Top 10 Cool and Unique Hotels in Birmingham AL 2023

Mostly known for its past and its Civil Rights movement, the hilly mid-sized city of Birmingham Alabama is also filled with art, culture, and excellent dining. It also has some surprisingly hip spots with some trendy neighborhoods and interesting and stylish places to stay too. From intimate boutiques to sleek and modern high rises, here are some of my favorite cool and unique hotels in Birmingham, Alabama…

Best For Instagrammable Design


Elyton Hotel, Autograph Collection - Birmingham AL Elyton Hotel, Autograph Collection - Birmingham AL1

Elyton Hotel became one of my favorite places as I immersed myself in its vibrant energy. Moon Shine, the rooftop bar, offered a culinary journey that I loved. The tantalizing bar plates and expertly crafted cocktails were a delight against the breathtaking Downtown Birmingham views.

While visiting, I couldn’t resist the allure of The Yard, the on-site restaurant. Its commitment to sourcing local, high-quality ingredients resulted in unforgettable meat, seafood, and vegetable creations that left a lasting impression on my palate.

The modern suites at Elyton Hotel epitomized luxury and catered to my every desire. Moon Shine, with its sweeping panoramas and electric atmosphere, provided an extraordinary dining adventure.

The Yard, a true culinary haven, wove flavors into masterpieces that enchanted my taste buds. Every detail at Elyton Hotel surpassed my expectations with unparalleled flair and finesse. The chic accommodations redefined relaxation and invigoration, making my stay truly memorable.

While staying at Elyton Hotel, I experienced a sensational fusion of flavors and sophistication. The captivating charm of Downtown Birmingham became an enduring memory in this haven of dynamic bursts and refined opulence. I love this place!


The luxurious and vibrant ambience

Healthy food options are available

Stunning scenery

Minimarket on site


No swimming pool

Parking is extra

Extra beds not available

Best For Great Location

The Kelly

The Kelly Birmingham, Tapestry Collection By Hilton - AL The Kelly Birmingham, Tapestry Collection By Hilton - AL1

Explore the vibrant heart of downtown Birmingham at The Kelly Birmingham, one of my favorite places. Just a short drive from the airport, I love how this exquisite hotel immerses you in the city’s pulsating tapestry.

While visiting, unveil captivating attractions like the Birmingham Museum of Art and nearby theaters; Regions Field adds an extra thrill to your stay.

I tried the culinary delights at Calico, where Southern-inspired flavors beautifully fuse with global influences. The meticulously crafted dishes and artisanal cocktails at Calico Bar made me fall in love with its vibrant ambiance.

While staying at The Kelly, I experienced the elevated service for special events, thanks to their customized attendee website services. Let their seasoned representatives curate an extraordinary occasion for you.

The Kelly Birmingham seamlessly blends contemporary comfort with local charm, creating an unforgettable stay. I loved experiencing the enigmatic soul of downtown Birmingham with its prime location, exceptional amenities, and personalized services.


Proximity to notable attractions

Eclectic ambience

Live music/performance


Not pet-friendly

Parking is extra

Best For Couples

Valley Hotel

Valley Hotel Homewood Birmingham - Curio Collection By Hilton - Alabama Valley Hotel Homewood Birmingham - Curio Collection By Hilton - Alabama1

One of my favorite places to stay is Downtown Homewood’s Valley Hotel. I love this hidden gem for its upscale Bistro Cafe, serving mouthwatering breakfast delights, and the Ironwood restaurant, where I indulged in comforting lunch and dinner options. There’s truly something for everyone here.

While visiting, I took a moment to breathe in the fresh air on the inviting outdoor terrace. The hotel’s proximity to exciting events added an extra layer of enjoyment to my stay. I even had the chance to attend one of their exquisite ballroom events, turning my visit into a truly extraordinary experience filled with luxury.

Valley Hotel creates a world of culinary delights, serene outdoor moments, and captivating events. I experienced the allure of the terrace, letting each tantalizing bite elevate my senses. The impeccable service at the hotel made my stay an unforgettable escape.

Staying at Valley Hotel immersed me in the essence of luxury.


