Top 12 Cool And Unique Hotels In Verona 2023

Love is forever in the air in Verona, a city steeped in history and romance. Best known for its role in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the city attracts a multinational flock of tourists to its pretty piazzas and maze-like lanes.

Beyond its Renaissance-style charm, Verona is a bustling metropolis, its core dominated by a mammoth, remarkably well-preserved 1st-century amphitheater. Throw in countless churches, awe-inspiring bridges, sumptuous food and wine, and impressive art, and the city shapes up as one of Italy’s most eclectic gems.

Brimming with timeless beauty, Verona’s hotels radiate romance and well-being and range from gorgeous townhouse boutiques to mansions that mix modern with the traditional. Here are my favorite cool and unique hotels in Verona, Italy (in no particular order).

V1 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Instagrammable Decor
Hotel Indigo Verona
  • +39 045 595600
  • Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel Des Arts, an IHG Hotel
V2 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Spa and Wellness Services
Hotel Milano & SPA***S
V3 l Global Grasshopper – travel inspiration for the road less travelled
Best For Romantic Getaway
Hotel Gabbia D
Best For Instagrammable Decor

Hotel Indigo Verona

Hotel-Indigo-Verona-Grand-Hotel-Des-Arts-an-IHG-Hotel-a-contemporary-and-trendy-hotel-with-Insta-worthy-features-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-960x500_c Hotel-Indigo-Verona-Grand-Hotel-Des-Arts-an-IHG-Hotel-a-contemporary-and-trendy-hotel-with-Insta-worthy-features-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-1-960x500_c Hotel-Indigo-Verona-Grand-Hotel-Des-Arts-an-IHG-Hotel-a-contemporary-and-trendy-hotel-with-Insta-worthy-features-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-2-960x500_c Hotel-Indigo-Verona-Grand-Hotel-Des-Arts-an-IHG-Hotel-a-contemporary-and-trendy-hotel-with-Insta-worthy-features-perfect-for-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-3-960x500_c

I love this culturally significant property. Everywhere you look, there are sculptures, oil paintings, and showcases of modern art that make the hotel stand out in the area.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the impeccable service and impressive design. The standard rooms exuded a sophisticated atmosphere with large antique mirrors, chandeliers, and plush sofas. Daily offerings of fresh tea, coffee, and cakes added a delightful touch.

Staying in the tastefully decorated rooms was a pleasure, with neutral tones creating a soothing ambiance. The L’Occitane toiletries in the bathrooms were a lovely touch. Our room offered exquisite views of the hotel’s landscaped garden, while others overlooked Corso Porta Nuova, one of the city’s bustling main streets.


Sophisticated atmosphere

Romantic and chic

Insta-worthy features

Scenic Views of landscaped garden and Corso Porta Nuova


Limited on-site activities

Can get booked up

Best For Spa and Wellness Services

Hotel Milano & SPA***S

Hotel-Milano-SPAS-a-modern-upscale-and-sleek-hotel-ideal-for-a-relaxing-and-rejuvenating-stay-2-960x500_c Hotel-Milano-SPAS-a-modern-upscale-and-sleek-hotel-ideal-for-a-relaxing-and-rejuvenating-stay-1-960x500_c Hotel-Milano-SPAS-a-modern-upscale-and-sleek-hotel-ideal-for-a-relaxing-and-rejuvenating-stay-960x500_c

Hotel Milano & Spa quickly became one of my favorite places in Verona, thanks to its central location that allowed me to immerse myself in the city’s cultural treasures. The entire property exuded elegance with its sophisticated color palette, and the boho-chic ambiance of the interior décor resonated with my taste.

While visiting, the Terrace Arena Sky Lounge Bar & Restaurant became a cherished spot for my partner and me. The view from there was indescribable, providing us with endless moments of romance. We indulged in delightful aperitifs and classy wines, all while gazing at the illuminated architectural majesty of the city throughout the night.

I made sure to experience the exclusive on-site spa. It offered a range of amenities, including a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, an ice waterfall, and an invigorating experience shower.


