Top 15 Cool and Fun Hotels in Johannesburg 2023

Standing as a beacon of modernity and progress on the African continent, Johannesburg is a thriving cosmopolitan city a place where innovation, creativity, and enterprise flourish amid dazzling beauty. This rich and unique tapestry brings a sense of splendor to the city’s accommodation scene. From bucolic boutiques to glittering skyscrapers, here are my favorite cool and unique hotels in Johannesburg…

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Best For Instagrammable Decor
The Peech Hotel
JJ2 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Unique Stay
Thaba Eco Hotel
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Best For Trendy Design
Radisson RED Hotel Johannesburg
Best For Instagrammable Decor

The Peech Hotel

The-Peech-Hotel-a-lavish-and-cute-boutique-hotel2-960x500_c The-Peech-Hotel-a-lavish-and-cute-boutique-hotel-960x500_c The-Peech-Hotel-a-lavish-and-cute-boutique-hotel1-960x500_c

At The Peech Hotel, I found a haven steeped in South African allure and subtle luxury. The vibrant charm of this place, nestled in lush gardens, instantly whisked me away from the city’s hustle.

Every nook exuded a burst of colour and craftsmanship, seamlessly blending into the serene expanse of the two-acre property. The annexes and sleek pavilions encircling the 1950s heritage home created an exclusive retreat.

During my stay, I revelled in the two outdoor pools and savoured delightful meals at the two restaurants. As I stepped into my room, the dark blue-grey tones welcomed me, adorned with local artwork and natural elements that beautifully captured the region’s essence.

One of my favorite aspects was the vibrant gardens, a lush oasis away from the urban hustle.


Colorfully designed vibrant oasis

Exquisite community craftwork

Lush bright spacious gardens

Sleek standalone pavilions


No on-site spa

Can get booked up

Restaurant closes early

Best For Unique Stay

Thaba Eco Hotel

Thaba-Eco-Hotel-an-ultra-chic-ecolodge2-960x500_c Thaba-Eco-Hotel-an-ultra-chic-ecolodge1-960x500_c Thaba-Eco-Hotel-an-ultra-chic-ecolodge-960x500_c

While visiting the majestic Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in Johannesburg, I discovered a perfect retreat immersed in lush landscapes.

At this place, comfort and relaxation intertwined, leaving me utterly refreshed. Whether indulging in the award-winning Sinzinani spa or admiring the scenic views from my well-designed guestroom, every moment was rejuvenating.

The commitment to sustainability was evident in the eloquently prepared meals, showcasing the freshest ingredients from the rustic surroundings.

The outdoor hang-out deck, ElBar, became one of my favorite spots, offering crafted cocktails and signature wines against a picturesque hinterland backdrop.

Moreover, the hotel provided a range of outdoor eco-activities, allowing me to connect with South Africa’s incredible wildlife and landscapes intimately.

My personal favorite? The outdoor ElBar deck with breathtaking hinterland views, a perfect spot for relaxation.




Parking is a little far

Air Con is a bit temperamental

Best For Trendy Design

Radisson RED Hotel Johannesburg

Radisson-RED-Hotel-Johannesburg-an-ultra-design-and-swanky-hotel-960x500_c Radisson-RED-Hotel-Johannesburg-an-ultra-design-and-swanky-hotel1-960x500_c Radisson-RED-Hotel-Johannesburg-an-ultra-design-and-swanky-hotel2-960x500_c

The Radisson RED in Johannesburg is a gem that caught my eye. The designs were bold, the wall embellishments were bespoke, creating a playful vibe that became a perfect launchpad for exploring this vibrant city.

The rooms blended local inspiration and cheerful decor, truly reflecting the essence of South Africa. They welcomed me with open arms, setting the tone for an extravagant experience in this bustling metropolis.

Every detail seemed meticulously crafted for my comfort, ensuring a delightful stay. The rooftop pool and terrace, in particular, were a haven in the balmy weather, inviting me to unwind and soak up the tranquillity.

The on-site restaurant had this wonderful relaxed vibe, fostering a sense of community, and the rooftop bar offered breathtaking sunset views that left me in awe. This place had my heart from the moment I arrived.

