Top 14 Cool And Trendy Hotels In Grenada 2023

A rich history, a laid-back lifestyle, and year-round festivals and fairs weave through the cultural tapestry of beautiful Grenada. Pristine waterfalls, mangrove coasts, spice and nutmeg plantations, and stunning rainforests mark this lush and mountainous Caribbean island.

Its unique landscape is framed by the sparkling ocean, whose undulating topography is home to many untouched reefs bursting with exotic marine life. Within these beautiful waters, you will find the sunken secrets of at least 14 ships, which give Grenada its title of ‘wreck diving capital of the Caribbean.’

Grenada is also known for its stunning hotels, which range from hillside boutiques to palm-fringed, luxury all-inclusive resorts. Here are my favorite cool and trendy hotels in Grenada, The Caribbean (in no particular order)…

Our Top 3 Best Cool and Unusual Hotels
Royalton Grenada An Autograph Collection All Inclusive Resort 3 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Instagrammable Vibes
Royalton Grenada, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort
True Blue Bay Resort 3 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Ocean Views
True Blue Bay Resort
Sandals Grenada All Inclusive 3 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Couples
Sandals Grenada All Inclusive
Best For Instagrammable Vibes

Royalton Grenada, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort

Royalton Grenada, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort - an ultra-chic resort  Best-hotels-in-Grenada Royalton-Grenada-An-Autograph-Collection-All-Inclusive-Resort-an-ultra-chic-resort2


At Royalton Grenada, one of my favorite places, I relished endless strolls along the stunning Tamarind Bay. The pampering spa treatments and exquisite poolside cocktails made my stay truly memorable.

I loved how my children were thoroughly entertained with supervised activities while splashing around in their dedicated pool. Meanwhile, I indulged in trying out various water sports and caught nightly performances for adults.

Waking up to the breathtaking ocean or lush garden views from the plush DreamBed mattress was a treat. Starting my day with a cup of coffee on the furnished balcony was pure bliss.

As evening descended, I embarked on a culinary journey, savoring eclectic cuisines worldwide. The vibrant atmosphere at the on-site bars made mingling with fellow travelers a delightful experience.

One of my favorite places, I relished endless strolls along the stunning Tamarind Bay. The pampering spa treatments and exquisite poolside cocktails made my stay truly memorable.


Comfortable rooms with upscale amenities

Nestles on a stunning beachfront location

Water sports and nightly performances

Supervised activities for kids


Limited room service

Possible noise from the airport

Best For Ocean Views

True Blue Bay Resort

True Blue Bay Resort - a peaceful waterfront resort1  True-Blue-Bay-Resort-a-peaceful-waterfront-resort2.  True-Blue-Bay-Resort-a-peaceful-waterfront-resort

At this waterfront hotel, I found myself immersed in its exquisite design. One of my favorite places was the lively tropical bar and the restaurant perched on a deck that extended over the water.

I loved the vibrant mix of locals, yachties, and tourists who frequented the eatery during my stay. The menu boasted tantalizing Caribbean dishes that truly delighted the palate. Quirky decorations adorned the property everywhere I looked, providing numerous opportunities for the perfect Instagram shot. The grounds were adorned with beautiful palm trees, oleander bushes, and endearing animal sculptures, adding to the charm.

Spread across the hillside and waterfront, the 70 rooms captivated me with their upbeat design. Each room featured swanky kitchens and trendy seating areas, ensuring a comfortable and stylish stay.

I found myself immersed in its exquisite design. One of my favorite places was the lively tropical bar and the restaurant perched on a deck that extended over the water.


Stunning panoramic waterfront vistas

A lively tropical bar for socializing

Trendy design and unique decor


The pool closes early

The breakfast menu is limited

The parking is a little far away

Best For Couples

Sandals Grenada All Inclusive

Sandals Grenada All Inclusive - Couples Only - an idyllic seafront resort1 Sandals-Grenada-All-Inclusive-Couples-Only-an-idyllic-seafront-resort Sandals-Grenada-All-Inclusive-Couples-Only-an-idyllic-seafront-resort2

At Sandals, one of my favorite places for a romantic getaway, the sprawling 17-acre grounds host guestrooms across four distinct ‘villages.’ I love the sheer luxury here, especially the two expansive swimming pools. One of them, with a lively swim-up bar, is surrounded by hot tubs and cabanas, while the other boasts a serene fire pit at its center.