Central Location

Insta Worthy views of the city

On-Site spa

Romantic ambiance


Possible noise

Limited activities on the premises

Best For Romantic Getaway

Hotel Gabbia D'Oro

Hotel-Gabbia-DOro-an-upscale-unique-and-elegant-accommodation-located-in-the-beautiful-square-Piazza-delle-Erbe-2-960x500_c Hotel-Gabbia-DOro-an-upscale-unique-and-elegant-accommodation-located-in-the-beautiful-square-Piazza-delle-Erbe-960x500_c Hotel-Gabbia-DOro-an-upscale-unique-and-elegant-accommodation-located-in-the-beautiful-square-Piazza-delle-Erbe-1-960x500_c

Nestled on the corner of Verona’s enchanting Piazza delle Erbe, this hotel quickly became one of my favorite places. Housed in a majestic 18th-century building, the authenticity of the wooden ceilings, frescoes, and antique paintings captured my heart.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the dedication to preserving its historic charm. Every step within the property felt like a journey back in time.

The guestrooms, adorned with oriental carpets, opulent fabrics, and vintage furnishings, exuded an air of elegance and sophistication that I love. The daily breakfast buffet was a delightful experience, adding to the overall charm.


Housed in an 18th-century building

Commitment to preserving its traditional features

Hotel's prime location in Piazza delle Erbe

Attractive and distinctive ambiance


Possible parking challenges

Noise levels due to the location

Best For Boutique Accommodations

Boutique Hotel Trieste

Boutique-Hotel-Trieste-an-Instagrammable-hip-fun-and-quirky-accommodation-perfect-for-partying-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-960x500_c Boutique-Hotel-Trieste-an-Instagrammable-hip-fun-and-quirky-accommodation-perfect-for-partying-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-3-960x500_c Boutique-Hotel-Trieste-an-Instagrammable-hip-fun-and-quirky-accommodation-perfect-for-partying-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-4-960x500_c Boutique-Hotel-Trieste-an-Instagrammable-hip-fun-and-quirky-accommodation-perfect-for-partying-Millennials-and-Gen-Zs-2-960x500_c

This boutique hotel is truly one of my favorite places, reigniting my passion for urban discovery with its charming colors, sculptures, and artwork reflecting the city’s cultural roots.

With 21 stylishly designed rooms, each uniquely decorated and featuring a balcony or terrace, modern amenities, and refreshing visuals, my stay was nothing short of delightful.

Entering the lobby felt like stepping into a glamorous living room, instantly putting me at ease. It was the perfect space for working, relaxing, and socializing.

Yet, my ultimate favorite spot was the exclusive Rooftop and Bar. What started as a relaxing space transformed into a vibrant hub of entertainment by night.





and artwork reflect the city's cultural roots

Exclusive Rooftop and Bar

Fun and quirky place


Some noise

Compact Parking

Best For Luxury

Vista Palazzo

Vista-Palazzo-a-contemporary-trendy-and-creative-boutique-hotel-located-in-the-heart-of-Verona-2-960x500_c Vista-Palazzo-a-contemporary-trendy-and-creative-boutique-hotel-located-in-the-heart-of-Verona-1-960x500_c Vista-Palazzo-a-contemporary-trendy-and-creative-boutique-hotel-located-in-the-heart-of-Verona-960x500_c

Immersed in timeless Veneto style, Vista Palazzo quickly became one of my favorite places, seamlessly blending art, music, and design to craft a luxurious experience. While visiting, I couldn’t get enough of the cozy, old-fashioned library room.

The guestrooms themselves are captivating storytellers, harmonizing the luxury of the building’s heritage with contemporary comforts, creating a perfect blend of well-being and elegance. During my stay, I tried the on-site restaurant, which radiates a creative flair and boasts an exciting experimentation with the finest local produce paired with an impressive collection of Italy’s best wines.

The pinnacle of my experience was the 360-degree view from the Infinity Bar on the rooftop terrace. I love this spot!


Trendy and Romantic

Spa and wellness facilities

Cosy Library room

Infinity Bar on the rooftop terrace offers a 360-degree view


Not ideal for budget-conscious travelers

Potential noise

Best For Great Location

NH Collection Palazzo Verona

NH-Collection-Palazzo-Verona-an-elegant-5-star-and-sleek-hotel-steps-away-from-local-popular-attractions--960x500_c NH-Collection-Palazzo-Verona-an-elegant-5-star-and-sleek-hotel-steps-away-from-local-popular-attractions-1-960x500_c NH-Collection-Palazzo-Verona-an-elegant-5-star-and-sleek-hotel-steps-away-from-local-popular-attractions-2-960x500_c

Staying at this 5-star luxury hotel was a dream come true for me. Located just a stroll away from Verona’s cultural gems, it quickly became one of my favorite places. The 14th-century building’s heritage was impeccably preserved, blending seamlessly with modern comforts like state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious fabrics.

Choosing one of the opulent suites with breathtaking views of the city’s twinkling rooftops heightened my experience, especially during the enchanting nights.

