Top 14 Cool and Fun Hotels in Ocean City 2023

Known for its fun, upbeat, friendly vibe, three-mile-long boardwalk, and gorgeous sandy beach, Ocean City in Maryland is a tourist favorite. Many of its accommodation options are pretty unique too and range from funky beach side boutiques to colorful modern rentals. To help you choose, here are my favorite cool and fun hotels in Ocean City, Maryland…

Our Top 3 Best Cool and Unusual Hotels
park place hotel l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Quirky Decor
Park Place Hotel
alodt ocean l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Millennials and Gen Zs
Aloft Ocean City
kasa l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Indoor Swimming Pool
Kasa Marigot Ocean City Beach
Best For Quirky Decor

Park Place Hotel

PH2-960x500_c (1)

Nestled snugly by the pristine shores of Ocean City, Park Place Hotel became one of my favorite places, a true embodiment of elegance intertwined with lavish luxury. Stepping into this coastal sanctuary felt like embarking on a seamless journey, blending coastal allure with refined opulence.

The welcoming, attentive staff made my arrival special, embodying a commitment to exceptional service. The lobby exuded a coastal tranquility, adorned with nautical-themed decor and boasting panoramic views of the glistening Atlantic Ocean. Park Place Hotel redefines accommodation, each room and suite meticulously designed to evoke a serene ambiance that harmonizes perfectly with the coastal surroundings.

The rooms, adorned with graceful furnishings and tasteful coastal touches, transported me to seaside delight. It felt like every comfort and convenience was within reach, just a call to room service away. The hotel went beyond luxurious accommodations, offering a spectrum of world-class amenities to enhance every guest’s stay.

The highlight was the infinity pool overlooking the Ocean, an oasis of refreshment on scorching summer days. The poolside cabanas provided a secluded haven for relaxation and pampering. Moreover, the hotel’s spa was a sanctuary of tranquility where skilled therapists practiced the art of tailored treatments, melting away physical stress and worries. Whether seeking a romantic coastal escape or planning a family getaway, Park Place Hotel is impeccable.

Upon booking, I suggest you choose the breakfast option to indulge in daily gourmet breakfast buffets. Also, I highly recommend the suites with ocean views for an unforgettable experience. My favorite was unwinding by the infinity pool, soaking in the breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic—a memory to cherish from this seaside paradise.


Balconies with ocean views

Sundeck with lounge chairs

Infinity pool overlooking the ocean

Beachfront cycling and foot bath


Pets are not allowed

Decor might not suit everyone

Best For Millennials and Gen Zs

Aloft Ocean City

AOC2-960x500_c AOC1-960x500_c

During my visit to Aloft Ocean City, I was immediately drawn into its seamless blend of contemporary style and the laid-back coastal charm. Stepping into the trendy lobby felt like entering a world pulsing with vibrant energy. The open-concept space was a masterpiece of modern artwork and bursts of color, creating an inviting communal area that set the tone for the entire stay.

The guest rooms were a prime example of coastal living reimagined for the modern traveler. Each space was meticulously designed with sleek furnishings and a fresh color palette that mirrored the serene Ocean and sky. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows bathed the room in natural light, offering glimpses of the vibrant cityscape (depending on the room’s location).

One of my favorite spots at Aloft Ocean City was the W XYZ bar, a lively hub where guests and locals mingled amidst craft cocktails and live music. For a quieter retreat, the outdoor deck was a gem, offering a breathtaking chance to soak in the ocean breeze while taking in panoramic views of the beach.

I highly suggest choosing the breakfast option upon booking to indulge in daily gourmet breakfast buffets. Additionally, if you’re keen on lively atmospheres, consider booking a room closer to the W XYZ bar for easy access to the buzzing energy.

My personal favorite? The moments spent on the outdoor deck, enjoying the ocean breeze and the mesmerizing beach views at sunset were truly unforgettable.