The evenings delight with live music setting the mood in The Living Room—a cozy space adorned with swinging sofas. I found the 257 guestrooms charming with their mahogany furnishings, showcasing vibrant prints of Caribbean beach scenes and dazzling marble-clad bathrooms.

What amazed me the most were the ten restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. Some were set in outdoor, casual atmospheres while others nestled in elegant glass-walled pavilions. Exploring these dining spots was an adventure for the taste buds!

At Sandals, one of my favorite places for a romantic getaway, the sprawling 17-acre grounds host guestrooms across four distinct ‘villages.’ I love the sheer luxury here, especially the two expansive swimming pools.


Romantic seclusion is Ideal for couples

Seafront location with stunning views

Luxurious amenities with entertainment

Unique dining with diverse options


Not for the budget-friendly crowd

Potential noise due to events

Best For Luxury Stay

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel - an award-winning hotel Calabash-Luxury-Boutique-Hotel-an-award-winning-hotel2 Calabash-Luxury-Boutique-Hotel-an-award-winning-hotel1

Nestled in a secluded bay, Calabash is a gem of boutique luxury that quickly became one of my favorite places. Its horseshoe layout of low-rise buildings overlooking lush lawns and palm trees exudes an old-school Caribbean charm that’s hard to resist.

The fusion of modern design, top-notch amenities, and award-winning cuisine sets this family-run retreat apart as one of the island’s finest. Stepping into one of the 30 rooms and suites, I was captivated by the contemporary colonial style, with indoor seating areas, expansive balconies, and stylish glass and mosaic bathrooms.

The experience was not just about luxury accommodations but also about embracing life’s simple pleasures. The spa offered a blissful escape, while the Beach Club Restaurant, with its open-air setting and shingle-roofed charm, treated me to an array of delightful tapas-style dishes. While visiting, I indulged in these offerings and soaked in the serene atmosphere that Calabash effortlessly creates.

The blend of luxurious rooms, serene spa, and delightful tapas at Beach Club made Calabash my favorite.


Spacious rooms with balconies

Delectable dining at on-site restaurants

Picturesque location with sea breeze

Luxurious rooms with upscale amenities


The food might be pricey

The location is a little remote

Best For Boutique Accommodations

Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and Marina


Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and Marina - an unassuming hotel marina2 Secret-Harbour-Boutique-Hotel-and-Marina-an-unassuming-hotel-marina1 Secret-Harbour-Boutique-Hotel-and-Marina-an-unassuming-hotel-marina

Nestled within the serene Secret Harbour, this glamorous boutique hotel quickly became one of my favorite places. The marina’s safety was reassuring, and the waters of Mount Hartman Bay set a tranquil nautical tone for my Caribbean getaway.

I chose two fantastic accommodations: a deluxe suite boasting a spacious terrace and an outdoor jacuzzi or a cozy deluxe cottage tucked amidst tropical gardens, offering awe-inspiring bay views.

The dining experience was authentic and memorable. The restaurant’s live open kitchen created an inviting atmosphere overlooking the marina. Before treating myself to expertly crafted cocktails at the hotel’s bar, it was the ideal spot for a delicious meal. The warm ambiance added to the overall charm of the place.

The marina’s tranquility and open-kitchen dining with marina views stood out as my favorite experiences.


Unique nautical theme

Open-kitchen dining with marina views

Deluxe suites with outdoor jacuzzi


Room service is not available 24/7

No public transport is available

Best For Historic Charm

Mount Edgecombe Plantation

Mount Edgecombe Plantation - a lavish hotel1 Mount-Edgecombe-Plantation-a-lavish-hotel2 Mount-Edgecombe-Plantation-a-lavish-hotel

At The Mount Edgecombe Plantation, one of my favorite places, tranquility, and seclusion welcomed me into a world steeped in history dating back to 1763.

This hidden gem isn’t just a hotel; it’s a fully functioning plantation that began cultivating sugar cane, later branching out into the spice, cocoa, and coffee trade before transforming into the luxurious boutique hotel it is today.

