Top 12 Cool And Fun Hotels In Queenstown 2023

Known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown is almost guaranteed to offer an experience of a lifetime. As well as jaw-dropping natural scenery, bungee jumping, jet-boating, skydiving, white-water rafting, ziplining, mountain biking, and even zorbing are the adrenaline-fuelled pastimes on offer while the winter is a time for snow lovers. 

Combined with a cosmopolitan dining and arts scene and an eclectic range of bars, Queensland’s unrivaled energy brings millions of tourists to its unique hotels all year round.

From stunning, cabin-like boutiques on the shores of the beautiful Lake Wakatipu to to hip modern hotels overlooking the majestic ‘Remarkables’ mountain range, Here are my favorite cool and unique hotels in Queenstown, New Zealand (in no particular order)

Our Top 3 Best Cool and Unusual Hotels
QT Queenstown l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Partying
QT Queenstown
Kamana Lakehouse l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Stunning Views
Kamana Lakehouse
The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Millennials and Gen Zs
The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels
Best For Partying

QT Queenstown

QT Queenstown - a cool, hip and funky hotel with a quirky bar perfect for Millennials and Gen Zs QT-Queenstown-a-cool-hip-and-funky-hotel-with-a-quirky-bar-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs (1) QT-Queenstown-a-cool-hip-and-funky-hotel-with-a-quirky-bar-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-1-1

QT Queenstown quickly became one of my favourite places. I love this artsy, modern haven. While visiting, the matte black fireplace hanging from the lobby ceiling caught my eye, setting the tone for the entire experience. The reception’s timber floor and the floor-to-ceiling windows let in the mesmerizing alpine light, creating a serene atmosphere.

Staying at QT Queenstown, I discovered the rooms and suites to be modern, adorned in mid-greys and whites. Sheepskin throws and leather bedside tables added a cosy touch. The bathrooms, with marbled grey floors and subway wall tiles, exuded a glamorous charm that resonated throughout the hotel.

During my stay, the Bazaar Marketplace became a culinary highlight. With its upmarket buffet offering gourmet delights, the lively eatery treated me to spectacular lake views. It was an experience I truly relished.

The matte black fireplace in the lobby set an artsy vibe, becoming one of my favourite places for its modern charm.


Perfect for partying Millennials and Gen Zs

Modern design with artistic elements

Stunning vistas of Lake Wakatipu

Interactive dining at Bazaar Marketplace


Valet parking costs extra

Not for the budget-friendly crowd

Best For Stunning Views

Kamana Lakehouse

Kamana Lakehouse - an elegant, stylish boutique hotel offering breathtaking views over Lake Wakatipu and the iconic Remarkables mountain range Kamana-Lakehouse-an-elegant-stylish-boutique-hotel-offering-breathtaking-views-over-Lake-Wakatipu-and-the-iconic-Remarkables-mountain-range-3 (1) Kamana-Lakehouse-an-elegant-stylish-boutique-hotel-offering-breathtaking-views-over-Lake-Wakatipu-and-the-iconic-Remarkables-mountain-range-2 (1)Kamana-Lakehouse-an-elegant-stylish-boutique-hotel-offering-breathtaking-views-over-Lake-Wakatipu-and-the-iconic-Remarkables-mountain-range-1 (1)

Kamana Lakehouse quickly became one of my favourite places at high altitudes, offering iconic views that took my breath away. The elegant comfort of this lodge provided a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for unwinding after a thrilling day of skiing.

While visiting this adventure haven, I indulged in delightful bike rides, scenic walks, and spectacular fireworks displays that made my stay unforgettable. Nestled in the heart of the world’s adventure capital, the boutique guestrooms treated me to expansive views of the serene lake and the majestic Remarkables mountain range.

During my stay, the first-rate concierge service, convenient ski storage, and the option of graceful wedding services added a touch of luxury. Yet, what I loved most was how Kamana Lakehouse went beyond mere amenities; it became the gateway to experiencing the true essence of Queenstown, seamlessly blending exploration with relaxation.