Each morning, my day began serenely with a generous buffet breakfast. The evenings unfolded in the hotel’s lavish restaurant, where I indulged in local and national dishes in a charming, traditional setting.


Close to local attractions - 500 meters from Juliet's House

Housed in a 14th-century building

The hotel's restaurant offers both national and local cuisine.

Elegant and Stylish


Can get booked up

Some noise could be a disturbance

Best For Scenic Views

San Leonardo Suites

San-Leonardo-Suites-a-cool-hip-and-bright-accommodation-offering-bike-hire-for-guests-to-explore-around-the-area-2-960x500_c San-Leonardo-Suites-a-cool-hip-and-bright-accommodation-offering-bike-hire-for-guests-to-explore-around-the-area-960x500_c San-Leonardo-Suites-a-cool-hip-and-bright-accommodation-offering-bike-hire-for-guests-to-explore-around-the-area-1-960x500_c

Nestled just 900 meters from Piazza delle Erbe, San Leonardo Suites became one of my favorite places in Verona. It’s situated in the city’s most prestigious residential area, offering a truly upscale experience.

Upon entering this recently unveiled gem, I was captivated by the allure of designer furnishings that define a modern, minimalist atmosphere. The interiors boast a harmonious blend of glass, wood, and vibrant splashes of color, creating a chic and contemporary ambiance.

What I love about the suites is the thoughtful incorporation of nature. Potted plants adorn the space, especially around the seating areas, infusing a sense of modern hipness. The entire property is a testament to elegant boutique décor, featuring intimate lounging rooms and expansive windows.


Located in one of the most prestigious residential areas of Verona

Modern and Minimalist Design

Stunning City Views

Rental bike services to explore the area


Limited On-Site Amenities

Noisy neighborhood

Best For Rooftop Terrace

Hotel Firenze

Hotel-Firenze-a-vibrant-quirky-and-cool-accommodation-boutique-accommodation-where-guests-can-bring-along-their-furry-friends-to-enjoy-a-great-vacation-1-960x500_c Hotel-Firenze-a-vibrant-quirky-and-cool-accommodation-boutique-accommodation-where-guests-can-bring-along-their-furry-friends-to-enjoy-a-great-vacation-960x500_c

Nestled in the heart of Verona, Hotel Firenze became one of my favorite places, surrounded by the city’s enchanting landmarks. I marveled at the meticulous attention to detail in the accommodations. The furnishings exuded elegance, sophistication, and sheer luxury. My room features bespoke wall art, handcrafted carpets, and glamorous seating areas.

One of the highlights was the hydromassage tub in my room, offering blissful moments of wellness. I love this touch of indulgence that added to the overall charm of my stay.

Every morning, I experienced a delightful start to my day with a sumptuous breakfast. The spread included homemade pastries, cakes, and brioches, complemented by various savory options.


Central Location and rooftop terrace

Bespoke wall art

handcrafted carpets

and glamorous seating areas

Presence of a Hydromassage tub

Blends a luxury stay with an urban retreat


Few on-site facilities

Hotel interior might not be to every guest's liking

Best For City Centre Location

Corte Realdi Verona

Corte-Realdi-Verona-a-unique-bright-and-modern-accommodation-providing-a-traditional-Italian-breakfast-each-morning-2-960x500_c Corte-Realdi-Verona-a-unique-bright-and-modern-accommodation-providing-a-traditional-Italian-breakfast-each-morning-1-960x500_c Corte-Realdi-Verona-a-unique-bright-and-modern-accommodation-providing-a-traditional-Italian-breakfast-each-morning-960x500_c

I absolutely adore Corte Realdi in the heart of Verona—it’s become one of my favorite places. Stepping into this beautiful fusion of Renaissance and modern Italian design was like entering a realm of true luxury. The corridors and communal spaces, adorned with traditional tapestries and vibrant decor, exude a unique charm that I instantly fell in love with.

Corte Realdi offers the epitome of a five-star experience, yet it feels as cozy and private as your own apartment. And let me tell you, waking up to the enchanting city views from my private balcony each morning was a highlight of my stay.


Historic Building with Modern Design

Authentic Italian luxury and leisure.

