Top 15 Most Beautiful Beaches In Barbados

The famously beautiful Caribbean island is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, from idyllic white sandy bays to intriguing coves. Here are the best and most beautiful beaches to explore in Barbados…

Bottom Bay – one of the most famously beautiful beaches to explore in Barbados

Bottom Bay Barbados

This semi-private beach is ideal for those looking for palm trees and cliffside views. Although the actual beach is located at sea level, many travelers venture up to the cliff’s edge for a picturesque picnic spot to capture the epic views awarded from there.

Bottom Bay is an ideal beach for swimming, but it is recommended that you avoid sunbathing for too long as the tide can rush in remarkably quick here. Bottom Bay offers amazing photo opportunities and while perched high above the beach on its rocky cliffs, you can see some epic sunsets, possibly the best in all of Barbados on the right day.

Paradise Beach – a gorgeous beauty spot in Barbados

Paradise Beach Barbados

Upon the west side of Barbados, you will come to know Paradise Beach. This beach is known for being a tranquil location with a quiet facade perfect for couples looking for a calm place to relax.

Along Paradise Beach, you can experience a variety of activities from snorkeling, kayaking, and even horseback riding. The beach is an easy-to-walk location and maintains minimal population apart from the Cunard Paradise Hotel located directly on Paradise Beach, there are some beautiful Barbados Villas also located not too far away. 

Shark Hole Bay 

Shark Hole Bay Barbados

Sometimes, remarkably beautiful beaches are difficult to get to. This is the case with Shark Hole beach in Barbados. It is truly an adventure trekking to this beach, but all your efforts are rewarded with awestruck beauty and private settings.

Once you arrive at Shark Hole, you are greeted with coral cliffs and a beach seemingly dug out of the shoreline. This beach is among the biggest secrets in Barbados and you will likely have to rely on your own navigation skills to get there, but it is an adventure worth taking.

Dover Beach

Dover Beach Barbados

At Dover beach, you will find plenty of locals and tourists enjoying the sun. It is among the most popular beaches on Barbados and at Dover Beach you can enjoy your share of water activities such as boogie boarding and Hobie Cat Sailing.

Dover Beach can be great for families with smaller children as currents in this part of the beach are relatively mild and a lifeguard is on duty to help monitor for any potential problems. Dover Beach also offers a variety of snack stalls and shopping areas, so if you are looking for a popular location with a lot going for it, you will love Dover Beach.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach Barbados

Among the most popular beaches for locals is Miami Beach. Miami Beach offers the chance to enjoy the surf and sun in two ways. The west side is ideal for those with small children and sunbathers looking for calmer waters.

Those looking for a more aggressive beach experience tend to gravitate to the east end of Miami Beach, as waters are a lot more turbulent for a variety of water sports activities. Miami Beach is also called Enterprise Beach by locals, so do not be confused when they refer to this southern Barbados location by that name.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach Barbados

Famous beaches are found throughout Barbados, but at Crane Beach, a beach that is so beautiful, it made the top ten list on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. One look at this remarkable location will show you why so many people venture here to say, “I do.” Crane Beach features a jaw-droppingly beautiful cliff face where weddings are a common occurrence.

This location was originally a harbor, but be warned, beauty can be dangerous. The beach is famous for strong currents and waves, so those with small children might want to avoid this Crane Beach.

Harrismith Bay

Harrismith Bay Barbados

Just South of Bottom Bay, you will find Harrismith Beach. It is located on the eastern coastline of Barbados and is regarded as a narrow beach. Harrismith Bay is marked by Plantation ruins and a set of old steps leading from the structure to the beach.

Although you can take pictures of the outside of this plantation home, it is dangerous to enter as the structure is unstable. Harrismith Bay is a calmer location protected by the reef, so it is ideal for most beachgoers, but there is no lifeguard on duty at this location.

Foul Bay

Foul Bay Barbados

Popular beaches abound in Barbados, but the locals know where to go to escape from tourists and Foul Bay seems to be the local’s haven for weekends and holidays. Even when Foul Bay is crowded, it will not feel so, as the beach is remarkably wide and long.

Palm trees offer ample shade and cliffs lining the edge of the beach provide a great place to take pictures. Foul Beach is popular and certainly beautiful, but there is no lifeguard on duty here and any food you require will have to be brought in as food sales are unavailable at this location.

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay Barbados

You may think that a main harbor like Carlisle Bay would not be a beautiful location, but in Barbados, they have ensured that Carlisle Bay remains as picturesque as the rest of their illustrious beaches.