The breathtaking vistas became my favourite, offering an elegant retreat amidst nature’s wonders.


Stunning views of Lake Wakatipu

Elegant and trendy boutique experience

Delectable and sustainable dining

Wide range of outdoor activities


The location is a little remote

The breakfast menu is limited

Best For Millennials and Gen Zs

The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels

The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels - a trendy, Instagrammable design hotel located in the heart of Queenstown, perfect for Millennials and Gen Zs The-Central-Private-Hotel-by-Naumi-Hotels-a-trendy-Instagrammable-design-hotel-located-in-the-heart-of-Queenstown-with-a-hip-atmosphere-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-2 The-Central-Private-Hotel-by-Naumi-Hotels-a-trendy-Instagrammable-design-hotel-located-in-the-heart-of-Queenstown-with-a-hip-atmosphere-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs (1)

One of my favourite places, this hip boutique pad seamlessly blends cool luxury with childlike wonder. The designer interiors and vibrant rooms, adorned in jewel-like blues, greens, and pinks, create an atmosphere that captivates from the moment you step inside.

While staying at this elegant hotel, I loved the lounge bar, where a daily free-flow drinks hour by the fire added a touch of warmth to the chic surroundings. The delicious breakfasts served here made it the perfect spot for couples, friends, and families.

Set against the majestic Southern Alps, the surrounding area evoked a constant ‘pinch me’ sense of disbelief. There was truly a little bit of everything for everyone. Armed with excellent insider knowledge, the friendly team was the icing on the cake, ensuring every moment of my experience was as unforgettable as the breathtaking backdrop.

The vibrant lounge bar with free-flow drinks by the fire was my favourite.


Unique and stylish rooms

Majestic views of the Alps

Trendy design perfect for Instagram


Limited variety of rooms

Potential crowds during peak seasons

Best For Nature Lovers

Ora Retreat

Ora Retreat - a rustic, urban and vibrant accommodation ideal for a rejuvenating and relaxing getaway Ora-Retreat-a-rustic-urban-and-vibrant-accommodation-ideal-for-a-rejuvenating-and-relaxing-getaway-1

Nestled in the serene mountains, Ora Retreat became one of my favourite places for a getaway. Hidden among the trees, the surroundings offer endless exploration opportunities, and the warm staff made it feel like my own alpine paradise.

During my stay, I fell in love with the sense of connection emphasized in every program. The yoga sessions in softly lit rooms and the cosy gatherings by the fire at night truly embodied the retreat’s vision.

Ora Retreat is more than just a lodge; it’s an experience that guarantees a nourishing escape. The cabin rooms, with their minimalist style and bespoke wooden furnishings, perfectly capture the essence of the alpine vibe that envelops this extraordinary place.

The serene ambiance and yoga sessions amidst breathtaking views became my favourite during my stay.


Yoga sessions in serene ambiance

Breathtaking mountain and lake views

Facilities for disabled guests

Extensive modern amenities


Shared spaces can get busy

Possible noise due to guests

Limited on-site dining

Best For Luxury Stay

Hulbert House Luxury Boutique Lodge Queenstown

Hulbert House Luxury Boutique Lodge Queenstown - one of the most beautiful accommodations in Queenstown where guests can enjoy an upscale, unique and Instagrammable stay Hulbert-House-Luxury-Boutique-Lodge-Queenstown-one-of-the-most-beautiful-accommodations-in-Queenstown-where-guests-can-enjoy-an-upscale-unique-and-Instagrammable-stay-1 Hulbert-House-Luxury-Boutique-Lodge-Queenstown-one-of-the-most-beautiful-accommodations-in-Queenstown-where-guests-can-enjoy-an-upscale-unique-and-Instagrammable-stay-3

Immersed in tranquillity, I discovered this beautifully restored Victorian-era villa—a haven for discerning travellers. It quickly became one of my favourite places, offering a luxurious experience beyond compare.