Gorgeous Decor

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the guest rooms

Fitness centre

A terrace and Restaurant

Outdoor firepit


Only service animals are allowed

Parking is extra

No swimming pool

Best For Funky Vibe

Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo In Birmingham AL UK Hotel Indigo in Birmingham AL

While visiting Birmingham, I enjoyed staying at Hotel Indigo, a charming 3-star gem nestled in the vibrant Five Points South area. When I stepped inside, I knew this was one of my favorite places.

As I explored the hotel, the captivating blend of history and contemporary comfort truly enchanted me. Remnants of its fascinating legacy were scattered throughout. I couldn’t help but look up and admire the apothecary’s symbol proudly displayed above the elevators, a nod to the hotel’s origins in the 1980s.

The charm of Hotel Indigo is undeniable, and its uniqueness sets it apart. During my stay, I experienced the delightful Rx Lounge, a tribute to the hotel’s apothecary roots. The dining experience was a true indulgence, leaving me craving more. It’s no wonder this hotel is highly regarded—I love this place for its rich history and modern allure.


Stylish Lounge

Great Downtown location

Dietary options are available

Pets are allowed


Some noise

Parking is extra

Best For Luxury

The Westin

The Westin Birmingham - Alabama The Westin Birmingham - Alabama1

The Westin Birmingham is one of my favorite places, capturing luxury, excitement, and lavish touches. While visiting, the moment I entered, a sense of grandeur and sophistication enveloped me. What truly stood out was the exceptional on-site golfing course – a rare gem among hotels in the area.

While staying at this fantastic hotel, I tried their exclusive package that immersed me in the ultimate golfing experience at the renowned Top Golf Birmingham, conveniently located within the premises. It was incredible to have such a gem right at my fingertips.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, this package is designed for everyone, ensuring endless fun and excitement. I experienced a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration in the heart of Downtown Birmingham, right at the iconic Jefferson Birmingham Convention Complex.


Elegant interior decor

Heated terrace swimming pool

Outstanding golfing course

Pets are allowed


The pool is somewhat small

Parking is extra

Wi-Fi is extra

Best For Rooftop Bar

The Redmont

The Redmont Hotel - Birmingham AL The Redmont Hotel - Birmingham AL1

The Redmont Hotel is one of my favorite places, effortlessly blending 1920s nostalgia with modern comforts. Since its 1925 opening, this historic gem has preserved its Roaring 20s ambiance, creating a captivating experience for guests.

While visiting, I fell in love with the iconic rooftop bar, The Roof. From the highest point, it offered breathtaking views of Alabama. Sipping on expertly crafted cocktails, I witnessed the mesmerizing local sunset—a truly unforgettable sight.

Ranked among the top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Birmingham, The Redmont Hotel delighted me with its unique offerings. I started my day at 2101 Cafe, savoring upscale coffee and delicious pastries. For an exceptional dining experience, I tried Harvest Restaurant & Bar, where a charming patio setting awaited.

With its timeless allure and outstanding amenities, The Redmont Hotel captured the essence of the 1920s during my stay.


Unique contemporary decor

Vintage 1920s ambiance

Marvellous rooftop bar

Meeting/banquet facilities


Not pet-friendly

Some rooms may be slightly small

Parking is extra

Best For Families

Homewood Suites Downtown Near UAB

Homewood Suites by Hilton Birmingham Downtown Near UAB - Alabama Homewood Suites by Hilton Birmingham Downtown Near UAB - Alabama1

Homewood Suites became one of my favorite places – a perfect fit for those who love home comforts but also crave a touch of luxury. While visiting, I cherished the freedom to craft my own experience, cooking for myself and exploring the beauty of Alabama at my own pace.

What I loved most was the sense of community fostered during the hotel’s weekly Wednesday social event. Connecting with fellow guests added a special touch, making my stay a friendly and communal experience.

From the cozy comforts to the freedom to explore, this place truly has it all. I tried new adventures, created memories that will last a lifetime, and formed bonds with other travelers. There’s so much to embrace here that you’ll find yourself wanting to come back for more.


Trendy Design

Weekly Wednesday social event

Indoor swimming pool

Family rooms are available


Parking is a little compact

The pool is a bit small

Best For Millennials and Gen Zs

Aloft Soho Square

Aloft Birmingham Soho Square - AL Aloft Birmingham Soho Square - AL1

Aloft in Birmingham, situated in the bustling Soho Square, is one of my favorite places. It seamlessly blends style and comfort, making it a loveable retreat. What sets it apart is its open arms policy for pets, adding to the charm of this 3-star gem.