Striking lounge and cocktail bar

Dinner with seasonal live music

Indoor and outdoor pool with bar

Balconies with bay views


Air con is a little noisy

No restaurant on-site

Small parking lot

Best For Indoor Swimming Pool

Kasa Marigot Ocean City Beach

KH3-960x500_c KH2-960x500_c

Upon stepping into the Kasa Marigot, I was immediately struck by its hidden gem status. This beachfront escape was unlike any other, redefining elegance in a way that spoke directly to discerning travelers like me.

Nestled in the serene coastal enclave of Ocean City, the Kasa Marigot Ocean City Beach offers a luxurious retreat with breathtaking ocean views and top-notch service.

The entranceway felt straight out of a romantic 60s film, adorned with lush tropical greenery and a peaceful water feature. It was evident that every detail had been meticulously curated, transforming this place into a sanctuary of calmness and sophistication—a genuinely unique experience.

Each residence was a haven of design excellence, boasting chic furnishings and high-end finishes that exuded luxury. The panoramic views through the large windows allowed nature’s beauty to flood in, instantly inviting a sense of relaxation.

But it was the private balcony that truly stole the show. Stepping onto it, I was embraced by serenity—the crashing waves, the salty breeze, and the mesmerizing ocean views created an unforgettable backdrop for unwinding.

As for dining, the culinary journey was exceptional. Fresh seafood, crafted with locally sourced ingredients and inspired dishes, showcased the remarkable skills of the hotel’s chefs. Upon booking, I highly suggest choosing the breakfast option to indulge in daily gourmet breakfast buffets.

My personal favorite? It’s hard to beat the private balcony’s soothing ambiance and breathtaking views.


Coastal enclave of Ocean City

Seafood with locally sourced ingredients

Hot tub and shared sun terrace

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools


Outdoor pool closed seasonally

No housekeeping service

Marginally understaffed

Best For Ocean Views

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort

PR2-960x500_c PR1-960x500_c

When I stepped into the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, I felt like I was entering a world of pure indulgence. The grandeur of the place, nestled along Ocean City’s stunning coastline, immediately captured my attention. The lobby was a majestic sight with its sweeping staircase adorned with exquisite chandeliers—setting the tone for what was to be an opulent experience. The detailed decor, plush furnishings, and elegant artwork all created a timeless fairytale ambiance that enchanted my senses.

Each suite was a haven of luxury, boasting lavish furnishings and carefully selected decor that exuded sophistication. The floor-to-ceiling windows provided breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, inviting me to soak in the natural beauty surrounding me.

The resort offered an impressive array of amenities. The sprawling oceanfront pool deck was a magnet for relaxation, adorned with comfortable loungers, cascading waterfalls, and a delightful swim-up bar—a perfect spot to bask in the sunshine.

One highlight was the spa, where skilled therapists offered a variety of rejuvenating treatments. It was a realm of luxury and tranquility, seamlessly blending top-notch service with awe-inspiring views—a dream escape for anyone craving a regal experience in Ocean City.

The oceanfront pool deck was my absolute favorite spot. Lounging there, enjoying the sun and the serene ocean view, was an experience I’ll always treasure.


Oceanfront sundeck with hot tubs

Panoramic views of Atlantic Ocean

Cascading waterfalls and swim-up bar

Tropical tiki bar for snacking


Fewer options for breakfast

Pool is overcrowded

No daily housekeeping

Best For Families

Ocean Lodge


As I arrived at the Ocean Lodge, I found myself in a hidden gem, a coastal haven offering tranquility right by the sea. This place is a treasure for anyone seeking elegance and personalized service against the backdrop of the beach.

From the moment I stepped inside, warm hospitality enveloped me, creating an atmosphere of refined simplicity I adored. The classic coastal decor and carefully chosen artwork spoke to my love for timeless charm.

The rooms here are a testament to their dedication to creating an unforgettable experience. Coastal-inspired furnishings, luxurious bedding, and calming color schemes welcomed me into a serene sanctuary. The natural light flooding through the windows perfected the ambiance, inviting relaxation from the get-go.

