic ambiance greeted me inside—an era of sophistication and grace unveiled within the estate’s guest rooms. The furnishings exuded luxury, complemented by ornate chandeliers and exquisite artwork, echoing the Vanderbilt culture.

Exploring the estate, I reveled in the timeless charm encompassing the surroundings. Outdoor activities, trails, and gardens filled the thousands of acres, boasting 250 varieties of roses. The Antler Hill Village’s shops beckoned, offering a tranquil segue into the upscale spa.

Dining was an indulgent affair, with seven restaurants offering estate-grown produce and award-winning wines from the winery. The Biltmore Estate sprawled over 8,000 acres, a paradise of gardens, landscapes, and architectural marvels, a testament to its grandeur and historical significance.

My personal favorite? Exploring the estate’s extensive gardens, boasting 250 varieties of roses.


Unique Royal European castle vibes

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and landscapes

Lots of dining options

Swimming pool and upscale spa


Not for the budget-friendly crowd

No mini-fridges in the room

Showers in the bathrooms can be small

Best For Instagrammable Design

The Windsor

The Windsor – Asheville The Windsor – Asheville1

Upon stepping into the downtown Asheville gem, I was instantly drawn into its vintage allure, merging seamlessly with a chic, contemporary feel. The space boasted carefully selected artwork, a blend of Parisian elegance and local charm, adorning the walls alongside striking statement pieces and tasteful furnishings, creating an effortlessly stylish ambiance.

The grand lobby, a homage to bygone glamour, greeted me with its opulent crystal chandeliers and ornate mirrors, enveloping me in a world of old-world sophistication. The Windsor-Asheville flawlessly intertwined its rich 19th-century history with modern comforts, promising a stay filled with luxury and impeccable service.

My room exuded a modern charm, adorned in calming tones accented by vibrant splashes of color. The spa offered a sanctuary with massages, organic treatments, and a serene atmosphere for ultimate relaxation. The onsite Benjamin Walls Art Gallery, founded by the renowned artist himself, showcased a stunning array of captivating visuals, perfectly complemented by sips of their award-winning wines.

The hotel’s proximity to Asheville’s famed farm-to-table restaurants beckoned, promising a culinary journey through inventive local flavors steps away. It was an ideal hub to unwind, plan adventures, or bask in the lap of old-world luxury.

While visiting, the onsite Benjamin Walls Art Gallery, showcasing captivating visuals, was my personal highlight.


Instagrammable design and a boutique vibe

Unique turn-of-the-century building

Onsite spa with various organic treatments

An interesting onsite art gallery


No restaurant onsite

Some rooms have street noise

Parking is away from the main building

Best For Mountain Views

Kimpton Hotel Arras

Kimpton - Hotel Arras, an IHG Hotel - Asheville Kimpton - Hotel Arras, an IHG Hotel1 - Asheville

In the heart of the city lies a remarkable transformation—a former BB&T Bank building now transformed into a sleek boutique hotel that immediately soothes the senses. Kimpton – Hotel Arras, an IHG Hotel, stands out with its fusion of elegance, contemporary flair, and genuine hospitality, a hallmark of the Kimpton chain.

The interior seamlessly marries art deco elements with cozy woods and modern metals, showcasing the talents of local artists. Floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive patio offer breathtaking 360° views of mountains and the bustling cityscape. Its eight well-appointed meeting spaces cater to events, whether grand or intimate, for business or leisure. The renowned cocktail bar crafts exquisite drinks alongside a menu featuring international flavors, while the onsite restaurant delights with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Yet, what truly sets Kimpton apart is how it envelops you in an indescribable ambiance—from the majestic entrance to the moment you step into your room. It’s an experience that defies explanation; you must live through it to understand.

Throughout my stay, the breathtaking 360° views from floor-to-ceiling windows were my constant source of awe.




and sophisticated design

many great wellness options

award-winning Mediterranean and International cuisines


Lively location might not suit everyone

no tea or coffee in the room

close to a reasonably busy road

Best For Industrial-chic Design

The Foundry

Foundry Hotel Asheville, Curio Collection By Hilton Foundry Hotel Asheville, Curio Collection By Hilton1

Stepping into downtown Asheville, I immediately felt drawn to the red brick walls and the fusion of urban chic and history. The connection to Asheville’s past as a foundry for the Biltmore Estate added depth to its modern charm.

The lobby redesign was a standout; the mix of original brick walls and contemporary design elements created an enchanting ambiance. Every detail seemed purposeful, crafting a space that felt both cozy and sophisticated.