Surrounded by 28 acres of vibrant flora, this place feels like paradise. Everywhere I looked, nature’s essence flowed seamlessly into the carefully designed interiors. The original plantation house itself is a marvel, with its entrance hallway, a cozy drawing room, a captivating snooker room, and a study comfortably accommodating up to 8 guests. Additionally, the four Nutmeg Rooms provide space for another 8 visitors, each adding their unique charm to the experience.

Tranquility and the historic charm of Mount Edgecombe’s plantation house made it a serene favorite spot.


Rich history dating back to 1763

A tranquil oasis perfect for relaxation

Balconies offer incredible sea views

A variety of activities like hiking


No air conditioning is available

The location is a little remote

Best For Stunning Views

Maca Bana

Maca Bana - an elegant boutique resort Maca-Bana-an-elegant-boutique-resort2 Maca-Bana-an-elegant-boutique-resort1

At Maca Bana, nestled atop a hill overlooking a stunning beach, I was in awe of the villas resembling tree houses. Each villa, painted in vibrant yellow, green, and pink hues, encircles gardens adorned with fruit trees and charming ponds housing terrapins and koi fish. Inside, the blend of chunky wooden furniture and a fully equipped high-spec kitchen created an elegant rustic ambiance. The highlight was the expansive hardwood deck boasting a hot tub, inviting me to bask in the breathtaking ocean vistas.

The infinity-edged swimming pool, adorned with sun loungers, offered a tranquil spot on-site. Yet, the real adventure awaited a brief stroll away at the beach, where snorkeling, kayaking, and basking in the Caribbean sun unfolded abundantly. It quickly became one of my favorite places to revel in the perfect fusion of luxury and natural beauty.

The stunning tree-house villas and ocean adventures made Maca Bana an enchanting and luxurious retreat.


Breathtaking Caribbean Sea vistas

Diverse activities like snorkeling

Unique tree-house villas for privacy

Access to a private beach


The dining options are limited

The location is remote

Best For Garden Resort

473 Grenada Boutique Resort

473 Grenada Boutique Resort - a cozy and charming beach resort2 473-Grenada-Boutique-Resort-a-cozy-and-charming-beach-resort1 473-Grenada-Boutique-Resort-a-cozy-and-charming-beach-resort


Nestled within the serene Fort Jeudy neighborhood, I found this enchanting cluster of cream-colored villas adorned with shingle roofs and nestled amid lush tropical gardens and serene sandy beaches.

Every villa was enveloped by vibrant crotons, oleander, bougainvillea, and majestic palms, creating a vibrant contemporary ambiance. The interiors were a delightful mix of bold artwork by local Grenadian artists, complemented by grey-blue wood paneling and an array of charming decorative pieces, culminating in a cozy yet eclectic feel. Some of these villas even granted direct access to the captivating waterfront.

The heart of this haven was a communal space featuring an infinity-edge pool, perfectly set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing azure ocean waters. It was one of my favorite places to unwind and enjoy the stunning views.

Unwinding amid lush gardens and enjoying waterfront access made this resort my favorite tranquil escape.


Surrounded by lush tropical gardens

Eclectic decor with local artwork

Infinity pool with stunning views

Villas offer waterfront access


A quiet ambiance may not suit all

The entrance road is a bit rough

Best For Millennials and Gen Zs

Coyaba Beach Resort

Coyaba Beach Resort - a laid-back beach resort Coyaba-Beach-Resort-a-laid-back-beach-resort2

Nestled along the serene stretch of Grand Anse Beach, Coyaba Beach holds a special place in my heart. Its sprawling boutique charm spans 5 acres of vibrant, meticulously landscaped grounds. The tranquility here is truly captivating.

One of my favorite spots was the lawns at Coyaba Beach, a haven where the island’s allure comes alive. Lush palm trees sway gently, creating a perfect setting with inviting sun loungers.

Surrounded by nature’s beauty, the two-story accommodation blocks, washed in white, curve gracefully around a sparkling outdoor pool. The open-sided bar and restaurant, crowned with shingle roofs, add to the cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Each room forms a U shape, offering a view of the serene gardens from the private patio or balcony, creating a secluded haven to unwind.