One of my favorite places was the rooftop pool and terrace—a haven to unwind and enjoy stunning sunset views.


Bespoke trendy wall artwork

Exceptionally cheerful decor

Locally inspired wall prints

Rooftop pool and terrace

Best For Partying

Hallmark House Hotel

Hallmark-House-Hotel-a-stylish-and-arty-place-to-stay-in-Johannesburg2-960x500_c Hallmark-House-Hotel-a-stylish-and-arty-place-to-stay-in-Johannesburg-960x500_c Hallmark-House-Hotel-a-stylish-and-arty-place-to-stay-in-Johannesburg1-960x500_c

Hallmark House in Johannesburg’s lively Maboneng is a favourite spot of mine. The surroundings burst with street art, lively bars, and exceptional dining options.

Inside, it’s sleek and sophisticated yet oozes urban charm. Abstract art decorates the interiors, and the rooms showcase a beautiful African batik-style design.

I loved the top-notch in-room amenities, especially the minibar stocked with local goodies—a thoughtful touch.

Breakfast is a bustling affair, offering a delightful spread of homemade dishes each morning. Their African-inspired menu at the restaurant is a must-try, and the lively bar is perfect for mingling with fellow travellers.

My favorite aspect was the African-inspired dining options, offering a vibrant culinary experience.


Traditional batik-styled rooms

Graceful in-room minibars

African-inspired dining options

Highly sophisticated urban cool interiors


Busy location might not suit everyone

Vibe might not suit everyone

Small TV

Best For Couples

Palazzo Hotel

Palazzo-Hotel-a-very-instagrammable-Italian-haven1-960x500_c Palazzo-Hotel-a-very-instagrammable-Italian-haven2-960x500_c Palazzo-Hotel-a-very-instagrammable-Italian-haven-960x500_c

One of my favorite places in the city has to be Palazzo, known for its elegant charm. The luxurious Italian design, reminiscent of palatial Tuscan opulence, sweeps you into a world of grandeur.

As I stepped in, I was mesmerized by crystal chandeliers illuminating rich wooden furnishings amidst marble and terracotta interiors. Comfort and sophistication blended seamlessly here.

I couldn’t resist the allure of Café Rialto, a hotspot for business visionaries and creative travellers. Overlooking stunning gardens was the perfect setting for a leisurely lunch on the deck.

After a bustling day exploring the city, I found solace in one of the country’s largest pools. The serene atmosphere melted away my stresses. And to top it off, a massage from expert therapists was a heavenly indulgence beside the pool.

I highly recommend Café Rialto for its splendid Tuscan-inspired charm and a delightful dining experience.


Tuscan-themed opulent decor

Terracotta and marble furnishings

Splendid Italian designs

On-site pool and massage therapy


Gym could be better equipped

Air con can be temperamental

Some rooms can be small

Best For Trendy Design

Ten Bompas Hotel

Ten-Bompas-Hotel-a-cozy-and-charming-boutique-hotel-960x500_c Ten-Bompas-Hotel-a-cozy-and-charming-boutique-hotel1-960x500_c Ten-Bompas-Hotel-a-cozy-and-charming-boutique-hotel2-960x500_c

At Ten Bompas, nestled amid serene gardens, I found respite from the city’s hustle. Each suite, uniquely designed by different interior artists, offered its charm.

From classic to contemporary, every unit embraced African touches. A separate lounge area added to the feeling of seclusion, which I truly relished.

Waking up in my private garden was a daily highlight. The morning symphony of chirping birds and swaying trees felt enchanting and serene.

The in-room facilities were exceptional. However, the real gems were found at the on-site Winehouse Restaurant. Its tranquil ambience and exquisite culinary offerings created cherished memories during my stay.

One of my favorite places was the serene garden surroundings, offering a peaceful escape.