While staying at Aloft, I couldn’t resist exploring Refuel, the on-site 24-hour convenience store. It became my go-to for satisfying every craving, offering a variety of essentials and snacks. Fully fueled, I was ready to dive into the culture and history of Birmingham. Museums, parks, and tourist spots awaited, ensuring my trip was exciting and fun.

This spectacular hotel captured my heart, and I’m confident I’ll return. It ticks every box, making it a highly recommended choice for those who, like me, want to stay connected to the vibrant pulse of Birmingham.


Funky vibe

Billiards and golf course

Live music/performance

Pets are allowed


No spa

Parking is extra

Best For Boutique Design

Birmingham Tree House

Birmingham Tree House - AL

Birmingham Tree House is one of my favorite places—a true escape from the ordinary. Nestled in the vibrant Five Points South neighborhood, this hidden gem is a late 19th-century Victorian mansion turned boutique bed-and-breakfast sanctuary.

While visiting, I fell in love with the seamless blend of history and contemporary charm. The cozy living room, adorned with eclectic furnishings, creates a serene atmosphere that perfectly combines old-world elegance with a modern flair.

Staying at the Tree House, I discovered a haven that caters to both relaxation and productivity. The designated co-working space provided the ideal environment for me to focus and achieve my goals.

But that’s not all—my experience reached new heights with their exclusive yoga offerings. I tried their private small group classes every Wednesday morning and evening, immersing myself in the transformative power of yoga. The experienced instructors guided me through a rejuvenating practice, helping me find balance, strength, and inner peace.

No wonder recognized Birmingham Tree House as one of the Best Yoga Studios in the city for 2022.

Embracing the extraordinary, my stay at the Birmingham Tree House became an unforgettable journey. This unique haven goes beyond the ordinary, seamlessly blending history, relaxation, and wellness to create an edgy and engaging experience.


Eclectic interior design

Vibrant ambience

Chic yoga classes

Free private parking on-site


No swimming pool

No gym onsite


Eden Brae

Eden Brae Historic Southern Gothic Mansion - Birmingham AL Eden Brae Historic Southern Gothic Mansion - Birmingham AL1

Eden Brae, a captivating gothic mansion in Birmingham’s Highland Park, became one of my favorite places. The 5-star self-catering accommodation offers five apartments, making it perfect for an intimate escape or a family gathering.

While staying at Eden Brae, I could get creative in the kitchen. The fully equipped kitchen allowed me to sharpen my knives, experiment with spices, and enjoy al fresco dining under the twinkling stars.

The chef’s kitchen, meticulously designed to inspire, became my culinary haven. I experienced the joy of preparing delectable meals and sharing heartwarming family feasts. For outdoor enthusiasts like me, the allure of an outdoor kitchen added a tantalizing touch to the experience, allowing me to embrace al fresco dining under the stars.

Eden Brae, beyond being a place to stay, felt like a sanctuary where timeless elegance and functionality seamlessly intertwined. My stay there immersed me in luxury, allowing me to create cherished memories within its hallowed walls.

Discovering the splendor of this gothic masterpiece, I let the enchantment of Eden Brae transport me into a world of opulence and serenity.


Best For Home-made Meals

Free public parking on-site

Pets are allowed


No swimming pool

Parties/events are not allowed

All Hotels in Birmingham AL Ranked

In the table below we have ranked the top 10 cool and unique hotels in Birmingham. 

Hotel Name LocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
Elyton1928 1st Avenue North$284-$366No1.63
The Kelly2027 1st Avenue North$219-$267No2.83
Valley Hote2727 18th Street South$311-$503No3.53
Hotel Indigo1023 20th Street South$202-$325Yes1.93
The Westin2221 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North$272-$307No4.13
The Redmont2101 5th Avenue North$207-$297No3.33
Homewood Suites Downtown Near UAB1016 20th Street$204-$257No1.83
Aloft Soho Square1903 29th Avenue South$215-$245No3.83
Birmingham Tree House1309 19th Street South$706Yes1.83
Eden Brae3308 Cliff Road,$1155-$1801No3.13
Red Door Retreat1183 Boat Rock Road Southwest$552-$837No1.63

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