Traditional Decor with tapestries and colorful decorative objects

Home like feeling


Possible noise levels

Limited On-Site Dining

B est For Four poster beds

Residenza Bonifacio

Residenza-Bonifacio-Adults-Only-an-intimate-historic-and-rustic-chic-accommodation-perfect-for-a-couples-romantic-getaway-1-960x500_c Residenza-Bonifacio-Adults-Only-an-intimate-historic-and-rustic-chic-accommodation-perfect-for-a-couples-romantic-getaway-960x500_c

Residenza Bonifacio in Verona is genuinely one of my favorite places. While staying there, I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the hidden beauties of this metropolis. The elegance of the rooms served as a captivating prelude to the city’s rich historical and cultural offerings.

Choosing the Romeo room was a delightful decision. From its plush bed to the lavish living area, every detail exuded comfort. The modern bathroom was a perfect touch.

The recent head-to-toe revamp beautifully showcased the 16th-century wooden beamed ceilings, adding a touch of history to the contemporary decor. It felt like experiencing the city’s charm right from the heart of Verona. For those seeking a more romantic ambiance, the Juliet room, with its intimate atmosphere, is also available for booking.


C entral Location

Historic Charm

Ideal for a romantic getaway for couples

Home like feeling and some rooms have four poster beds


L imited On-Site Amenities

Possible noise levels

Best For Unique Stay

Relais Balcone di Giulietta

Relais-Balcone-di-Giulietta-a-stylish-chic-and-charming-accommodation-located-in-the-heart-of-Verona-2-960x500_c Relais-Balcone-di-Giulietta-a-stylish-chic-and-charming-accommodation-located-in-the-heart-of-Verona-1-960x500_c Relais-Balcone-di-Giulietta-a-stylish-chic-and-charming-accommodation-located-in-the-heart-of-Verona-960x500_c

Relais Balcone di Giulietta quickly became one of my favorite places. Staying here, I found it to be the perfect launchpad for my city exploration. Almost every landmark was within walking distance, making it convenient for a fast-paced adventure.

The 16 rooms were a true delight, elegantly furnished with a blend of 17th-century frescoes, designer pieces, and handcrafted furnishings. The backdrop to this sophistication was none other than Juliet’s balcony, offering an unparalleled view.

The supreme location of the hotel allowed me to leisurely wander through the surrounding streets. It was during these strolls that I stumbled upon local restaurants, treating myself to mouth-watering dishes. The experience was not just about the accommodation but also about immersing myself in the charm of the city.


Prime Location in heart of Verona

The hotel is located in a courtyard with views of Juliet and Romeo's renowned balcony

Historic Atmosphere

Elegant furnishing


Parking challenges

Crowded tourist area

B est For Budget-friendly Accommodation

Musicisti House


While visiting Verona, I stayed at a charming bed-and-breakfast nestled in a leafy residential area, just a short stroll from Osteria Sottocosta Plaza. This became one of my favorite places, immersing me in the cultural panache of Verona.

The hotel, with its blend of traditional elements and modern hues, told a unique story in each room. I absolutely loved the graceful decorative objects scattered around, including musical instruments and boutique decor. It felt like a personal touch to the whole experience.

My room had a minibar, fridge, tea, and coffee-making facilities and a flat-screen HDTV with satellite channels. Surrounded by greenery, I experienced a delightful sense of detachment from the hustle and bustle of city life.


S ituated in a peaceful and tranquil environment

Easy access to local attractions

Presence of graceful decorative objects

Greenery Surroundings


Potential noise levels

Limited on-site activities

Cool and Chic Hotels in Verona Compared 

Here are the top 12 cool and unique hotels in Verona, which you can easily sort by a range of criteria, including price range, amenities, proximity to activities, and nearby dining choices:

Hotel NameLocationPrice Range (per night)Fitness FacilitiesDistance to Attractions (km)Nearby Restaurants
Hotel Indigo VeronaCorso Porta Nuova 105$524-$571No1.13
Hotel Milano & SPA***SVicolo Tre Marchetti 11$791-$1922No0.53
Hotel Gabbia D'OroCorso Porta Borsari 4$870-$886No0.63
Boutique Hotel TriesteCorso Porta Nuova 57$458-$480No0.952
Vista Palazzo3 Corticella Leoni$2983Yes0.73
NH Collection Palazzo VeronaVia Adua 6$684-$710No0.51
San Leonardo Suites2 Via San Leonardo$582-$685No1.02
Hotel FirenzeCorso Porta Nuova 88$292No1.33
Corte Realdi Verona35 Via Roma Primo Piano$204-$221No0.82
Residenza BonifacioVicolo Samaritana 14$149-$151No0.752
Relais Balcone di GiuliettaVia Cappello 23 - Cortile di Giulietta$336-$708No0.72
Musicisti HouseVia Giovanni da Palestrina 22,$48-$61No2.02

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