Top 20 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Marrakech

Marrakesh is a city where ancient artistry is kept alive by the modern craftsmanship of the souks and the contemporary design scene of the Ville Nouvelle. This old imperial capital is home to some glorious examples of Islamic architectural gems, many of which are housed inside The Medina, a 1000-year-old, maze-like UNESCO World Heritage site.

As you stroll through Marrakech’s historic streets, the sonorous call to prayer which echoes from the mosques, the scents emanating from the spice markets, and the kaleidoscope of dazzling architecture offer a true journey of the senses.

The city’s hotels radiate its eclectic charm and range from traditional riad-style boutiques to grandiose royal houses. Here are the best cool and unusual hotels in Marrakech, Morocco (in no particular order)

1. Royal Mansour Marrakech – a beautiful and unique hotel set on landscaped grounds made up of private riads

Trendy hotel in Marrakech

Royal Mansour Marrakech

Funky hotel in Marrakech

Amazing hotels in Marrakech

Here we have a jaw-dropping showcase of true Moorish luxury. Designed by King Mohammed VI, Royal Mansour Marrakech was conceived as a ‘medina within a medina’, and offers 53 private riads set within five hectares of fragrant gardens.

Incredible craftsmanship is reflected in the geometric mosaics, carved cedarwood, intricate stuccowork, and bronze & silver furniture which line the property. The guestrooms are layered in opulent marbles, embroidered damask curtains, and stunning chandeliers, resulting in a dazzling yet cosy ambiance.

For dining, you can choose from either a French-inspired restaurant, a fabulous outdoor Michelin-star restaurant, or a traditional Moroccan establishment. All are graced by award-winning chefs and a first-rate service.

2. Jaal Riad Resort – Adults Only – a large trendy adults-only upscale resort popular with Instagrammers 

Party hotel in Marrakech

Jaal Riad Resort - Adults Only

Hippest hotels in Marrakech

Fun hotel in Marrakech

A riad is a large traditional Moroccan house built around a central courtyard, a style which is blended beautifully with a five-star resort concept at Jaal Riad.

Throughout this property, a sense of African creativity pulsates through every corner, forming a true cocoon of escapism. Designed in homage to a rich generation of artists and creators, every nook and cranny here is immaculate.

From the gorgeous mosaic tiling to the lush Arabian Nights ambiance, at Jaal Riad you are truly in for a memorable experience. A standout feature of the resort is the blissful, personalized wellness experience, the BOWE, which is a spot dedicated wholeheartedly to beauty and elegance.

3. Le Palais Rhoul and Spa – a wow-inducing large boutique spa hotel with stunning design features set in a 5-hectare garden 

Le Palais Rhoul and Spa

Beautiful hotel in Marrakech

Romantic hotel in Marrakech

Taken straight from the pages of a fairy tale, this luxury palace opens onto a lush 5-hectare garden in the palm grove of Marrakech, and spreads its soaring columns around a huge swimming pool.

At Le Palais Rhoul and Spa you can gain an authentic insight into the majesty of the Belle Époque, beautified by a tone of Parisian grandeur which characterizes its architecture, artwork, and gastronomy.

Old-fashioned antiques, artistic masterpieces, and traditional bookshelves evoke the appearance of a bygone era, and the guestrooms enchant visitors with opulent décor that adds to the sense of timeless elegance.

Products inspired by the secrets of Arab Beauty, such as Argant and Rose Oils, Orange Flower Water, and Black Soap, bring an unforgettable aura of pleasure to the lavish on-site spa, which offers holistic award-winning treatments to guests.

4. Kenzara Suites & Pool, Your private escape – a beautiful, peaceful and intimate Insta-worthy retreat

Kenzara Suites & Pool, Your private escape

Instagrammable hotel in Marrakech

Best Riads in Marrakech

Best hotels in Marrakech

Sharing a nod to the cultural heritage of Marrakech, Kenzara Suites & Pool stands for authenticity and a true connection with the local community.

Everything on the property’s lush grounds radiates a unique home-style concept, enhanced by a person assistant who is assigned to your personal Riad to meet your every need.

Intimacy and creativity emanate from the colourful patterns and quirky décor dotted around the hotel, inviting you to rest in style as you retreat to your private pool and cosy in-room seating area.

A charming terrace spot welcomes you to a world of splendour, enticing you to switch off and admire the golden sun as it sets over the roofs of the Medina.

5. La Sultana Marrakech – a beautiful and elegant large historic hotel surrounded by its own tropical botanic gardens

La Sultana Marrakech

Boutique Riad in Marrakech

Trendy hotel in Marrakech

La Sultana Hotel Marrakech

Five riads decorated in different styles to signify various historic periods form this sprawling hotel, which is optimally positioned inside the royal quarter of the Kasbah.