Each of the six suites is a masterpiece of unique decor, adorned with premium Hungarian goose-down bedding and lavish Egyptian cotton bathrobes, creating an atmosphere of luxury.

One of the highlights of my stay was savouring morning coffee prepared with freshly roasted beans from a commercial-grade grinder, all within the confines of my private sanctuary.

The breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and Skyline Hill from every bedroom were enchanting. A mere 7-minute walk led me to the lively heart of Queenstown, enhancing the overall allure of my experience.

Morning coffee prepared with freshly roasted beans within my private sanctuary was a delightful highlight.


Nestled in Queenstown center

Serves homemade and gourmet breakfast

Upscale amenities and facilities

Stunning instagrammable vistas


Limited on-site parking is available

Not for the budget-friendly crowd

Some rooms are compact

Best For Longer Stays

The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments

The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments - a 5-star, stylish and chic accommodation with a lakeside location featuring a private beach  The-Rees-Hotel-Luxury-Apartments-a-5-star-stylish-and-chic-accommodation-with-a-lakeside-location-featuring-a-private-beach-1 The-Rees-Hotel-Luxury-Apartments-a-5-star-stylish-and-chic-accommodation-with-a-lakeside-location-featuring-a-private-beach-

Nestled by Lake Wakatipu, this five-star gem quickly became one of my favourite places. The alpine vistas from my room were breathtaking, blending chic and splendour seamlessly.

I love the range of lavish options, from cosy hotel rooms to spacious apartments and lakeside residences. The floor-to-ceiling windows flooded the space with light, immersing me in the beauty outside.

While visiting, the mix of plush sofas and modern wooden furnishings created a 5-star hotel vibe in the tranquillity of this lakeside haven.

During my stay, I indulged in in-room massages, experiencing rejuvenating body and facial treatments. I also tried renting mountain bikes, a fantastic way to explore the natural wonders of Queenstown. This place truly offers a perfect blend of luxury and nature.

The rejuvenating in-room massages and the opportunity to rent mountain bikes for exploring stole the show.


Lakeside paradise with stunning views

In-room massage services are available

Variety of luxury accommodation options

Offers a private beach


The location is a little remote

The breakfast menu is limited

Air conditioning is temperamental

Best For Couples

Azur Lodge

Azur Lodge - a contemporary, chic and stylish accommodation perfect for a couple's romantic getaway Azur-Lodge-a-contemporary-chic-and-stylish-accommodation-perfect-for-a-couples-romantic-getaway-1

Azur Lodge, one of my favourite places, is cascading down the hillside towards Lake Wakatipu. Nine detached villas exude tremendous style and character. While visiting, I loved the luxurious setting, where tea and canapés are effortlessly whipped up in two communal lounges.

The modern interiors, focused on three epic fireplaces, create a serene ambience during winter. I experienced the honey-coloured food features across the villa ceilings, framing the natural beauty outside.

In my villa, the L-shaped sofa became my graceful spot to marvel at the breathtaking landscape. Room service was my preference, allowing me to enjoy a continental buffet in the peaceful sanctuary of my room. Azur Lodge truly made my stay memorable.

The chic interiors, cozy fireplaces, and room service amid breathtaking views made my stay special.


Ideal for a romantic getaway

Panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu

Luxurious detached and stylish views

Cozy fireplaces and a serene ambiance


Few on-site meal options

Requires shuttle for town access

Best For Unique Stay

The Dairy Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels

The Dairy Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels - a themed, quirky and charming accommodation with a backdrop of the picturesque landscape The-Dairy-Private-Hotel-by-Naumi-Hotels-a-themed-quirky-and-charming-accommodation-with-a-backdrop-of-the-picturesque-landscape-2 The-Dairy-Private-Hotel-by-Naumi-Hotels-a-themed-quirky-and-charming-accommodation-with-a-backdrop-of-the-picturesque-landscape-1

The Dairy Private Hotel instantly became one of my favourite places, a former 1920s corner store turned deluxe abode, setting the perfect tone for my memorable Queenstown break.