The view of the rolling waves, the soothing sound of the surf, and the gentle sea breeze formed an immediate connection with nature that I found incredibly rejuvenating. At the Ocean Lodge, they truly celebrate the sea’s flavors. Their on-site restaurant sources local ingredients to craft a menu that’s both inventive and bursting with fresh seafood delicacies. Exploring the vibrant boardwalk, amusements, and charming shops nearby was effortless due to the hotel’s ideal location. I highly recommend choosing a room with an ocean view; waking up to that scenery is an experience!


Free coffee in the lobby

Shared terrace and balcony

Family rooms available

Rhythmic sound of the surf


Slow internet connection

Rather thin room walls

Air con working issues

Best For Couples

Beach Walk on the Ocean

BW2-960x500_c Unique-and-quirky-hotel-in-Ocean-City-960x500_c

The Beach Walk on the Ocean welcomes guests with an inviting ambiance and well-trained staff guaranteeing warm hospitality. The hotel exudes a unique, relaxed charm, made possible by its beach-inspired decor, vibrant colors, and casual elegance.

The accommodations at Beach Walk on the Ocean accurately capture the laidback life associated with living at the seaside. Each room and suite is thoughtfully designed to reflect the coastal charm of Ocean City. The beautifully designed and strategically located balconies greet guests with expansive ocean vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. It is the idyllic spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or watch the vibrant colors of the sunset.

The outdoor pool area is a refreshing oasis. Here, guests take a dip, lounge under the sun, or relax in the shade of poolside cabanas. The private beach access allows for leisurely walks along the sandy shore and moments of solitude as the waves wash over your feet. It is a unique experience as the private beach is practically deserted most of the day.

The hotel’s restaurant showcased fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and seasonal delicacies. Each dish is masterfully crafted with care and creativity, offering an authentic taste of Ocean City’s coastal cuisine. From inviting accommodations to warm hospitality, Beach Walk on the Ocean offers guests an idyllic coastal experience, unlike most other hotels in the city.


Private beach with bicycle rental

Outdoor pool area for relaxation

Beach umbrellas and towels for use

Fishing and para-sailing activities


No in-room refrigerators

Children are not allowed

No elevators

Best For Longer Stays

MD Waterfront Villa

OV2-960x500_c OV3-960x500_c

At Beach Walk on the Ocean, I found myself embraced by a delightful ambiance and an attentive staff who truly know how to extend a warm welcome. This place just exudes relaxation with its beach-inspired decor, lively colors, and effortless elegance.

The rooms and suites effortlessly capture that laidback seaside life. Each space felt like a thoughtful nod to Ocean City’s coastal charm, and those strategically placed balconies? They’re an absolute dream. Greeting me with stunning ocean views, they became my go-to spot for savoring a morning coffee or catching the breathtaking sunset hues.

Let’s talk about the outdoor pool area—a genuine oasis. Lounging there, taking a dip, or relaxing under the cabanas made for perfect leisure. And the private beach access? Oh, it’s a gem. Walking along that stretch of sand with practically no one around, just the soothing sound of waves, was a unique and serene experience.

The restaurant here? It’s a culinary journey through Ocean City’s finest. Fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and those seasonal delights—each dish felt like a masterpiece. They truly capture the essence of coastal cuisine.

From the inviting rooms to the genuine hospitality, Beach Walk on the Ocean truly stands out, offering an authentic coastal escapade that’s hard to find elsewhere in the city.

Personal favorite? Watching those vibrant sunset colors paint the sky from the balcony – it’s a memory that stays with you.


Rooms with stunning river views

Stunning patio with seating

Seasonal outdoor and indoor pools

Tennis court and equipment


No hen or stag parties

No TV in bedroom

No in-room microwave

Best For Self-Catering

Sea My Way

SM2-960x500_c SM1-960x500_c

Sea My Way is truly a coastal haven that captivated me from the moment I stepped onto its serene beachfront. The tranquil aura immediately enveloped me, offering a haven where the beauty of the ocean melded seamlessly with relaxation. Despite its minimalist aesthetic, the hotel’s design whispered of tranquility, coaxing guests to unwind and embrace the ocean’s calming embrace.