Surrounded by pristine gardens

Uniquely-themed interior design

Contemporary African-styled rooms

On-site Winehouse Restaurant


Lack of storage space in rooms

No on-site gym

Food can be a little pricey

Best For Quirky-chic Decor

African Pride Melrose Arch, Autograph Collection

African-Pride-Melrose-Arch-Autograph-Collection-a-cool-and-trendy-hotel2-960x500_c African-Pride-Melrose-Arch-Autograph-Collection-a-cool-and-trendy-hotel1-960x500_c African-Pride-Melrose-Arch-Autograph-Collection-a-cool-and-trendy-hotel-960x500_c

At this eclectic hotel in Johannesburg, I fell for the quirky, bespoke décor embodying the city’s spirit. The open-plan layout, adorned with exposed brick and chic wall embellishments, exuded refined comfort, making it one of my favorite places to stay.

The Library Lounge was where I found the true essence of Johannesburg, savoring aged whiskey among locals and fellow travellers—it felt like an authentic experience.

After a day of sightseeing, coming back was a delight. The exclusive hotel pool and the lively bar area added a unique touch to my stay, infusing a soulful atmosphere I loved.

My personal favorite? The Library Lounge, an authentic spot to savor aged whiskey amid chic décor.


Spectacular interior aesthetics

Elegant brick-leathered headboards

Lively bar and pool

Lovely chic wall embellishments


Parking can be expensive

Elevator can be slow

Lack of storage space in bathrooms

Best For Millennials and Gen Zs

Voco Johannesburg Rosebank an IHG Hotel

voco-Johannesburg-Rosebank-an-IHG-Hotel-South-Africas-first-voco-hotel1-960x500_c voco-Johannesburg-Rosebank-an-IHG-Hotel-South-Africas-first-voco-hotel2-960x500_c voco-Johannesburg-Rosebank-an-IHG-Hotel-South-Africas-first-voco-hotel-960x500_c

I loved the beautifully designed rooms at this newly opened hotel. They surround you in flamingo and navy blue shades, creating a truly cozy atmosphere.

Located in the trendy Rosebank district, the charm of this place hits you right at the entrance. The staff here are incredibly friendly, setting the tone for my entire visit.

The front desk went above and beyond, helping me plan incredible day excursions with fellow solo travellers. Their expert advice on unique walking tours around the city was invaluable.

I adored the Proud Mary Modern Eatery and Wine Bar. It’s a lively spot where I indulged in innovative dishes paired with a bespoke wine list. Stepping outside, I discovered a maze of restaurants, shops, and cafés waiting to be explored.

My favorite aspect was the beautifully designed rooms cocooned in flamingo and navy blue shades.


Flamingo-shaded cocooning rooms

On-site Proud Mary Modern Eatery

Ultra-modern artistry

Extensive shopping centers nearby


Parking can be expensive

Shower pressure can be a little weak

Breakfast menu can be limited

Best For Spa and Wellness Services

The Houghton Hotel, Spa, Wellness & Golf

The-Houghton-Hotel-Spa-Wellness-Golf-an-exceptional-5-star-hotel-spa-960x500_c The-Houghton-Hotel-Spa-Wellness-Golf-an-exceptional-5-star-hotel-spa1-960x500_c The-Houghton-Hotel-Spa-Wellness-Golf-an-exceptional-5-star-hotel-spa2-960x500_c

At The Houghton, tradition dances with modernity, creating an elegant haven. It’s not just a luxury hotel in Johannesburg; it’s a prime golfing spot. Hosting eight SA Open events, it’s steeped in championship history.

The spa, brand new and state-of-the-art, blew me away. Picture a wooden deck, an outdoor shower, and 8 versatile treatment suites—a truly soul-reviving haven.

But what caught my eye were the graceful artworks in my room. They added a bright, sophisticated vibe to my stay that I loved.

One of my favorite aspects was the state-of-the-art spa—a soul-reviving haven within the hotel.


State-of-the-art spa facility and amenities

Graceful in-room artwork

First-class elegantly designed infrastructure

Luxury on-site Golfing accommodations


Not for the budget-friendly crowd

Late check-ins at times

Best For Boutique Accommodations

Seven Villa Hotel & Spa

Seven-Villa-Hotel-Spa-the-ideal-spot-960x500_c Seven-Villa-Hotel-Spa-the-ideal-spot2-960x500_c Seven-Villa-Hotel-Spa-the-ideal-spot1-960x500_c

Nestled in a lush secret garden, Seven Villa became my haven, a slice of nature tucked away in a bustling Sandton. Surrounded by greenery, it felt like a serene escape while being minutes away from the city center.