Here you will enjoy a main hub experience with the ability to get anything you want right on the coastline, but also, dotted throughout the bay, you can enjoy the view of catamarans and luxury yachts anchored offshore. The bay offers plenty of luxury resort experiences and calm waters ideal for everyone.

Queen Street Beach

Queen Street Beach barbados

Located at the top end of Barbados, Queen Street Beach is a calm and enjoyable place to take the family. It provides access to a variety of restaurants, bars, and boutiques right along the coastline and the calm, cool waters are very inviting to tourists. Queen Street Beach is a wide, expansive beach that offers an open-air place to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Strolling along the coast at Queen Street Beach is a beloved location for both locals and tourists alike. It is popular, but still among the most beautiful beaches in Barbados.

Holetown Beach

Holetown Beach Barbados

The city of Holetown is the backdrop of Holetown Beach. Among its most unique features is the boardwalk that stretches for the entire breadth of Holetown Beach. Sunbathers and swimmers alike enjoy the calm, picturesque waters of Holetown Beach and there is something for everyone here.

A variety of water sports are available here, so for those looking for a place to paddle around in a kayak or snorkel, Holetown Beach is the place to be. More exciting water sports such as water skiing and jet skiing are available here as well. Additionally, due to the location of Holetown Beach, a variety of restaurants and shopping boutiques are available for you to enjoy.

Accra Beach

Accra beach barbados

Accra Beach is an exciting and beautiful Barbados beach with something to offer everyone. At the southern end of Accra Beach, you will find a calmer environment as the rocks create a pooling effect and break up waves. The other part of Accra Beach offers large waves great for boogie boarding and surfing.

Along Accra Beach, you will also find a variety of colorful kiosks selling everything from food to clothing and everything between. You will never get bored at Accra Beach and will be able to find something for everyone in your group to enjoy.

Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach Barbados

At Rockley Beach, you will enjoy both a picturesque location and excitement at every turn. The waves here are very large, so it is not recommended to let small children freely play in the water without supervision. However, calmer waters are located at the southern portion of this beach.

Additionally, watersports are available such as windsurfing, body surfing, and Hobie Cat Rides. Along the banks of Rockley Beach, a variety of food and drink vendors along with shops to browse are available for your enjoyment. Rockley Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Barbados, but it is also among the most beautiful, so it has something to offer everyone.

Browne’s Beach

Best beaches in Barbados

If you are seeking both an exciting and beautiful beach location, Browne’s beach is the place for you. This beach features plenty of watersports and activities to keep everyone in your group busy and amenities are available everywhere here. Even if you want to bring your own food and fun, the beach provides a picnic area with tables available.

While swimming in Browne’s Beach, you will enjoy ultimately calm waters and a shallow beach area, so it is perfect for families with small children. Additionally, there is always a lifeguard on duty working to keep everyone safe and happy.

Pebbles Beach

Pebbles Beach Barbados

At Pebbles Beach, you have an amazing view of Carlisle Bay and its 6 famous shipwrecks, so taking pictures in this area can be a lot of fun, as is scuba diving. Pebbles Beach offers an expansive and calm swimming environment perfect for children. Among the most popular activities at Pebble Beach is sailing.

Launching a sailboat from this location or nearby Carlisle Bay is easy and fun allowing you to explore the whole Pebbles Beach area from the comfort of your own boat. Along Pebbles Beach, you will find excellent amenities and food stands to entice you to try something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time To Visit Barbados

The ideal time to visit Barbados is between July and November when the weather is very warm and dry. During this time of year, tourists flock to Barbados’ beautiful white sands and wonderful beaches.

When Should You Avoid Barbados?

Visitors should avoid visiting Barbados between December and April, when the island is experiencing its rainy season. During this time of year, visitors will find themselves stuck inside their hotel rooms more often than not due to heavy rainfall and lightning storms. There are also rare instances of hurricanes affecting the island during these months, although they usually cause only minor damage.

What Is Banned In Barbados?

Visitors should avoid bringing any kind of weapon to Barbados, as weapons are banned in the country. Visitors should also not attempt to move or remove coral from the beaches, as this is considered a crime and visitors may face fines if caught doing so.


There are so many amazing beaches in Barbados that it’s hard to pick just one. With over 100 miles of coastline, you can find something for everyone no matter what your tastes might be. If you want the perfect white sand beach with crystal clear water, go check out Crane Beach on the southern coast or Bathsheba Beach near Bridgetown. Whatever kind of beach experience is right for you-you’re sure to find it here! Which do YOU hope to visit first?

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