The intentional design of Sea My Way resonates with a soothing color palette that enhances the sense of calmness. It’s remarkable how this subtlety fosters an environment that beautifully mirrors the Ocean’s rhythms, encouraging guests to sink into a state of complete relaxation.

Rooms and suites at Sea My Way were a true embodiment of coastal elegance. The contemporary décor and abundant natural light flooding in during the day perfectly complemented the stunning natural beauty outside. I even had the pleasure of experiencing the moonlit glow seeping through, creating a romantic ambiance that’s unique to seaside stays.

Delving into the culinary offerings, the hotel’s restaurant impressed me with its commitment to coastal traditions. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients elevated every dish, although I’d suggest exploring nearby eateries if seafood doesn’t align with your tastes. Ocean City has diverse dining options, from pizza joints to places serving comforting pot roast.

For those planning a stay, I highly recommend the breakfast package to savor the hotel’s freshly prepared morning delights. Additionally, if available, the rooms with unobstructed views of the Ocean are a must for an immersive coastal experience. As for my personal favorite, I couldn’t resist the allure of their seafood specials—they truly encapsulated the taste of the sea.


Features views of the sea

Lobby adorned with sleek furnishings

Playground for children’s fun

Balcony with stunning city views


Slightly distant from city center

Strict check-in time

No cots available

Best For Pet-friendly

Key Lime & Parrot Bay

Key Lime & Parrot Bay Key Lime & Parrot Bay

As I stepped into Key Lime & Parrot Bay, I was immediately swept away by the vibrant hues, lively atmosphere, and enticing scents enveloping the air. It’s truly a celebration of Caribbean flavors and a haven promising an unforgettable culinary journey.

The restaurant’s lively ambiance, adorned with tropical prints and playful parrot accents, created a setting that made dining an unforgettable experience. Every detail, from the live music to the genuinely warm staff, added to the relaxed Caribbean charm. And oh, the food! Key Lime & Parrot Bay is renowned for its fusion of Caribbean and coastal cuisine.

The skilled chefs expertly crafted each dish, from the succulent jerk chicken to the aromatic seafood curries and the beloved zesty ceviche. They even offer delightful tropical salads that complement the flavors perfectly. I highly suggest trying their Key Lime Pie—a velvety, tangy delight that genuinely captures the essence of the Florida Keys.

Key Lime & Parrot Bay isn’t just a restaurant; it embodies a tropical dining experience, offering a perfect space to unwind in the embrace of Mother Nature’s charm.

My personal favorite? Indulging in the Key Lime Pie—it’s a must!


Children's playground is available

Cycling activities

Heated outdoor swimming pool

Close to popular city attractions


Cash is not accepted

Only registered guests allowed

Smoking is not allowed

Best For Families

Playa Flamingo #302

pf3-960x500_c pf4-960x500_c PF1-960x500_c

As I stepped into Playa Flamingo #302, the coastal paradise swept me into its serene embrace. The elegance and tranquility of this place are truly remarkable. It’s a haven where you can unwind, soak up the sun, and be mesmerized by the breathtaking ocean vistas.

The living spaces were beautifully adorned, flawlessly blending modern sophistication with coastal charm. The open floor plan immediately instilled a sense of spaciousness, a perfect start to my stay.

Natural light floods the lobby and most rooms, enhancing the allure of the high-quality furnishings that exude refined luxury. The ocean views? Simply extraordinary. Those expansive windows in the living area framed the Atlantic Ocean like a masterpiece.

And oh, the private balcony! Accessible from the living room, it’s a sun-soaked haven, perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy moments and witnessing stunning sunrises over the water.

The bedding was indulgently plush, and the premium linens made for the most restful nights. The decor choices created an inviting sanctuary, adding to the overall allure of the space.