The lawns’ allure and secluded rooms with garden views made Coyaba Beach a serene and secluded favorite.


Direct access to Grand Anse Beach

Rooms with balconies offer sea views

Quirky design and chic decor

Buffet restaurant with Grenadan cuisine


The outdoor pool is seasonally available

No coffee machine in the rooms

Best For On-site Dining

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort - the perfect place to have a truly Caribbean experience2 Radisson-Grenada-Beach-Resort-the-perfect-place-to-have-a-truly-Caribbean-experience-

Nestled in the heart of Grande Anse, Radisson Grenada Beach Resort became one of my favorite places. Between the inviting two-mile stretch of sandy beach and the lively town with charming eateries and shops, this resort holds an uncrowded 20-acre sanctuary.

As I strolled through the resort, I was greeted by bursts of color from tropical flowers and trees adorning the 400-yard beachfront and lush lawns. An unexpected delight was encountering the pet goats, diligently tending to keep the grass trimmed.

The tranquility of a crystal-clear waterfall and the allure of a swim-up bar beckoned me for relaxation, complemented by a sprawling 300-foot swimming pool. The prospect of snorkeling, kayaking, and various water escapades, all readily arranged on-site, heightened my excitement.

The hotel’s interior decor beautifully echoed the colonial era, boasting dark wood and wicker furniture that exuded an old-world charm. Exploring the four tropical-themed restaurants was a culinary adventure, offering memorable evenings of exquisite dining experiences.

Pet goats and a crystal-clear waterfall amidst lush lawns made Radisson Grenada a charming sanctuary.


Possible noise due to the town

A bit far from the beach

Best For Budget-friendly Stay

Almost Paradise Cottage Retreats

Almost Paradise Cottage Retreats - a colorful, kitsch, and fun party eco-friendly holiday resort2 Almost-Paradise-Cottage-Retreats-a-colorful-kitsch-and-fun-party-eco-friendly-holiday-resort1 Almost-Paradise-Cottage-Retreats-a-colorful-kitsch-and-fun-party-eco-friendly-holiday-resort

While visiting St. Patrick’s, I discovered Almost Paradise, nestled on the island’s northwest edge amid the stunning countryside. Choosing among their cottages like Butterfly, Fish, Hibiscus, or Hummingbird felt like unlocking my retreat. The loft-style bedrooms were roomy and cozy, with a living space, a convenient kitchenette, and my private balcony.

The wooden paneling enveloping each unit blended beautifully with vibrant hues, creating a charmingly quirky ambiance. It felt like stepping into a world where eclectic décor was an art form. And the best part? The on-site restaurant and bar served up wholesome, homecooked meals that celebrated the local, seasonal produce. The menu reflected the area’s delightful variations daily, making dining here a genuine culinary adventure.

The quirky cottages, daily-changing local menu, and spectacular views made this budget-friendly stay unique.


Unique and colorful decor

Daily-changing menu with local produce

Cottages with balconies for privacy

Spectacular views of the Grenadines



Distance from the airport

No coffee machines in the rooms

Best For Innovative Stay

Blue Horizons Garden Resort

Blue Horizons Garden Resort - a down-to-earth eco-friendly oasis1 Blue-Horizons-Garden-Resort-a-down-to-earth-eco-friendly-oasis2 Blue-Horizons-Garden-Resort-a-down-to-earth-eco-friendly-oasis

Blue Horizons is close to my heart, nestled on a gentle hillside just a short stroll from Grand Anse Beach. It’s a haven where nature thrives, spread across 6 lush acres adorned with tropical fruit trees that lend it an eco-friendly charm.

During my stay, I was captivated by the 32 self-catering guestrooms, each a serene oasis with decor in calming tones of brown and green adorned with lovely floral motifs, perfectly echoing the tranquility of the surrounding gardens.

The colonial-style restaurant, ‘Belle Creole,’ stole my heart with its breathtaking coastal views. Here, I relished locally inspired delicacies in a refined setting that felt formal and welcoming.

What truly made my stay exceptional were the unique experiences offered by Blue Horizons. The weekly birdwatching and garden tours added a unique dimension to my visit, immersing me in the natural wonders that envelop this beautiful retreat.