The décor of La Sultana Marrakech mixes Moroccan and other African artefacts in an exotic style, which provides a quirky character to this 28-room boutique.

Each room is configured and decorated individually with bold colours, textured fabrics, and stained-glass windows, while huge brass lanterns cast ambient shadows across cosy box-spring beds.

The lantern-lit courtyard, and the terrace overlooking the Saadian Tombs, both invite you to dine in style and embrace an open-air ambiance as you draw an explorative day to a close.

6. Dar Darma – a stunning boutique Riad hotel located in the medina with exquisite and ornate interiors 

Unique places to stay in Marrakech

Masumi Watanabe Marrakech

Masumi Watanabe Hotel

A jewel in the heart of the Marrakech Medina, Dar Darma Marrakech audaciously pairs Versace-esque décor with 300-year-old zouak ceilings and faded antique textiles to form a graceful Moroccan boutique.

A dramatic melange of 18th -century period details make this inner-city haven feel almost like a museum, and the individually styled guestrooms and suites exude a homely charm.

The arcade room, the fireplace room, and the Moroccan living room are all embellished with refined furnishings and bespoke colour combinations, and overlook a communal, shaded patio space.

The hotel’s terraces offer sweeping panoramas over the Atlas Mountains and the roofs of the Medina, providing the perfect space to kick back with a book and soak up the surrounding splendour.

7. Palais Namaskar – a beautiful and very Instagrammable upscale hotel with a wellness centre surrounded by desert

Five Star hotel in Marrakech

Chic hotel in Marrakech

Luxury hotel in Marrakech

Upscale hotel in Marrakech

Golden-domed palaces, collonaded walkways, and 41 minimalist-chic suites and villas surround a series of pools at Palais Namaskar.

The opulent Schrager-esque interiors were inspired by the principles of Feng Shui, and fill the manicured, Balinese-style grounds of dramatic architecture with a calm, tranquil presence.

Some units at Palais Namaskar offer private hot tubs and private pools, while others provide huge terraces, where you can enjoy a delectable breakfast.

All are designed in a desert-chic style with a neutral palette of cream, aubergine, and taupe. A six-room spa centre, a beauty salon, an underground gym, a bar, and a restaurant, provide further opportunities to let the stresses of everyday melt away in true Arabian style.

8. Hotel & Ryad Art Place Marrakech – a creative and Moroccan art boutique hotel which mixes history, authenticity and beautiful design details

Best Riads in Marrakech

Hotel & Ryad Art Place Marrakech

Boutique hotels in Marrakech

Decorated in a rich and understated Moroccan style, Art Place is a calming oasis set right on the bustling Jemaa El Fna Square.

Beauty, serenity, and authenticity at Hotel & Ryad Art Place Marrakech combine to transport you to the splendour of a bygone era, through the synchronization of Arabian architectural pieces and décor which points to ancestorial traditions.

The outdoor pool area promotes harmony of mind, body, and soul on sunny days, and during the golden hour, guests congregate around the rooftop terrace to witness a spectacular sunset.

Exceptional international cuisine is served with a Moroccan twist in the restaurant, while delightful afternoon teas offer a further chance to sample some of Morocco’s traditional snacks.

9. Selman Marrakech – a chic and outstanding large upscale resort set in a rural property offering beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains

Grand hotel in Marrakech

Romantic large hotel in Marrakech

Selman Marrakech

This high luxe Moroccan resort is teeming with lavish interiors furnished with Venetian chandeliers, velvet and silk sofas, and vast bouquets of flowers.

At Selman Marrakech Second Empire opulence is blended effortlessly with intricate Arabian craftsmanship and a gold imperial-style colour palette to form the hotel’s graceful décor.

As you are drawn through marble patios onto the sun-drenched terraces, key-hole arches and columned corridors remind you of Marrakech’s storied past.

At Selman, an 80-metre-long pool lined by sentry-straight palms provides a quaint spot to kick back and relax. This laid-back essence is further perpetuated in the guestrooms which offer cloudlike beds, soft silk carpets, and tech-forward amenities.

10. La Maison Arabe Hotel, Spa & Cooking Workshops – a unique and soulful Riad-hotel with a focus on food set in heart of the bustling ancient medina

La Maison Arabe Hotel, Spa & Cooking Workshops

Unique place to stay in Marrakech

Graced by an old-school elegant charm and an eclectic, cosmopolitan style, this storied restaurant turned intimate guest house has hosted a long list of dignitaries and celebrities.