The hotel didn’t just offer a stylish stay; it was a venue for gatherings, with spaces exuding the same trendy vibe. I found comfort in knowing they accommodated events of various sizes while maintaining their unique charm.

But what truly stood out was its role as a portal to Asheville’s culture. It urged me to dive into the city’s artistic soul, teasing with galleries, live music spots, and quirky shops nearby. The Foundry Hotel wasn’t just a stay; it was an immersion into Asheville’s enchanting allure.

One of my favorite places was the hotel’s lobby redesign, an enchanting mix of original brick walls and contemporary design.


Spacious boutique-style rooms

live music

and great cocktails

a five-minute walk from downtown

mouthwatering Appalachian cuisines


Valet parking is extra

no iron in the room

limited breakfast options

Best For Culinary Experience

Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo Asheville Downtown, an IHG Hotel Hotel Indigo Asheville Downtown, an IHG Hotel1

While visiting Asheville, I fell for Hotel Indigo Downtown. The breathtaking landscapes of North Carolina surrounded this gem, where every room welcomed me with bright, airy spaces and a touch of trendiness in the decor.

As I entered the lobby, adorned with local artwork, the city’s artistic vibe enveloped me. The fusion of modern elegance with nods to Asheville’s history created an inviting atmosphere that immediately drew me in.

The lobby’s vibrant art and photographs reflected the city’s creative spirit. This connection to the community extended to the farm-to-table restaurant offering locally sourced ingredients and handcrafted cocktails. The hotel didn’t just offer stunning views; it provided a holistic experience.

Exploring their menu, I savoured dishes crafted with the finest local ingredients by passionate chefs. Hotel Indigo’s commitment to showcasing Asheville’s essence set it apart, making my stay memorable.

Throughout my stay, savoring dishes crafted with the finest local ingredients by passionate chefs was my personal highlight.


Contemporary design

onsite gym

culinary expert chefs

modern art gallery


Parking is extra

no spa or wellness center

breakfast isn’t included in the room rate

Best For Rooftop Bar

AC Downtown

AC Hotel Asheville Downtown AC Hotel Asheville Downtown1

I adore AC Hotel Asheville. When I stepped in, the large windows welcomed sunlight into the chic and elegant rooms. The lobby’s contemporary artwork and minimalist design instantly captivated me; it was a luxurious yet understated beauty.

My room was a haven of modernity, equipped with the latest amenities and seamless technology that ensured a rejuvenating stay. The plush bedding, impeccable room service, and unmatched aesthetics made it an unforgettable experience. The dining area offered a serene space for the European-inspired breakfast, while the rooftop bar provided breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, accompanied by handcrafted cocktails.

The culinary journey at AC Hotel was exceptional, whether indulging in brunch or enjoying an intimate evening gathering. It’s a feast that lingers on the taste buds.

The intelligent event space, including the rooftop area for outdoor celebrations, was impressive. They even had a fitness center for guests like me. AC Hotel Asheville Downtown truly offers a sophisticated retreat where every detail is carefully crafted, enhancing the stay in numerous ways.

One of my favorite places was the chic and elegant room with large windows welcoming sunlight.


Trendy and chic design

handcrafted beers

European inspired breakfast

cool rooftop bar


Drinks can be expensive

belongs to Marriott so not an independent hotel

can be some road noise

Best For Aparthotel

Element Downtown

Element Asheville Downtown Element Asheville Downtown1

The Element Asheville Downtown blew me away with its commitment to sustainable hospitality. Right by the Carolina National Parks, it’s not just trendy—it’s eco-conscious in a way that aligns perfectly with my values. The lobby, all in white, instantly sets a peaceful vibe, and stepping into the room, I was greeted by incredible mountain views and the Asheville skyline. Everything’s designed with eco-friendly materials and calming earth tones, making it a natural sanctuary within the city’s buzz.

The sky patio? Wow, the best place for those breathtaking vistas! They even host weddings and events up there. And breakfast? A mix of hot and cold goodies, all on the house. But if you’re up for exploring, there are plenty of nearby spots to grab a bite. Plus, they have a pool and a fitness center for extra relaxation or a workout.

Now, the Rise breakfast bar—it’s all about local, fresh eats to kickstart your day right. And when evening rolls in, it’s time for the Relax reception. Picture this: sipping on crafted cocktails and chatting with other travelers in this warm and inviting setup. Whether it’s work or play, The Element isn’t just a place to crash; it’s a haven that helps you connect with nature and soak up the local vibes.

My personal favorite? The sky patio offering breathtaking vistas, perfect for relaxation or events.