Birdwatching tours and colonial dining amidst lush gardens made Blue Horizons a serene eco-friendly escape.


Bird-watching tours to explore wildlife

Eco-friendly sustainable practices

Well-equipped kitchenettes in guestrooms


The location is a little remote

Limited on-site dining options

No coffee machines in the rooms

Best For Boutique Experience

Petite Anse Hotel

Petite Anse Hotel - a petite beachfront boutique hotel Petite-Anse-Hotel-a-petite-beachfront-boutique-hotel2 Petite-Anse-Hotel-a-petite-beachfront-boutique-hotel1

At Petite Anse Hotel, I found my haven amidst breathtaking sea and island panoramas, where pelicans and frigate birds danced in the skies. The charm of this British-managed gem unveiled itself as I perched atop a hillside overlooking a stunning beach. The heart of the property? A delightful bar/lounge/restaurant that exuded the aura of a ‘tropical country house.’

Wicker armchairs, a mosaic of celebrity and yachting magazines spread across a large table, and an eclectic blend of old-world photography and artistry set the tone. The 13 guestrooms, among which 11 were single-story cottages, adorned the hillside with quaint allure. Each cottage boasted delightful details—a scattering of planters, inviting chairs adorning private terraces, and bathrooms adorned with hand-painted basins. This place quickly became one of my favorite retreats.

Breathtaking sea views and old-world charm in hillside cottages made Petite Anse a rustic-chic haven.


Stunning ocean vistas from all rooms

Unique cottages with private terraces

Quirky old-world decor and a relaxing vibe

Tropical garden for nature lovers


TV is not available

Possible noise due to music

Best For Midrange Accomodations

Cabier Ocean Lodge

Cabier Ocean Lodge - a rustic-chic guest house2 Cabier-Ocean-Lodge-a-rustic-chic-guest-house1 Cabier-Ocean-Lodge-a-rustic-chic-guest-house

At Cabier Ocean Lodge, I immersed myself in the nostalgic ambiance of an older Caribbean era, portrayed through its rustic décor and countryside allure.

Nestled in the heart of remote Grenada, the lodge boasts breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waves gently caressing the shores of Cabier Beach, creating a picturesque scene framed by swaying palm trees.

The tranquil al fresco terrace, shaded by mango trees, became one of my favorite places to unwind, allowing me to bask in the sheer magnificence of the island. The guestrooms, adorned with white-washed walls and wooden beams, were meticulously designed to ensure a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

One of the highlights of my stay was the evening dining experience—a unique concept where the chef crafts dishes based on the fresh catch brought in by local fishermen earlier that day. This innovative dining approach added surprise and authenticity to each meal, making my culinary experiences truly memorable.

Tranquil terrace relaxation and innovative daily catch dining created an authentic rustic Caribbean experience.


Overlooks the picturesque Cabiar Beach

Serene terrace for relaxation

Unique daily catch dining concept

Authentic rustic Caribbean style


The water temperature can vary

Public transport is limited

Top 14 Coolest Hotels In Grenada

In the table below, we have compared the top 14 cool and trendy hotels in Grenada. You can sort them based on price per night, distance from attractions, and restaurants nearby:

Hotel NameLocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
Royalton GrenadaMagazine Beach Point Selines$337-$1221Yes5.73
True Blue Bay ResortGrand Anse$472-$1058No5.63
Sandals Grenada All InclusiveP.O. Box 1636$555No6.63
Calabash Luxury Boutique HotelLance Aux Epines$880-$1000No4.73
Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and MarinaSecret Harbour Marina Lance aux Epines$390-$527No43
Mount Edgecombe PlantationPalmiste Lane$197-$1031No7.43
Maca BanaPoint Salines$390-$780No6.13
473 Grenada Boutique ResortFort Jeudy New Westerhall Point$554-$1218No13
Coyaba Beach ResortGrand Anse$253-$281No3.23
Radisson Grenada Beach ResortGrand Anse Beach$248-$1667No2.83
Almost Paradise Cottage Retreats14 Prospect Road Sauteurs$161-$236No7.43
Blue Horizons Garden ResortPO Box 41$216-$228No3.73
Petite Anse HotelProspect Road$258-$332No83
Cabier Ocean LodgeCabier Beach$130No8.73



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