The suites and villas offered bespoke services, wrapping me in comfort without losing the sense of secluded bliss.

Nature enveloped every corner, from the native gardens to the serene pool area; waterfalls’ melodies and birds’ songs danced amid the ancient trees.

The cuisine, a celebration of local flavors, became a highlight. The Camelot Spa, adorned with stone textures and hues of gold and navy, captivated me with its serenity, creating a haven for indulgence and harmony.

I loved the lush secret garden—a serene escape amidst bustling Sandton, perfect for tranquility.


On-site lush secret garden

Cosmopolitan center of Sandton nearby

Locally-inspired African cuisine

Surrounded by eye-catching waterfalls


Thin walls

Some bathrooms can be small

Food can be expensive

Best For Luxury

Parkwood Boutique Hotel

Parkwood-Boutique-Hotel-a-romantic-intimate-oasis2-960x500_c Parkwood-Boutique-Hotel-a-romantic-intimate-oasis1-960x500_c Parkwood-Boutique-Hotel-a-romantic-intimate-oasis-960x500_c

Nestled in the serene suburb of Parkwood, I discovered a hidden gem—a boutique property that seamlessly marries cosiness with spaciousness.

Among its 16 rooms, I relished the perfect blend of seclusion and tranquillity. It felt like an urban sanctuary, surrounded by lush greenery and top golf courses within walking distance.

The familial vibes instantly put me at ease, especially with the charming traditional stone walls adorning the interior living spaces.

The full-length windows invited the outdoors, whether the inviting patio or the serene outdoor area. This balance between intimacy and open-air ambience was truly delightful. Nestled in a beautifully manicured lawn, the quaint pool offered a serene spot to unwind under the warm sun.

Nestled in Parkwood’s serene suburb, the peaceful pool area became my favorite retreat spot.


Traditionally designed stone walls

Graceful serene surroundings

Outstanding outdoor hang-out setting

Quaint and peaceful pool area


No 24/7 reception staff

Thin walls

No in-room microwaves

Best For Garden Hotel

Premier Hotel Quatermain

Premier-Hotel-Quatermain-a-country-style-English-boutique-hotel-960x500_c Premier-Hotel-Quatermain-a-country-style-English-boutique-hotel1-960x500_c Premier-Hotel-Quatermain-a-country-style-English-boutique-hotel2-960x500_c

At Premier Hotel, lush gardens, trickling streams, and flowing fountains create a serene backdrop, offering an escape from city life’s hustle.

I love how the tranquility seeps into every corner, even the restaurant and bars. It’s a haven, whether by the pool with a glass of champagne or by the fireplace in absolute peace.

The moment I arrived, the blend of nature’s embrace in the vibrant gardens and the cozy, familial vibe immediately relaxed me.

This hotel’s location is ideal, placing you close to Sandston’s business district and within reach of Mandela Square’s vibrant dining and nightlife scene.

The tranquil restaurant and bars amidst cascading fountains made my stay truly serene.


On-site cascading fountains and streams

Close to Mandela Square

Continental and English cuisine

Serene and calm surroundings


Air con can be temperamental

Late check-ins

Some bathrooms can be small

Best For Rooftop Bar

Vivari Hotel and Spa by Mantis

Vivari-Hotel-and-Spa-by-Mantis-an-impressive-spot-960x500_c Vivari-Hotel-and-Spa-by-Mantis-an-impressive-spot2-960x500_c Vivari-Hotel-and-Spa-by-Mantis-an-impressive-spot1-960x500_c

Vivari Hotel in Johannesburg amazed me from the moment I arrived. Dr. Anushka Reddy’s vision transformed this place into a haven blending human comfort with nature’s grace.

Surrounded by nature’s tranquillity, the hotel resonates with holistic wellness, offering a rejuvenating experience. As part of the renowned Mantis collection, it embraces eco-friendly values and exudes sophistication.

Dining under the pecan tree canopy at Brambles Restaurant felt like a luxurious retreat. The seasonal menus were delightful, and the rooftop bar’s ambience added to the allure of this stylish escape. Beauty, taste, and radiance defined every single moment of my stay.