Over the years, a handful of riads have been added, creating the space for multiple courtyards to open up. Traditional craftwork, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern antiques, and woollen Berber rugs decorate a palette of cream and taupe in the guestrooms at La Maison Arabe Hotel, Spa & Cooking Workshops, which offer private terraces and fireplaces.

The hotel’s restaurants feature a mix of French, Moroccan and Asian dishes, and host performances of world-class musicians who provide a classical soundtrack to your evening’s events.

11. Dar Anika – this popular and beautiful restored traditional Moroccan townhouse is one of the best places to stay in Marrakech

Coolest hotels in Marrakech

Instagrammable hotel in Marrakech

Romantic hotel in Marrakech

Situated at the entrance to the old souk and within walking distance of the Jemaa el Fna, this grand courtyard house is dressed in a traditional panache, and provides many spaces to kick back in style.

At the Dar Anika Marrakecha grand two-storey patio paved in Italian marble and ringed by Gothic arches is dotted by bougainvillea, and girdles an eclectic lounge furnished with damask-covered Moroccan banquettes.

A theatrical spot for cocktails beneath the stars is offered in the Arabian Nights-style tent on the roof terrace, where guests can revel in an intimate setting.

The 12 guestrooms are individually styled with flair and imagination, and every detail has been thoughtfully considered to enhance comfort, sophistication, and functionality.

12. Riad Bindoo & Spa – a gorgeous and tranquil boutique Riad hotel housed in renovated 200 year old house

Hippest hotels in Marrakech

Riad Bindoo & Spa

Historic hotel in Marrakech

Riad Bindoo blends a typically African atmosphere with the lively soul of the Marrakchi culture, in a traditional 200-year-old house.

Each guestroom is spacious, bright, and intimate, and is designed individually with a discreet attention to Arab-Andalusian influences.

As one of the city’s most elegant spa hotels, guests can enjoy a blissful journey of well-being through 3 hammams, 4 massage rooms, a heated indoor pool, and many nourishing and restorative oils.

Each spa room is designed in a distinctive style, fusing an oriental aesthetic with the wisdom of North African elements. The hotel brings together the artful traditions of Morocco with an eco-friendly concept, and each room is equipped with sustainable technology.

13. Riad Omri – a beautiful, elegant and highly photogenic Riad hotel which has its own tranquil courtyard garden 

Luxury Riad in Marrakech

Luxury Riad in Marrakech

Five Star Riad in Marrakech

Thoughtfully designed to highlight the treasures of ancestral Moroccan craft heritage, Riad Omri Marrakech combines modernity and tradition in a vivid reflection of elegance and well-being.

The corridors are lined with arabo-andalusian columns and arches, sharp-edged vaults, secular ironwork, and carved cedar wood, and guide you to the guestrooms which offer an intimate, character-infused atmosphere.

All rooms are named after celestial stars in tribute to the astronomical Arabic traditions, and promote a dreamlike sensation of rest and rejuvenation.

The on-site spa centre perpetuates the legendary secrets of Moroccan wellness, with oriental baths, Jacuzzis, and ancient hammams complementing a whole host of soothing, natural products.

14. Almaha Marrakech Restaurant & SPA – an opulent boutique Riad with a spa which mixes traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and modern art

Almaha Marrakech Restaurant & SPA

Beautiful hotel in Marrakech

Stunning hotel in Marrakech

Here we have an indulgent artists retreat which combines generations of traditional Moroccan craftmanship with a contemporary rhythm, in a vibrant synthesis of opulence and glamour.

Almaha is idyllically placed for you to explore the mysteries of Marrakesh, its exotic souks, and its bustling squares. A step outside the property takes you straight into a maze of charming alleyways enclosed by the pink walls of the Medina.

Almaha Marrakech Restaurant is dressed in traditional mosaics, carved wood, and hand-shaped glass lanterns, and is organized around a traditional open-air patio.

Its rows of tall white columns and arches invite you into a world of Arabic elegance, which is perpetuated on the inside by twinkling candles, exotic topiaries, and lush plants hanging from second-floor balconies.

15. Les Jardins De La Médina – a charming and chic boutique Median hotel which combines character and modern features

Best Resort hotels in Marrakech

Les Jardins De La Médina Marrakech

Les Jardins De La Médina

Les Jardins De La Médina retains the gentle tranquillity of its 19th-century architecture and combines the soul of a Riad with the spirit of a modern hotel.

Here, you can relax amid orange trees and other luxuriant plants in an exquisite garden, which offers the serenity and exclusivity of a calming desert oasis.

