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Bali Rice Terrace Horizontal

The beauty of Bali, above and below the waves

More of a state of mind than a place, the most popular Indonesian island conjures instant thoughts of a tropical paradise with a soft spiritual soul and a healthy dose of mysticism thrown in for good measure. Bali tops many a traveler’s bucket list and has been drawing the visitors for decades, our guest bloggers the very talented Jeff and Katy Foster from Nomads Expeditions – who have had work published in the National Geographic – showcase their beautiful Bali photography both above and below the waves…

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Indonesia, Bali is perhaps most well known among travelers for its world-class surf, booming nightlife scene, and endless colorful stalls of kitschy souvenirs. The island offers a cheap date for Australians looking for an exotic tropical vacation within a relatively short flight from home, and provides travelers from more distant reaches of the globe a gateway into the vast and diverse archipelago of Indonesia. Yet behind the lively and vibrant tourist hotspot that many people think of when they hear the word Bali, lies an island with a calm and tranquillity that can be hard to capture with words.

Bali rice fields

Bali Fruit Market

Bali birdlife farm

Bali lilypad

Bali village

Beautiful rice fields in Bali

Pretty fields in Bali

Bali statue


Bali unique architecture

Bali has a culture unique amongst the Indonesian islands, and hosts sights, sounds, and tastes all it’s own. Over 80% of the islands population identifies religiously as Balinese Hindu, the influence of which can be found in the islands many temples, music, and arts. Mornings on Bali are filled with calm rhythmic chanting sounds emanating from the temples and the soft smell of incense wafting up from carefully crafted daily offerings. Balinese cuisine delights the palate with complex spice combinations complementing a range of fresh cooked meats and vegetables, the ingredients of which are selected daily from bustling morning markets. The exciting flavours and calming sounds leave a lasting impression, however it’s the sincere friendliness of the Balinese people that defines the island in the hearts and minds of travellers.

Bali diving photography

Bali diving photography

Bali diving photography

Bali diving photography

Bali diving photography coral

Bali diving photography fish

Bali diving photography sea creature

Bali diving photography scary fish

Although Bali is undisputedly aesthetic topside, much of the islands beauty lies below the waves. Part of the Coral Triangle (an area famed for its extraordinarily high marine biodiversity), the waters surrounding Bali are home to a rich array of marine life. From pygmy seahorses to manta rays, Bali is a worthy dive destination for those seeking macro and megafauna alike. Affordable training in scuba diving is easy to find along the southern and eastern coasts, and you can even attend a freediving school if you are looking to escape the bubbles.

With a wealth of art, culture, interesting food, ocean adventures, some incredible hotels to stay at and places to go for afternoon tea in Bali (yes really!) above, on and below the waves, this unique and wonderful Asian country has no shortage of ways to stimulate the senses. Of course, if all you are looking for is simply a beautiful white sandy beach with palm trees…Bali has that too…We also have a post on the most beautiful places to visit in Bali.

All words and images by our guest bloggers Jeff and Katy Foster from Nomads ExpeditionsAn adventure blog, started by two marine biologists and photographers, they specialize in documenting remote places far off the beaten path, such as the jungles of Papua. Nomads Expeditions also strives to share information and images from more well known and loved stops along the way.


  • Marchus Shane

    2 August, 2019 at 7:33 am

    The pictures look so amazing. Bali is one of my dream destination that I am one day surely going to travel. This place has been fascinating more and the number of tourists in a year. One day I am going to visit this place for sure.


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