Playa Flamingo #302 isn’t just accommodation; it’s an escape from the daily grind, a retreat where you’re engulfed in serenity and luxury. I highly suggest spending a few days here to immerse yourself in this unforgettable coastal sanctuary truly.

Personal favorite? Watching the sunrise from that private balcony is an experience that stays etched in your memory!


Balcony with stunning vistas

Food with live music performance

Children's playground and cycling

Bowling; mini golf and tennis court


Slightly small beds

Blinds not blocking light

No extra beds available

Best For Private Vacation

Sunset Island

SI1-960x500_c SI2-960x500_c

Upon arriving at Sunset Island’s Beachside Mews 1 & 2, I was instantly taken aback by the sheer luxury and peace within Ocean City’s coastal haven. The view from a distance was just the beginning of an exquisite experience blending opulence and comfort.

I was welcomed by spacious living areas adorned with elegant coastal decor. The fusion of indoor-outdoor living bathed the interiors in natural light, offering breathtaking views that truly set the scene for relaxation.

The gourmet kitchens were a chef’s dream, boasting top-notch appliances and expansive granite countertops. Whether whipping a quick breakfast or orchestrating a grand dinner, these kitchens were an absolute delight.

The cozy seating areas provided comfort and framed stunning panoramas through their thoughtfully designed windows. It was the perfect spot to lose myself in a good book, engage in delightful conversations, or soak in the serene atmosphere.

Upon booking, I highly suggest choosing the breakfast option to relish the daily gourmet breakfast buffets. The 2-bedroom- and 4-bedroom apartments also come with outdoor hot tubs, making them an excellent choice for a luxurious stay.

My personal favorite? Without a doubt, lounging in the plush seating area, gazing at the mesmerizing views while unwinding with a good book.


Fun playground for children

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Casual and aspiring chefs’ food

Fishing and snorkeling nearby


Cots are not available

Cash is not accepted

Lack of sanitary items

Best For Bay Views

Cori Noel

cn1-960x500_c cn2-960x500_c

Cori Noel in Ocean City is one of my favorite places for a refined and luxurious coastal getaway. I felt enveloped in sophistication and tranquillity from the moment I arrived at this exquisite oceanfront retreat.

Stepping into Cori Noel, I was immediately struck by the stunning design and the incredible attention to detail. The spacious living areas seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with coastal charm, creating an inviting atmosphere flooded with natural light.

The floor-to-ceiling windows offered breathtaking views of the glistening Atlantic Ocean, adding to the allure of the beautifully decorated suites. The comfortable bedding and premium linens made each suite a haven of relaxation, while the curated decor exuded serenity and comfort.

While staying at Cori Noel, Ocean City offered many vibrant attractions and recreational opportunities. I indulged in various outdoor activities, from surfing and fishing to kayaking, taking advantage of the ideal location that ensured there was never a dull moment.

The staff at Cori Noel were exceptional, leaving no stone unturned to ensure my stay was remarkable. Their dedication to providing personalized service was evident from the warm greetings to the heartfelt goodbyes, truly enhancing the overall experience.

My personal favorite? The breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from the floor-to-ceiling windows made every moment at Cori Noel truly unforgettable.


Elegant living area with bay views

Dining room with a fireplace

Large windows for impressive sunsets

Outdoor pool and room hot tubs


Only registered guests

No extra beds

Strict check-in

Best For Accommodation with Balcony

Condo with Spacious Balcony


From the moment I arrived at this charming beachside getaway, I was immediately drawn in by the laid-back atmosphere. The Condo with a Spacious Balcony – 1 Block to the Beach offered a perfect escape, conveniently situated with a breathtaking view from its large balcony. I can’t express enough how much I loved being in this part of the city.

As I stepped into the open-concept living space, I was greeted by a blend of comfort and functionality. The tastefully adorned furnishings and coastal-themed decor added an exquisite touch of luxury. The balcony quickly became my go-to spot with its comfortable seating and ample room. It was an absolute delight to lounge there, soaking in the refreshing ocean breeze and immersing myself in the tranquility of Ocean City.