The restaurant and its intimate bar are imbued with the charm of the past, and are set beneath high carved cedar ceilings, exuding the flair of a bygone era.

The guestrooms are designed in the image of the Medina, shaded and temperate, and open onto stunning patios planted with trees and jasmines, embellished with traditional fountains.

16. Tigmiza Boutique Hotel & Spa – a uniquely designed boutique hotel located near Agdal Gardens in scented gardens

Best boutique hotels in Marrakech

Les Jardins De La Médina Marrakech

Luxury hotel in Marrakech

Nestled in the greenery of the Palm Grove, Tigmiza Boutique Hotel is a place where dreamlike atmospheres, authenticity, and originality radiate through every nook and cranny.

This family-run property offers 28 suites, pavilions, and villas, each inviting you into a unique world of cosiness, intimacy, and tradition.

An exquisite culinary experience is provided on-site, from the hearty gourmet breakfast to the tasty lunches at the pool bar, to the colourful Moroccan-meets-Mediterranean delicacies at the two in-house restaurants.

The 1st-floor terrace boasts the English Bar, where you can relish a golden Arabian sunset. To replenish the soul, a bubble of timeless tranquillity invites you to savour a menu of authentic and precious treatments in the Timijja Spa.

17. Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa Marrakech – a chic and modern boutique alternative to the riads set in a tranquil countryside setting

Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa Marrakech

Modern hotel in Marrakech

Chic hotel in Marrakech

Surrounded by 9 golf courses, The Sirayane is an invitation to a world of wellbeing, evoked through a purified designed and beautiful gardens overlooking the Atlas Mountains.

This luxury boutique enclave was designed to separate you from the hustle and bustle of the city, and offers stunning guestrooms each equipped with a private terrace or garden.

A standout feature of Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa Marrakech is the secret spa, which welcomes you through colourful, oriental domes into a bespoke wellness experience. Spread across the property’s 2 hectares, the 40 rooms and suites exude elegance through cosy fabrics, vivid hues, and state-of-the-art amenities.

18. Domaine Des Remparts Hotel & Spa – a hip and trendy large resort hotel with some modern and romantic features

Domaine Des Remparts Hotel & Spa

Coolest hotels in Marrakech

Romantic hotel in Marrakech

Set in a two-hectare park dotted by palm trees, olive trees, and bougainvillaea, Domaine Des Remparts inspires guests to step away from bustling city life and admire the quintessence of nature.

Overlooking the shimmering pool is the spectacular restaurant L’Olivier, one of two on-site eateries reflecting local culinary traditions infused with an international flair.

For those who want to add a touch of wellness to their vacation, a fitness centre, a yoga shala, and a soothing spa centre invite you to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

All of the rooms and suites offer a terrace, a private garden, and a fireplace, and are dressed in a style of tradition meets modernity.

19. Riad La Vie – an upscale boutique Riad located in the upscale Zitoune Lakdim neighborhood in the Medina

Riad La Vie Marrakech

Boutique Riad in Marrakech

Hotel with a view in Marrakech

Whether you’re seeking the adventurous life or the chill life, Riad La Vie ensures your Marrakech vacation is one you will remember.

Wrapped beautifully around a central courtyard, the three-century history of this traditional riad has been restored by a team of skilled artisans, with the thoughtful input of resort-style mod cons.

In every corner of the property there is a hidden gem, from the hand-carved plaster ceilings to the intricate layout of Zellige tiles, to the Italian-style showers in the contemporary bathrooms.

The property is situated in the upscale Riad Zitoune Lakdim neighbourhood of the Marrakech Medina, and houses a spa, a traditional Moroccan Hammam, and a rooftop terrace with spectacular Mountain and Mosque views.

  • To book, check prices or availability for Riad La Vie

20. Riad Palais Calipau – an exceptional and tranquil boutique hotel located in the medina

Insta-worthy hotel in Marrakech

Riad Palais Calipau

Romantic break in Marrakech

Situated 2km from the historic centre of Marrakesh, this eclectic property is arranged around a delightful internal courtyard, where whitewashed arches and a lush swimming pool exude a charming Arabian setting.

Beneath the soaring archways are cosy seating areas embellished with traditional artwork, reflecting a beautiful spirit of craftsmanship.

The high-ceilinged guestrooms at Riad Palais Calipau are clad in mosaic-tiling and boast modern, luxurious décor and amenities. A delicious American breakfast provides the fuel for an adventure-filled day each morning, and the a la carte restaurant invites you to taste the specialities of Mediterranean cuisine in the evening.

Further in-house offerings include a rooftop terrace, a massage room, and a hammam.

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