I love the ultra-luxe rustic charm blend and Alpine chic enveloping this edgy hotel. The intricate wallpapers in every corner exude a laidback glamour that resonates with my taste.

While staying at this quirky gem, I was surrounded by uniquely styled rooms adorned with eclectic heirloom-style furniture, lavish linens, and captivating botanical-themed wall art courtesy of the British interiors brand ‘House of Hackney.’

I experienced pure bliss in the hotel’s outdoor jacuzzi, a tranquil spot allowing me to soak up the uninterrupted backdrop of the Remarkables. These personalized touches make The Dairy Private Hotel an unforgettable experience.

The outdoor jacuzzi with uninterrupted views of the Remarkables was an unforgettable experience.


Unique and eccentric decor

Nestles near Queenstown attractions

Luxurious amenities and ambiance

Picturesque mountain views


Limited on-site parking

The decor may not suit all

Limited communal spaces

Best For Great location

Lanah Residence

Lanah Residence - a unique, rustic-chic and upscale accommodation in close proximity to popular attractions and fantastic dining options Lanah-Residence-a-unique-rustic-chic-and-upscale-accommodation-in-close-proximity-to-popular-attractions-and-fantastic-dining-options-2 Lanah-Residence-a-unique-rustic-chic-and-upscale-accommodation-in-close-proximity-to-popular-attractions-and-fantastic-dining-options

One of my favourite places, the Lanah Residence, surrounds you with breathtaking mountain vistas from every vantage point. Tucked away serenely along the sunny lakeside, it sets the stage for a tranquil retreat in Queenstown.

I love the distinctive character of this residence, adorned with carefully chosen artifacts, trinkets, and treasures from around the world. It truly feels like a unique and personal space.

While at the Lanah Residence, I enjoyed experiencing three studio apartment-style suites. Each suite comes with a relaxing soaking tub and a convenient kitchenette. The communal dining area at the heart of the property became my go-to spot for indulging in afternoon tea, adding to the overall charm of the place.

One of the highlights of my stay was the outdoor jacuzzi on the third floor. This graceful addition provided a peaceful sanctuary to unwind while immersing myself in the mind-blowing mountain views. The experience was nothing short of enchanting.

The outdoor jacuzzi on the third floor amidst mind-blowing mountain views became my graceful spot to unwind.


All suites feature soaking tubs

Proximity to popular attractions

Unique global curated decor

A rejuvenating outdoor jacuzzi


Limited variety of rooms

Potential noise due to communal spaces

Best For Families

Koura Apartments Central Queenstown

Koura Apartments Central Queenstown - a new, contemporary and cool accommodation perfect for a family or group vacation Koura-Apartments-Central-Queenstown-a-new-contemporary-and-cool-accommodation-perfect-for-a-family-or-group-vacation-1 Koura-Apartments-Central-Queenstown-a-new-contemporary-and-cool-accommodation-perfect-for-a-family-or-group-vacation

Nestled in the heart of Queenstown, Koura Apartments quickly became one of my favourite places for a getaway. During my stay, I enjoyed experiencing their expertly designed deluxe apartments, available for individual units or the entire complex.

What I love about Koura Apartments is that every room has ensuites, providing comfort and privacy. The spacious living area, fully functional kitchen, balcony, and modern amenities like a TV with Netflix made my stay enjoyable.

One of my favourite features is the side-by-side arrangement of the apartments, making it perfect for accommodating up to 36 people. This proved ideal for large family gatherings or special occasions like weddings. The convenience of a 5-minute walk to the city’s vibrant centre, thanks to the hotel’s prime location, added to the overall charm of my experience at Koura Apartments.

The side-by-side arrangement of apartments for large gatherings and ensuites in every room stood out for me.


