Top 12 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Crested Butte

Famous among alpine adventurers as the majestic Gateway to the Elk Mountains and the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, Crested Butte is an enthralling snow-covered wonderland. Perched at an astounding elevation of 8,885 feet, this bewitching landscape is home to rolling hills, rocky mountains, wildflower meadows, and forests.

This action-packed mountainside destination attracts travelers all year round for summertime hiking and mountain biking adventures and winter skiing escapades. Crested Butte is home to the most scenic hiking trails to unravel the splendors of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, tempting nature lovers with abundant biking routes, ski runs, alpine lakes and campsites.

Our list of the top 12 hotels in Crested Butte, Colorado, will help you find the perfect accommodation, from European-style lodges and boutique hotels to lavish vacation homes and rustic cabins (in no particular order)...

1. Public House Lofts – a fun, trendy and Instagrammable hotel where rustic charm meets luxury comforts

Public House Lofts - an Instagrammable hotel3

Public House Lofts - an Instagrammable hotel2

Public House Lofts - an Instagrammable hotel1

A fashionable address in the heart of Crested Butte’s central district, the Public House Lofts celebrate the iconic legacy of rebellious musical maestros with dramatic flair.

The three suites are inspired by three world-famous performance art venues, the Beacon Theater in Manhattan and the Fillmore Auditorium and Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.

The suites are designed to combine luxury resort-like comforts with the rustic energy of a mountainside lodge, featuring beautifully textured walls, luxurious beds, well-stocked minibars, walk-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms.

Travelers eager to enjoy Crested Butte like a local will find the Elk Avenue location ideal for exploring the finest restaurants, artsy venues, craft shops, and nature trails.

2. Elk Mountain Lodge – a cute rustic-chic lodge with quirkily decorated rooms

Elk Mountain Lodge - a historic affordable lodge3

Elk Mountain Lodge - a historic affordable lodge2

Elk Mountain Lodge - a historic affordable lodge1

An iconic historic establishment that inspires awe with its old-world opulence and period-style exterior, the Elk Mountain Lodge commands a head-turning presence in Crested Butte’s historic neighborhood.

Originally constructed as lodgings for miners in 1919, the Lodge has undergone thoughtful renovations to retain its antiquated charm with contemporary innovations.

Guests can explore 19 uniquely designed guest rooms, decked with old-fashioned furniture, richly textured wooden accents, and characterful fixtures. The lobby serves as a homely space to interact with like-minded travelers, while the sunroom is the perfect spot to soak up the mountain sun with a cup of soothing tea.

Travelers wanting to wake up to sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains will find the third-floor accommodations with balconies ideally suited.

3. Earhart Lane – cute, elegant and unique accommodation offering stunning views

Purple Mountain Bed & Breakfast & Spa

Earhart Lane1 - a luxurious and elegant villa3

Earhart Lane1 - a luxurious and elegant villa1

Earhart Lane1 - a luxurious and elegant villa2

A magnificent alpine residence surrounded by greenery and a serene backdrop of snow-covered mountains, Earhart Lane is a glorious vacation home nestled in the dense wilderness.

This sumptuously decorated villa features 7 sprawling bedrooms, 5 spa-like bathrooms, and plenty of comfortable sleeping space to accommodate large groups.

The stainless steel kitchen is well-equipped with premium cookware and kitchenware, and the dining and lounging spaces have an elegant ambience. The expansive balcony and large windows offer stunning views of the wildflower meadows and mountainside scenery.

This ideally located rental opens up an array of nature trails leading deep into the mountains, and the Brush Creek Trailhead is nearby.

4. Nordic Inn – a quaint yet contemporary lodge with historic architecture and modern amenities

Nordic Inn - a quaint yet contemporary lodge1

Nordic Inn - a quaint yet contemporary lodge2

Nordic Inn - a quaint yet contemporary lodge3

The oldest and coziest lodge in Crested Butte, the Nordic Inn positions adventurers at the foothills of Mt. Crested Butte, a mere 500 yards away from the ski lifts. Decked in European-style extravagance and old-world nostalgia, this traditional venue merges the classic grace of the olden days with contemporary luxuries.

The Nordic Inn has undergone extensive renovations to install modern amenities without losing the grace of its historic architecture. The pet-friendly rooms play up an urbane, sparsely furnished setting with an emphasis on comfort and convenience.

Each morning, guests gather in the sun-soaked breakfast room to enjoy the Inn’s delectable continental breakfast spread. Evenings are typically spent in the toasty warmth of the lounge, featuring a relaxing ambience to enjoy rare wines with bewitching views of snow-laced mountains.

  • To book, check prices or availability for Nordic Inn

5. Pioneer Guest Cabins – a small site of cozy and romantic rustic-chic design cabins located in a beautiful natural setting

Pioneer Guest Cabins - rustic-designed cabins1

Pioneer Guest Cabins - rustic-designed cabins3

Pioneer Guest Cabins - rustic-designed cabins2

Nestled in the unfiltered and unspoilt wilderness of the Gunnison National Forest, the Pioneer Guest Cabins boast a wondrous setting, surrounded by lush greenery in the summer and snow in the winter.

The site offers 8 thoughtfully designed cabins, featuring luxurious bedrooms, fully functional kitchens, bathrooms, ornate fireplaces and smart appliances. Guests enjoy a host of outdoor amenities to make the most of their magical surroundings, such as picnic tables, fire rings, lounge chairs and grills.

Adventurers staying at these rustic cabins will find some of the most breathtaking hiking and skiing trails right at their doorstep. The forest location makes this site an outdoor lover’s ultimate haven, whether you enjoy mountain biking, hiking, fishing or skiing.