Free use of bicycles

complimentary breakfast

onsite swimming pool and gym

stunning rooftop views


Overnight parking fees

some traffic noise

limited breakfast options

Best For Pet-friendly

Aloft Downtown

Aloft Asheville Downtown Aloft Asheville Downtown1

At Aloft Asheville Downtown, I stepped into a vibrant world. The lobby’s geometric design and funky purple up-lighting set the tone, while bold, artistic elements mirrored Asheville’s creative vibe. The captivating local artwork displayed throughout immersed me in the city’s artistic heritage, drawing me in each time I passed.

Choosing between a mountain view or a poolside cabana room was tough, but each promised its allure. I cherished sipping handcrafted cocktails while overlooking downtown Asheville, especially in the outdoor spaces ideal for events and weddings.

Entering my guest room, I found modern comfort seamlessly blending with innovative design. The loft-inspired aesthetic exuded urban sophistication and cozy relaxation, and the plush signature bed, adorned with crisp linens and fluffy pillows, whisked me away to a serene haven. With made-to-order meals available in-room and a myriad of top-notch eateries at the hotel’s doorstep, culinary delights were always within reach. Pairing meals with carefully crafted cocktails or sampling local craft beers became an irresistible indulgence.

While visiting, the captivating local artwork displayed throughout the lobby immersed me in Asheville’s creative vibe.


Modern and bright design

handcrafted beer

outdoor swimming pools and cabanas

rooftop bar with great views


Can be noisy

belongs to a chain so not independent

no microwaves in rooms

Best For Budget-friendly

Cambria Downtown

Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville1

With its stunning Blue Ridge Mountain views, Downtown Asheville drew me to the Cambria Hotel. This place became one of my favorite spots, offering contemporary design, top-notch service, and a perfect location.

Stepping in, the lobby welcomed me with tasteful art and comfy seating, setting the refined yet laid-back vibe. The loft-style rooms, flooded with natural light through large windows, exuded relaxation, especially with their clean décor and chic red brick walls.

Every room had spacious work desks and speedy internet, meeting business and leisure needs. The hotel’s restaurant offered an authentic Cuban dining experience, complemented by local craft brews. Whether indoors amidst local-inspired décor or out on the terrace basking in the sun, it was a treat.

For meetings or events, the hotel provided various-sized spaces. And dining? The onsite restaurant was a culinary haven, showcasing local ingredients highlighting the region’s flavors. My stay blended comfort, delicious food, and Asheville’s charm!

One of my favorite aspects was the loft-style rooms flooded with natural light and chic red brick walls.


Rooftop terrace with gorgeous views

high-speed internet and TV with satellite channels

tasty made-to-order breakfasts

authentic Cuban dining experience

Best For Resort Stay

Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn – Asheville The Omni Grove Park Inn – Asheville1

I entered a world of timeless elegance at the Omni Grove Park Inn. From its iconic red roof to the stunning mountain view, this historic gem on Sunset Mountain captivated me instantly. The traditional stone walls and fairy tale vibe immediately made it one of my favorite places. I was even lucky enough to witness their famous gingerbread house competition!

The architect, Fred L. Seely, crafted a masterpiece. The grand stone facade, antique furnishings, and crackling fires in the lobby exuded pure grandeur. My room felt like a luxurious retreat, cozy and plush. And talk about options—an underground spa, two pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, and even a golf course for unwinding or staying active. Need a venue? They had countless meeting rooms, pavilions, and terraces, perfect for any event.

When it came to dining, I was spoiled for choice. Four restaurants offer locally sourced delights, ranging from sumptuous buffets to fine dining experiences. This place was a treasure trove for history buffs like me, and for those seeking relaxation, it was a paradise. The attention to detail was striking, blending old-world charm seamlessly with modern technology, ensuring an extraordinary stay where the best of both worlds collided.

One of my favorite places was witnessing the famous gingerbread house competition and the fairy tale vibes.


Magnificent large grounds

incredible sunset views from the restaurant


and tennis

subterranean spa

Best For Mid-range

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

Hilton Garden Inn Asheville Downtown Hilton Garden Inn Asheville Downtown1

Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Asheville, Downtown was a delight. The free shuttle from downtown made it convenient. Stepping into the lobby, vibrant colors and tropical plants greeted me, setting a bright tone. The blend of modern design and local heritage was evident, creating a unique and inviting vibe.

The bedrooms were cozy in soft neutrals with pops of color, and the plush bedding ensured a comfortable stay. The amenities catered to every need, from high-speed Wi-Fi to ergonomic workstations. Dining was a treat – Pillar Kitchen’s local artwork added charm while savoring regionally inspired dishes. The rooftop bar offered locally sourced delights against the backdrop of the city skyline.

