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reasons to visit in the Seychelles

8 reasons to fall in love with Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are a true tropical paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is already a perfect reason to run away from your daily routine and let yourself loose in the sunshine. Just you, maybe your partner and the ocean – it is an ideal combination for a relaxing ambiance and unforgettable memories. However, to whet the appetite even more here are 8 reasons to ensure Seychelles is on the bucket list…

White sandy beaches and azure ocean

Beautiful white sandy beach on Seychelles

Famous to Seychelles the beaches cover the majority of coastline of all the Islands archipelago. Ranging from absolute tranquillity to absolutely wild, there is a beach tailored for your needs however all of them are perfect for the secluded relaxation. Some beaches are great for swimming, others for water sports. Like Beau Vallon Beach, the main Seychelles beach offers all the possible water activities: swimming, snorkelling, diving, surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing and water ski. Take long beautiful walks anytime along the white beaches, collecting shells, listening to the gentle whispers of the waves rippling along the sand and viewing the mountainous landscapes. Scattered along these beaches giant granite boulders protrude complementing an awe-inspiring scenery, with beauty coloured by the mighty ocean element. Just imagine the photos you can take reminding you of Seychelles for many years.

Warm tropical climate

Palm trees on the Seychelles

The climate in Seychelles is perfect for sun worshippers and beach lovers. The archipelago is located 4 degrees South of the Equator providing one long year-round season. A constant sunrise around 06.30am and sunset around 6.30pm hat you can set your watch too, 12 hours of glorious tanning possibilities. Seychelles weather is warm and sunny all year with the average temperature of 27С and water temperature at least 24С.

The best romantic destination with a friendly atmosphere

Beautiful sunset on a Seychelles beach

Island paradise setting, sparkling waters of the warm ocean, total bliss and peace, just you and you’re beloved. Searching for romance, lovers embark on a journey to tranquil islands and often choose Seychelles. It is quiet and secluded here even during the peak tourist season; only the sound of the ocean breaking the silence. Many tourists dine out at the cosy restaurants and beach cafes in the evenings being served a romantic dinner for two with gratitude and love. Seychellois live in the atmosphere of friendliness and affability: they are always in a good mood and greet you with a smile. We can learn from them to take it slow, be cheerful and happy.

Authentic cuisine

Coconuts Seychelles

Creole cuisine is a compelling argument in favour of Seychelles holidays. It is known worldwide for a variety of dishes and authentic flavours, so it will definitely find a response in your heart. Vegetable and exotic culinary delights in the local restaurants and cafes are just as popular as seafood. Along with trululu crabs, tec-tec shells and octopus curry the list of the favourite tourists’ meals includes jambalaya, tuna with rice and fragrant spices, chicken in coconut milk, fresh fruits and other Seychelles delicacies. You`ll find a decent variety of restaurants in the hotels on Mahe Island. We recommend attention be given to Grand Savoy Restaurant offering a tasting menu of Creole and International cuisine. Tuscan salad with fried chicken and crispy bacon, creole seafood soup, vegetable curry, beef tenderloin steak with mashed pumpkin… You won`t be able to stop eating and savouring!

Lots of opportunities for active holidays

Diving in the Seychelles

You won`t have time to be bored in Seychelles. You will be charmed with the rare beauty of the landscapes, endemic flora and fauna, islands history, art collections, Creole architecture and many other national country features and local colour. In the craft village on Mahe island, you`ll have a chance to watch the process of creating works of art and to buy some souvenirs such as handmade jewellery, batik clothing, all kinds of coconut items and even wooden sailboats. Be sure to visit the coconut plantation on La Digue Island, Morne Seychelles National Park on Mahe Island, Vallee de Mai National Reserve on Praslin Island and Victoria; the capital city of the country, considered to be the smallest city in the world. Then you can genuinely realise verity, charm and beauty of Seychelles paradise.


Diving on the Seychelles

The vibrant and colourful underwater world of the Seychelles Islands attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the world. The most distinguished deep-water explorers admit that the Indian Ocean won their hearts forever. And it could hardly be anything else! The rare beauty of Seychelles underwater world with its coral reefs, exotic fish species and marine turtles makes a fantastic impression. The annual SUBIOS festa is the best proof of this. At the festival, movies and photos taken from below the Indian Ocean are shown and displayed throughout the week highlighting the wonders of our Ocean and importance of it.

Diverse flora and fauna

Diverse flora and fauna on the Seychelles

Unique flora and fauna of Seychelles islands cover more than 50% of the countries area and recognised as a protected reserve zone. 70 plant species are found nowhere else on Earth. Unlike other palm tree species, the male and female flowers are born on separate trees. Only here will you find the Coco-de-Mer. The nut from the female tree is reminiscent of a woman’s posterior. It grows to half a meter in diameter and weighs up to 20 kg. The male’s stamen resembles well…. your imagination can do the rest. You will be impressed by Meduzagyne with only 4 trees left on the planet, the insect-eating carnivorous plants, the spice gardens and almost 4000 more Seychelles flora endemics, that grow on Praslin island in the 20 hectare Vallée de Mai Forest. The forest is protected by UNESCO.

Fauna of the island is also specific and varied. There`s no predators or toxic insects but there are many birds. They amaze with its colours and different birdsongs. About a million of multicoloured birds annually come to Seychelles for nesting. Many kinds of birds can only be seen in Seychelles: blue pigeons, paradise flycatcher, Seychelles turtledove, bulbul nightingale, black parrot and many other exotic feathered friends. By the way, according to local folklore meeting, black parrot brings happiness. So, keep your eyes open!

And then there are the famous Giant Tortoises. These giant reptiles live on all the Seychelles Islands outnumbering the inhabitants by 2:1 with over 150 000 slowly roaming around. It’s hard to imagine, but they are gentle like puppies and enjoy being given a pat behind the ears. The giant tortoises grow up to 1,2 meters in length and weigh 100 kilograms as a minimum, so no match to a grown person.

Luxury spa vacation

Luxury spa vacation Seychelles

Spa experience complements luxury holidays in Seychelles. Every Seychelles hotel offers body and beauty treatments: wrapping, pilling, massage and many others. But treatments and massages may not be enough to feel the real effect of rejuvenation and beauty. Try hammam with ice fountain, take a steam in a Russian banya, choose contrasting showers with aroma oils or enjoy a swimming pool with hydromassage or Jacuzzi – thus a combined spa effect will help you to feel 10 years younger. Such facilities allowing total relaxation and achieving inner harmony are presented at luxury hotels, for example in Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa. Modern, comfortable and reputed, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Distinguishing feature of the hotel`s spa concept – contiguity of high-quality services and specific atmosphere of peace and calm. Words cannot describe the journey to Savoy Spa, but we assure you: you`ll feel like devoting to it more than a day!

And yet the most pleasant thing in Seychelles – impressions that make the travellers come back over and over again. We wish you to make your own amazing discoveries on Seychelles island and to fill your life with bright and vivid impressions!

Ever since he was knee-high to a grasshopper Michael has always been a sucker for an adventure. As a kid he was lucky enough to live for many years in a handful of exotic far flung locations including Hong Kong, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania and since then he’s developed a taste for seeking out new cultures. So much in fact he now travels the world as a trading digital nomad, exploring sizzling street markets in Bangkok to random back alleys in Sri Lanka and everything in between! He also has a special fondness for Cohibas, street food, playing carrom, and fine wine and knows his clarets from his chiantis. He counts Cuba, Amsterdam, Laos, Cambodia and Italy as his favourite destinations.


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