Venturing beyond the Condo, the beautiful shoreline awaited, offering endless opportunities to build sandcastles or simply bask in the sun. Indulging in delectable seafood or treating myself to homemade ice cream was an absolute joy when it came to dining. Moreover, the proximity to thrilling amusement park rides, charming street performances, and all the excitement along the boardwalk added to the overall experience.

Throughout my stay at the Condo with Spacious Balcony, the property management team was incredibly attentive, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience in a location renowned for its picturesque beauty.

I highly recommend choosing this place, and I suggest opting for the breakfast option to relish daily gourmet breakfast buffets. Additionally, if available, I highly suggest selecting a room to maximize the beachside experience.

My personal favorite was spending serene evenings on the balcony, gazing out at the breathtaking view of the ocean.


Large balcony providing stunning views

Seasonal outdoor swimming pool

Seafood and homemade ice cream

Beautiful shoreline to soak up the sun


Group events not allowed

Pets are not allowed

Paid parking

Best For Romantic Getaway

Romantic Beach Inscape


The Romantic Beach Inscape – Best Ocean View and Heated Pool is a dream for couples seeking a romantic getaway. From the moment I stepped in, I was mesmerized by the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean spreading before me. The panoramic view was breathtaking, casting a spell that instantly set the mood for an unforgettable escape.

The blend of modern elegance and coastal charm in the spacious living area was captivating. It’s a haven where luxury meets comfort, perfect for unwinding and reconnecting with a partner. The bedroom, a masterpiece of design, boasted king-sized beds adorned with the most luxurious linens and pillows, promising nights of absolute relaxation.

The pool area was a tranquil oasis outside, surrounded by lush greenery. Lounging on comfortable chairs, soaking up the sun, and occasionally dipping in the heated pool felt like paradise. The added warmth in the pool added a luxurious dimension to the entire stay.

What truly sets this place apart is its romantic ambiance. The combination of stunning views, lavish amenities, and impeccable service creates an enchanting retreat where love and relaxation intertwine effortlessly. Spending a few days at the Romantic Beach Inscape is an absolute must for couples looking to immerse themselves in romance and serenity.

I highly suggest choosing the breakfast option when booking to relish daily gourmet breakfast buffets. And if available, I’d recommend opting for a room with a view of the ocean – it adds an extra layer of magic to the experience.

My personal favorite? Lounging by the pool as the sun dips into the horizon, casting a golden glow over the endless ocean—a moment of pure bliss.


Captivating vista of Atlantic Ocean

Surrounded by lush landscaping

Seasonal and heated outdoor pools

Private beach and tennis courts


Parties are not allowed

No restaurant on-site

Pool closed occasionally

Best Hotels in Ocean City Compared

The table compares the top 14 cool and fun hotels in Ocean City; you can sort them according to the price per night, fitness facilities, the distance from attractions and nearby restaurants:

Hotel NameLocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
Park Place Hotel208 Baltimore Avenue$91-$183No3.53
Aloft Ocean City4501 Coastal Highway$176-$249No5.03
Kasa Marigot Ocean City BeachNorth Ocean City$292-$371No8.03
Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort9100 Coastal Highway$322-$888No8.03
Ocean Lodge803 N Philadelphia Avenue$92-$158No4.03
Beach Walk on the Ocean1001 Atlantic Avenue$244No4.33
Ocean City, MD Waterfront Villa105 120th Street 168$779No10.03
Sea My WayMidtown$298-$548No7.03
Key Lime & Parrot Bay2801 North Roosevelt Boulevard$249-$1171No2.33
Playa Flamingo #302Ocean City$580No7.03
Sunset Island21842, United States$3606No7.03
Cori NoelOcean City$792-$2350No3.43
Condo with Spacious BalconyOcean City$1006No6.03
Romantic Beach Inscape10900 Coastal Highway 1514$786-$820No9.03




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