Top 15 of the Best Tours in The Bahamas 2023

The beautiful Caribbean paradise and vacation destination is filled with gorgeous spots waiting to be explored as well as some awesome activities.

To really make the most of this beautiful and sought-after country head out on one of the many great tours on offer. From the super cute famous swimming pigs to delicious food trips, here are the most awesome tours in The Bahamas…

1. Exuma Swimming Pigs, Sharks and More – one of the most popular activities in The Bahamas

Pig Beach Exuma Pig Beach Exuma

Setting out from gorgeous Nassau, take a look at the broad range of wild animals that make the Bahamas their home. With seven stops to visit and plenty of wildlife to indulge in, there’s something here for practically everyone.

The whole tour takes around seven hours to do, and you’ll see a lot of local wildlife. You can even feed and pet some of the animals with the appropriate supervision.

A very popular tour and with good reason! 

2. One Hour Jet Ski Adventure – a fun activity in The Bahamas

Jet Skiing Bahamas

If you’re a big fan of the idea of jet skiing then this is definitely for you.

There are so many unique ideas and ways to do things on offer that you would be mad not to try out some interesting new experience like taking a jet ski experience.

You can ride with a partner and the whole experience is about an hour. It’s not too difficult to get the hang of and you can stay in safe waters if you want to. It’s super flexible with free cancellation, and you can enjoy some amazing views in the process.

3. Pearl Island Beach – Full-day Snorkelling with Lunch

Pearl Island Beach Snorkeling Tour Bahamas

If you like the idea of the beach and want to check out some of the more amazing and highly appealing areas, then you’re welcome to take a look at all of the unique and wonderful options which exist.

Snorkeling is a great activity which promises quite a lot of different experiences. It’s quite easy to get involved with, and you will know that you’ll be able to see quite a lot of marine life, amazing underwater views, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Plus, you can have a full private day tour, so if you’re not big on sharing, you don’t have to worry

4. Full-Day Beach Excursion to Sandy Toes, Rose Island 

Rose island Bahamas

 If the idea of a beautiful beach trip that you don’t have to share with anybody else sounds appealing, then this is definitely a good tour for you.

Take a trip to Rose Island, and experience the amazing depth of nature and beauty that exists out there.

Relax, go exploring, play in the ocean, you’ve got plenty of different options for entertainment. Plus, there is no one there to disturb you, so you’re free to spend time on your own or with some loved ones.

5. All-Terrain Vehicle Rental in Nassau – a fun day trip in The Bahamas

ATV Rentals in Nassau

If you like the idea of being able to explore the island in speed and style, then a Kawasaki 300cc all-terrain vehicle rental is probably the best idea for you.

These vehicles can accommodate both one person and one passenger, so you can take a friend and go blasting around the islands.

Having your own vehicle for the day means that you are free to explore any particular avenue of interest. If you want to look for all the forgotten parts of the island where nature is king, then you can do that, or you can just cruise around at your leisure seeing what the many different attractions have to offer.

6. Bahamas Jet Boat Experience – a unique excursion in The Bahamas

1 Hour Jet Boat Experience

If you’re looking for a fun and unique experience, you should check out the 1-hour jet boat offering. It’s a great way for people to check out all of the unique pleasures of the Bahamas, and they can do so at their discretion.

It’s fun for the whole family and has no real limits on it as such, so you’re free to experience a great way to do things at your own leisure.

Plus, you’ll get live facts and unique bits of information whilst you’re on board.

7. Nassau Catamaran Sail & Eco-Snorkel at Sea Garden

Catamaran Sailing Tour Caribbean

If you want a relaxing sail across the waters of the Bahamas, this is for you. There is definitely a lot to appreciate here, but the relaxation factor is probably the most appealing draw of the entire experience.

For 3 1/2 hours, you are free to just kick back and relax, or even try your hand at eco-snorkelling.

This will be your chance to visit the protected Sea Garden conservation area. It’s definitely a beautiful locale, and one which has all of the charms of the Bahamas right there waiting.