I highly recommend Brambles Restaurant for its luxurious retreat under a pecan tree canopy.


Stylish and sleek interiors

Canopy covered pecan-tree dining

Exceptional on-site Brambles restaurant

Luxurious rooftop bar


Some noise from outside

Sauna occasionally unavailable

Best For Great Breakfast

The Winston Hotel

The-Winston-Hotel-a-quirky-chic-colonial-style-hotel2-960x500_c The-Winston-Hotel-a-quirky-chic-colonial-style-hotel1-960x500_c The-Winston-Hotel-a-quirky-chic-colonial-style-hotel-960x500_c

At The Winston, I was embraced by natural beauty and timeless grace within the lively Rosebank suburb.

From the moment I stepped through the gates, I was transported to a romantic past, enveloped in nostalgia.

Inside, the ambiance was inviting, adorned with exquisite art reflecting South African culture, exuding an air of sophisticated chicness.

My room was a sanctuary of beauty adorned with elegant décor. Waking up to the serene garden views set the tone for a tranquil day. The property also offered a peaceful restaurant, a charming outdoor pool, a luxurious bar, and a snug library.

My personal favorite? The exceptional unique artwork and great breakfast that embraced timeless grace.


Exceptionally unique artwork

Trendy restaurant and bar and great breakfast

Spectacular views of manicured gardens

Cozy on-site library


Small TVs

Some rooms can be dark

Drinks can be expensive

Best For Scenic Views

54 on Bath

54-on-Bath-a-refined-and-elegant-hotel1-960x500_c 54-on-Bath-a-refined-and-elegant-hotel-960x500_c 54-on-Bath-a-refined-and-elegant-hotel2-960x500_c

Staying at 54 on Bath was a dream. Its prime location made it a top spot and lived up to the hype.

As I arrived, the building’s exterior exuded a grandeur that reminded me of high-rises in Manhattan. But stepping inside was a whole different experience—a cozy, boutique atmosphere with such homely vibes.

Luxury, style, and top-notch service defined my stay here. The Level Four Restaurant blew me away with its gourmet delights.

I hit the state-of-the-art fitness club and the sparkling outdoor pool—a perfect refresher. And the Perrier-Jouet Garden Bar? Charming; it captured the essence of the property so well.

One of my favourite aspects was the Level Four Restaurant, which offered superb gourmet dining experiences.


On-site Level Four Restaurant

Charming urban-inspired design with great views

State-of-the-art wellness club

Sparkling outdoor pool


No 24/7 housekeeping

Lack of storage space in bathrooms

Breakfast menu can be limited

All Hotels in Johannesburg Compared

The following table compares the Top 15 Cool and Unique Hotels in Johannesburg. You can sort the table based on the location, price per night, fitness facilities and other key important factors:

Hotel NameLocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
The Peech HotelNorth Street, 2196 Johannesburg$434-$645Yes5.03
Thaba Eco HotelImpala Road,Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve$400-$642Yes10.03
Radisson RED Hotel JohannesburgParks Boulevard, Oxford P4$449-$604Yes3.93
Hallmark House Hotel54 Siemert Road$119-$2641Yes1.71
Palazzo HotelMontecasino Blvd$234-$938Yes3.12
Ten Bompas Hotel10 Bompas Road$362-$366No4.22
African Pride Melrose Arch, Autograph Collection1 Melrose Square$430-$536No6.03
voco Johannesburg Rosebank an IHG Hotel24 Cradock Avenue$507-$560Yes4.22
The Houghton Hotel, Spa, Wellness & GolfLloys Ellis Avenue, Houghton$459-$5346Yes3.72
Seven Villa Hotel & Spa160 Helen Road$245-$509Yes7.03
Parkwood Boutique Hotel72 Worcester Road$301-$336Yes4.13
Premier Hotel Quatermain60 West Road South$153-$238Yes6.01
Vivari Hotel and Spa by Mantis1 Riviera Lane Featherbrooke Extention 8$401-$2641Yes1.13
The Winston Hotel6 Tottenham Road$177-$248No2.33
54 on Bath54 Bath Avenue$201-$436Yes4.02


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