Stylish and modern aesthetics

Spacious suites perfect for families

Proximity to the city center

Ski storage for winter visitors


A bit far from the airport

Potential noise due to busy streets


Best For Innovative Stay

mi-pad Queenstown

mi-pad Queenstown - an award-winning accommodation that provides guests with a modern, eco-friendly and tech savvy stay mi-pad-Queenstown-an-award-winning-accommodation-that-provides-guests-with-a-modern-eco-friendly-and-tech-savvy-stay-2 mi-pad-Queenstown-an-award-winning-accommodation-that-provides-guests-with-a-modern-eco-friendly-and-tech-savvy-stay

I love this award-winning hotel on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Mi-pad is now one of my favourite places, offering a high-tech hospitality experience. Through their exclusive app, I controlled everything – from room lighting to ordering local food and checking hiking conditions.

While staying at this hotel, I truly appreciated the bright, airy rooms designed with the modern traveler in mind. The state-of-the-art soundproofing and blackout window coverings provided a blissful night’s sleep.

The exclusive app-controlled experience and state-of-the-art soundproof rooms made my stay high-tech and peaceful.


Award-winning eco-friendly stay

Exclusive app for tech-savvy experience

Soundproofed rooms for peaceful sleep

Located at a central location


Limited space for workspace

Not all rooms offer scenic views

Best For Boutique Accommodations

Stay of Queenstown

Stay of Queenstown - a tranquil, modern and bright boutique accommodation within walking distance of the town center and beaches of Lake Wakatipu Stay-of-Queenstown-a-tranquil-modern-and-bright-boutique-accommodation-within-walking-distance-of-the-town-center-and-beaches-of-Lake-Wakatipu Stay-of-Queenstown-a-tranquil-modern-and-bright-boutique-accommodation-within-walking-distance-of-the-town-center-and-beaches-of-Lake-Wakatipu-1

Nestled near Queenstown’s historic centre, this boutique gem quickly became one of my favourite places. With just 8 private suites, it boasts a sophisticated charm within a serene garden.

During my stay, I revelled in the perfect blend of nature and tranquillity, truly capturing the essence of Queenstown. The attention to comfort was evident in each meticulously designed suite. I loved the lavish Bellagio bed, top-notch linen, thoughtful touches like a Nespresso machine, Wi-Fi in the private living area, and convenient kitchen facilities.

In the winter, STAY embraced me with a cosy atmosphere, thanks to communal fireplaces. As I visited in the summer, the expansive outdoor areas became my go-to for savouring the region’s delightful wines and cheeses. This experience made my stay unforgettable.

The sophisticated charm, Bellagio beds, and serene garden setting made my stay memorable.


A serene atmosphere for relaxation

Personalized breakfast for every guest

Ideal for longer stays

Proximity to town and beaches


Only one car park per suite

A bit far from the airport

Top 12 Coolest Hotels In Pisa

In the table below, we have compared the top 12 cool and unique hotels in Pisa. You can sort them based on factors such as price per night, distance to attractions and restaurants nearby:

Hotel NameLocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
QT Queenstown30 Brunswick Street$223-$282No20.02
Kamana Lakehouse139 Fernhill Road$217-$402Yes1.82
The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels4 Sydney Street$207-$252Yes19.02
Ora Retreat26 Arawata Terrace,$294Yes2.82
Hulbert House Luxury Boutique Lodge Queenstown68 Ballarat Street$753-$903No2.01
The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments 377 Frankton Road$250-$1,289No17.01
Azur Lodge23 Mackinnon Tce$947Yes2.42
The Dairy Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels21 Brecon St$212-$352No19.02
Lanah Residence8 Old Homestead Place 3 suites$1552-$1,906Yes13.01
Koura Apartments Central Queenstown32 Gorge Road$323No19.01
mi-pad Queenstown4 Henry Street Queenstown$162-$193No19.01
Stay of Queenstown89 Frankton Road$713No18.02


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