6. Old Town Inn – a cozy historic downtown Inn with a hot tube which provides an excellent base for hikers and skiers

Old Town Inn - a historic downtown inn1

Old Town Inn - a historic downtown inn2

Old Town Inn - a historic downtown inn3

A spectacular alpine base for hikers and skiers, the Old Town offers a convenient location to combine outdoor adventures with downtown’s cultural attractions and restaurants.

The Old Town Inn has a quaint historic appeal, accentuated by European-style interiors and traditional values.

The Old Town Inn is home to 33 pristinely furnished guest rooms, including king beds, two queen beds and spacious suites.

Guests have access to innumerable amenities, including cable television with HBO, high-speed internet, in-room appliances, ornate furniture, laptop-friendly desks, and diligent housekeeping services.

Guests are delighted by the Inn’s heart-warming special touches, from piping hot spreads of continental breakfast to organic locally brewed coffee and freshly-baked cookies.

7. Cristiana Guesthaus – a charming, welcoming and stylish mountain lodge with a relaxed ambience and an outdoor hot tub

Cristiana Guesthaus - a stylish mountain lodge3

Cristiana Guesthaus - a stylish mountain lodge2

Rustic chic Lodge Crested Butte

A European-inspired mountain lodge with a laid-back ambience, the Cristiana Guesthaus provides timeless heritage-style lodging in the heart of Crested Butte’s historic district.

This family-friendly venue offers an entrancing selection of 21 guest rooms decked with exquisitely crafted furniture, plush pillowtop beds, high-speed internet and in-room smart appliances. Guests can choose between reasonably priced accommodations with one or more queen beds or luxuriant suites featuring down pillows and indulgent amenities.

Guests staying at the Cristiana Guesthaus simply cannot miss the wholesome spread of homemade breakfast served every morning in the toasty lobby. The outdoor hot tub and sauna offer much-needed rejuvenation after an adventurous day of hiking or skiing.

8. Cozy Crested Butte Condo – Walk to Ski Lift! – a romantic condo that is well-equipped and beautifully decorated

Cozy Crested Butte Condo - a romantic condo2

Cozy Crested Butte Condo - a romantic condo3

Cozy Crested Butte Condo - a romantic condo1

Adventurers seeking independence and solitude will find the Cozy Crested Butte Condo a divine setting to immerse in the alpine scenery for a rewarding staycation.

This romantic rental comes with a comfortably furnished bedroom, a well-equipped kitchen, and a beautifully decorated deck to soak up the majestic mountain views. Guests have access to high-speed WiFi, community lodge, 2 flat-screen TVs with cable service, and 2 parking spaces.

Travelers could not ask for a more ideal location to explore the bustling downtown area and popular restaurants without distancing themselves from the hiking trails and ski slopes. This rustic alpine lodge also offers proximity to the colorful streets of Elk Avenue.

9. Lazy Bear Lodge – a traditional Colorado-style lodge with charm and down-to-earth elegance

Lazy Bear Lodge - a traditional colorado style lodge3

Lazy Bear Lodge - a traditional colorado style lodge1

Lazy Bear Lodge - a traditional colorado style lodge2

A divinely delightful vacation rental for an unforgettable Crested Butte adventure, the Lazy Bear Lodge beckons travelers with its rustic façade, comfortably appointed bedrooms and spellbinding location.

The interiors play up the traditional Colorado-style high vaulted ceilings, textured wooden finishing and countryside charm with ethereal grace. This holiday home features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a well-stocked kitchen, an expansive dining room and an airy living room.

The lounging area features finely upholstered furniture to soak up the toasty warmth of the fireplace, and each room comes with a flat-screen TV and cable access. The Lazy Bear Lodge also provides a private hot tub, shuffleboard, and pool table.

10. Mountain Escape – a chic mountain getaway perfect for longer stays or families

Mountain Escape - perfect for Millenials and Gen Zs2

Mountain Escape - perfect for Millenials and Gen Zs1

Mountain Escape - perfect for Millenials and Gen Zs3

An ostentatious mountain getaway with luxurious bedrooms, an ornate wood-burning fireplace, a sun-soaked open floor concept and a sound surround system covering the whole property.

The Mountain Escape rivals opulent resorts with its state-of-the-art amenities, indulgent recreational facilities, and comfortable living spaces.

Travelers who love whipping up decadent treats with locally farmed produce will fall in love with the chef’s kitchen. The three bedrooms are uniquely designed with ensuite bathrooms, and the property comes with a lovely dining space, an elaborate lounging area and a sprawling balcony.

Nestled within the upscale Skyland Residential Community, Mountain Escape offers easy access to the Skyland Clubhouse and its 18-hole championship golf course. 

11. Eleven Experience Scarp Ridge Lodge – a rustic-chic traditional lodge with a beautiful and modern interior

Eleven Experience Scarp Ridge Lodge - a classic elegant lodge3

Eleven Experience Scarp Ridge Lodge - a classic elegant lodge1

Eleven Experience Scarp Ridge Lodge - a classic elegant lodge2

An impressive establishment from the renowned Eleven Experience brand, the Scarp Ridge Lodge curates an authentic Colorado mimicking the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains with refined taste.

Designed like a European ski chalet, the building has beautifully retained the rustic Wild West structure of the Croatian saloon that once housed this property.

The modern enhancements have beautified the interiors with reclaimed iron accents and lavish facilities, including an indoor saltwater pool, steam room and sauna and hot tubs overlooking the snow-drenched scenery.

The Scarp Ridge Lodge features five king rooms with an aristocratic finish, ensuite bathrooms and a children’s room with seven bunk beds and an adjoined nanny room.

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