The hotel also boasted a pool and fitness center, perfect for unwinding. Being close to the city center added to the convenience. Overall, my time at Hilton Garden Inn Asheville Downtown was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

While visiting, the blend of modern design and local heritage in the lobby set a unique and inviting vibe.


Onsite gym and outdoor swimming pool

rooftop bar

fresh and locally-sourced foods

high-speed WiFi


Little traffic noise

chain hotel so not independent

no safe in rooms

Best For Breakfasts

The Applewood Manor

The Applewood Manor - Asheville The Applewood Manor1 - Asheville

At The Applewood Manor, I found my haven in downtown Asheville, a mere minute’s stroll away. The New England Style manor sits atop a gentle hill, welcoming with its Southern charm and warm hospitality.

Stepping into the manor, history embraced me with its Georgian architecture and sprawling gardens. The blend of classic and contemporary design within the interiors, adorned with lavish furnishings and intricate details, transported me to another era.

Each of the seven bedrooms, elegantly styled, offered a private oasis. A cottage on-site catered perfectly to groups. Breakfasts, sourced locally, were a culinary affair served in a refined dining room, radiating charm and comfort. From farm-to-table delights to freshly baked pastries, every bite promised a delightful start to the day.

The manor buzzed with regular events—guest chefs, wine tastings, bike rides, weddings, and workshops. It was a world of timeless elegance and Southern warmth, a home away from home in Asheville.

One of my favorite aspects was the refined dining room radiating charm and comfort during breakfasts.


Freshly baked pastries

foods made with local ingredients

charming vibe

surrounded by lush green gardens


Service can be a little slow on occasions

the quirky decor might not suit everyone

TVs are small

Best For Vintage-chic decor

Cedar Crest Inn

Nestled near the entrance of Biltmore Estate and Biltmore Village stands a charming 1891 mansion, a sight that truly stands out—a lovely pastel pink hue, enveloped by beautifully landscaped gardens, and recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

During my stay at this historic bed and breakfast, I discovered an architectural gem surrounded by verdant landscapes, evoking an era of refined luxury and genuine warmth. The grandeur of Cedar Crest Inn’s interior welcomed me graciously, adorned with wood paneling, sumptuous carpets, and elegant sofas, seamlessly blending old-world charm with modern conveniences.

Upon stepping inside, I was immediately drawn into the inn’s rich narrative and impeccable design. Each room and suite exuded curated elegance, seamlessly merging classic aesthetics with contemporary comforts. The cozy ambiance of the guest rooms harmonized with the mansion’s history, some offering terraces, balconies, Jacuzzis, and fireplaces, each equipped with a private bathroom. Additionally, there were three charming cottages available. The mornings were delightful, with a two-course gourmet breakfast crafted from seasonal produce.

Every aspect was meticulously selected, from the indulgent furnishings to the inviting bedding, to ensure a haven of comfort and tranquility. Stepping beyond the enchanting confines of Cedar Crest Inn, the vibrant city of Asheville beckoned with its charm and allure.

My favorite was the cozy ambiance of the guest rooms harmonizing with the mansion’s history.


Visually captivating and charming

surrounded by lush gardens

complimentary two-course gourmet breakfast

free parking


Decor might not be to everyone's tastes

no elevator

narrow driveway

Best Hotels in Asheville Ranked

Here is a table of the top 14 cool and unique hotels in Asheville, organized by location, fitness amenities, pricing range, proximity to attractions, and nearby dining options:

Hotel NameLocationFitness FacilitiesPrice Range (per night)Distance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
Grand Bohemian11 Boston WayYes$429-$5410.167
The Inn On Biltmore Estate1 Antler Hill RdYes$475-$6100.83
The Windsor 36 BroadwayYes$508-$6120.110
Kimpton Hotel Arras 7 Patton Avenue,Yes$473-$7670.115
The Foundry51 South Market StreetYes$530-$5412.56
Hotel Indigo151 Haywood StreetYes$321-$4111.94
AC Downtown10 Broadway StreetYes$496-$5302.23
Element Downtown62 College PlaceYes$182-$2252.63
Aloft Downtown51 Biltmore AvenueYes$451-$5192.53
Cambria Downtown15 Page Avenue,Yes$394-$53023
Omni Grove Park Inn290 Macon AvenueYes$558-$10980.15
Hilton Garden Inn Downtown309 College StreetYes$358-$4942.43
The Applewood Manor62 Cumberland CircleYes$902-$964133
Cedar Crest Inn674 Biltmore AvenueNo$304-$3724.73


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