8. Parasail Over Cabbage Beach – a fun Bahamas tour

Parasailing Tour Bahamas

If the idea of a parasail is something which entertains you, then you should definitely check out this option on the list, because it’s one that is incredibly unique and caters to that specific niche.

You have the opportunity to parasail over the unique “cabbage patch” area of the Bahamas.

It’s a fun adventure for the whole family which really puts an emphasis on personalisation. You can start and finish whenever you want to, and you do it in a small group which guarantees a much more personal service. It’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget.

9. Bahama Bonanza Cultural Tour – a popular tour in The Bahamas

Rum Distillery Bahamas

Bahamas Cultural Tour

Fans of culture and connecting with their holiday environments definitely take a look at this tour. During this 2 1/2 hour period, you will be able to explore the full culture of the Bahamas, and see that there are lots of different things to appreciate and enjoy.

You will quickly discover that you have a lot of different locations and places to take a look at, which is really nice for anybody who is trying to find something unique to enjoy their time here.

There are so many different ways to do things, and plenty of magnificent options to experiment with.

10. Historic Downtown Nassau Bike Tour

Historic Downtown Nassau Bike Tour

If you’re a fan of biking and checking out the local area, then you should definitely take a look at this activity.

You get to pedal around the area with the help of an expert, who will point out all of the unique areasd characteristics that the holiday spot has.

You’ll definitely find yourself taking a look at some of the historical elements of the area, so it’s easy to soak up the culture and enjoy yourself. There really is a lot to enjoy here, so you should take a look at everything it’s on offer.

11. Sandy Toes Helicopter Tour, Nassau

Helicopter Tour Bahamas

If you really want to see the island and all of its glory, then you should definitely take a helicopter tour.

This is an incredible way to see as much as you possibly can from a viewpoint that you would never be able to access otherwise.

The views are amazing, you can go out with your family, and there will be a tour guide who can talk you through everything that you see. This is definitely the best way to check out everything that’s on offer here in the Bahamas.

12. Island Food Tour, Nassau

Bahamas Food Tour

Checking out the island often means exploring all aspects of its culture. so, for example, there are island food tours that you should definitely be taking a look at if you want to see how culture has directly influenced the cuisine of the area.

There is definitely an authentic taste of the area to be explored here, and you will see a lot of unique ways to appreciate the food that’s on offer in the Bahamas.

It’s highly recommended that you stop and try everything, because there are so many different options, just make sure that you outline any allergies you have beforehand.

13. Buggy Ride and Beach Tour with Lunch, Nassa

Beach Buggy Tour Bahamas

If you wanna check out all of the beaches and get a chance to ride something incredible, then you should definitely go for the buggy ride and beach tour experience.

Take a few laps around the west end of the island and see exactly what’s available in terms of stunning scenery.

You’ll definitely encounter some absolutely stunning options, so it’s well worth checking out. Plus, as a final nice touch, lunch is also provided for you. So, not only do you get to take the tour, but you also get some authentic cuisine at the same time.

14. Glass Bottom Boat, Banana Boat and Snorkelling Tour, Nassau

Glass Bottom Boat Tour Bahamas

Getting the most out of your experience in the Bahamas will often involve seeing as much as possible. That’s why a glass-bottom boat experience would be one of the best places to check out a lot of the local wildlife and environment whilst being in the comfort of a boat.

When you factor and there’s also a banana boat experience and snorkelling to try out, you’ve definitely got a lot of options with this activity.

It’s great for connecting with the local environment on a deeper level, especially when you get a chance to dive in and take a look around.

15. Grand Bahama – Half Day Beginner Scuba Diving Program

Scuba Diving Tour Bahamas

In some respects, we have saved the best till last with the diving opportunities that are available.

You’ll get to know how to safely dive into the waters of the Bahamas, which will afford you a unique opportunity for exploring everything that is down there.

Not only will you be trained in safe diving protocol, but all equipment will be provided and the session will finish off with an open water dive so you can take a proper look at the world that makes the Bahamas such a tropical para

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