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5 awesome adventures to have in Goa (besides the beach parties)

Goa activities

The state of Goa, South West India is a popular destination for many due to its exotic cuisine, beautiful beaches and UNESCO historic sites. Many refer to Goa as a tropical paradise and when you’re here enjoying the warm temperatures, clear turquoise water, and palm trees you’ll also probably agree. If you are tired of just hanging around sunbathing (or the beach parties), then here are five things to do in Goa which are perfect for the more inquisitive traveller…

Go parasailing on Baga beach

Parasailing Goa

Baga Beach in northern Goa was at the centre of the tourism boom during the halcyon hippie days of the 60’s and 70’s. Trading flower children for thrill seekers it is now one of the most popular beach resorts in the country. Although many water sports are on offer parasailing in Goa is by far the most exciting activity on offer! Take in the beautiful views and feel the wind in your hair as you soar high above a boat attached to a giant parasailing wing. Trained instructors take tourists out multiple times each day, activity usually lasts an hour and includes the instructor, safety jacket and equipment.

Visit a temple

Shri Shantadurga

Replace thrills with chills by meandering around one of Goa’s many temples. We recommend Shri Shantadurga which is set among the emerald foothills of Kavalem Village in Panda Taluka. The temple honours Shree Durga, goddess of peace, who mediated between Vishnu and Shiva to prevent a fierce war exploding. The tranquil whereabouts of the temple are perfect for calming a restless mind and the mesmerizing Indo-Portugeuse architecture will not fail to impress the history buffs among you.

Go on a food tour

Goa food market

Scintillate the taste buds by booking India Food Tour and take the opportunity to try some of Goa’s famous cuisine. An eclectic mix of Portuguese and Indian, Goan food is spicy and delicious with lots of tasty sea food incorporated into dishes. You can’t go to Goa and not try a Goan fish curry and a food tour will ensure you get to sample only the best examples of the local grub.

Hike Arambol Mountain

Arambol Mountain

Get your walking shoes on and prepare for spectacular panoramic views as you hike up this beautiful, peaceful mountain by the northernmost of Goa’s beach resorts. Nature lovers will enjoy the lush greenery, coconut groves and captivating horizon and the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. Close by there is a sweet lake, a freshwater lagoon fed from hot springs within the jungle, and it’s an excellent place to spot an eagle. If you’re after a spiritual epiphany, then this is the place for you!

Go on a romantic Mandovi River sunset cruise

Mandovi River Sunset Cruise

To add a bit of romance to your trip we recommend taking an hour long sunset cruise down the Mandovi river. Soak up the atmosphere accompanied by a live band playing traditional Goan folk songs, you can even have a go at the local dancing! For a longer trip try one of the twice weekly dinner cruises or the day long backwater cruise which transports you down the Mandovi into old Goa, pausing for lunch at a spice plantation and taking in some beautiful islands on the return route.

All you have to do now is to book that flight!


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