Top 15 of the best beaches in Jamaica

The idyllic Caribbean island of Jamaica is home to some of the most famously beautiful beaches – think soft white sand, crystalline waters, swaying palm trees, and incredible coral reefs. Throw in lashings of rum, a laid-back Caribbean vibe, the odd hammock, and some reggae rhythms and then you really have perfection! It’s a tough choice but here are some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Jamaica…

Port Antonio Jamaica Frenchman’s Cove – a must-see beach to explore in Jamaica

Port Antonio Jamaica Frenchman's Cove - best beaches in Jamaica

Frenchman’s Cove is the perfect tropical sanctuary, nestled amid the rugged, forested cliffs of Port Antonio, Jamaica. The beach near the cove features some of the cleanest white sand, and the clearest blue water breaks in salty, gentle waves.

On one side of the cove, a small branch of the region’s largest river empties into a relaxing, magnificent natural pool, blending fresh and saltwater. If a day in the picturesque region isn’t enough, the property also has a hotel with lovely cliff-side villas for rent.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach – one of the most stunning beaches in Jamaica

Ocho Rios Bay Beach

The scenic port of Discovery is home to Ocho Rios Bay Beach, which is adjacent to Jamaica’s lively waterfalls and crystal blue rivers. An adventure park is located close to the beach in the rainforest Mystic Mountain to discover the animals, where lovers of extreme vacations and thrills can relax.

The beach in Ocho Rios Bay is great for family vacations with children. The sea is shallow and warm in this section of Jamaica. The sand is smooth and snow-white, with a silky texture and pearly appearance.

Warm, windless weather all year allows you to organize a beach holiday even in the winter. Another activity that will appeal to both adults and children in this area is seeing first-class cruise liners from across the world dock in Ocho Rios’ port.

Boston Beach – a great beach for surfer-friendly waves

Boston Beach, Jamaica

Boston Beach, located less than 10 miles east of Port Antonio’s town center, is famed for its crystal blue seas, surfer-friendly waves, and soft white sands. However, Boston Beach is most known for its wonderful, truly Jamaican cuisine.

Come hungry and ready to taste-test at the neighboring Boston Jerk Center, which specializes in jerk dishes, as this beach claims to be the home of jerk seasoning. The water here can be a little rough, which is why it’s a popular surfing area. As a result, it is not the best beach for small children.

Seven Mile Beach – a beautiful beach located one of Jamaica’s most popular beach towns

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is a stretch of absolute paradise located in Negril, one of Jamaica’s most popular beach towns. Even though the beach is only four miles long, the white sand and crystal blue sea that laps the shore appear to stretch on for miles.

The shoreline is lined with hotels and eateries. Negril is located on the western coast of Jamaica and is home to some of the most beautiful beach sunsets in the world. Nothing beats watching the sky turn from a pale blue to tones of yellow, orange, and pink as the sun sets over the ocean. Easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jamaica.

Treasure Beach – a uniquely beautiful beach

Treasure Beach Jamaica

Treasure Beach is distinct from the rest of Jamaica in several ways. The town is in Jamaica’s driest parish, St. Elizabeth. As a result, it has a desert-like atmosphere that makes you feel more like you’re in Africa than the Caribbeans.

You can support locals, here, too. Treasure Beach is also unique in that it is a community-based tourism attraction committed to long-term local development. That is, visitors, come to support local businesses by purchasing local food, using local transportation, and participating in local tours.

Treasure Beach allows guests to visit the tranquil village on the condition that they respect the town by traveling properly. Visitors should also contribute to the betterment of the local community’s quality of life.

Blue Waters Beach Club – one of the best beaches in Jamaica for fun-seekers

Blue Waters Beach Club Jamaica

The Bahamas’ Blue Waters Beach Club is a beach club. Coopers Pen, in the parish of Trelawny, is about 10 minutes away from the pier. Discover an oceanfront paradise complete with white sand beaches, free Wi-Fi, and a massage area on the beach.

Relax at the tiki bar, rent kayaks, and snorkel gear, or unwind with a massage while sunbathing on the beach or dancing to live reggae music.

Runaway Bay – for gorgeous sunsets

Runaway Bay Jamaica

Come to Runaway Bay on Jamaica’s north coast if you’re seeking for some peace and quiet on your tropical holiday. This relaxed resort is one of the few areas on the island where day-trippers aren’t swarming, guaranteeing a relaxed holiday on some of the island’s most gorgeous beaches. Most hotels in Runaway Bay overlook the Jamaican Sea, so you’ll almost always enjoy a view of the water.

Runaway Bay is close to many of Jamaica’s most attractive sights. Bob Marley’s home, Nine Mile, is only a short drive away if you’re like reggae music. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, head to Dunn’s River Falls. This magnificent 600-foot waterfall cascades down a cascading limestone rock face that is a favorite climbing spot.

Doctors Cave Beach – a gorgeous beach located on the ‘Hip Strip’ 

Doctors Cave Beach

Doctors Cave Beach is much more than a fantastic beach. The healing properties of the waters were frequently advised for individuals in need of a little tropical sun, sea, and sand. Doctors Cave Beach is located on Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay’s “Hip Strip.”

While many other beaches share some of Doctor’s Cave’s characteristics, none have all of them. Doctors Cave is a popular tourist destination due to its warm Caribbean waters, well-kept gardens, and excellent sanitation facilities.

The Sand Restaurant and Bar offers a wide range of dishes and beverages. On your next trip to Montego Bay, don’t miss out on Doctors Cave Beach! The beach is also part of the Montego Bay Marine Park, which is home to a diverse range of marine life and coral reefs.

Bloody Bay – a beautiful contemporary public beach with white sand

Bloody Bay - beautiful beaches in Jamaica

Bloody Bay Beach is now a contemporary public beach with several good hotels nearby. It’s in western Jamaica, just north of the Negril vacation town. It is a busy beach that is wonderful for noisy companies and people looking for new meets and acquaintances. It is surrounded by various hotels.

Swimming is quite comfortable here, especially with children. The water on Bloody Bay Beach is quiet, the entrance to the sea is gradual, and you must travel for a long time to reach a deep, and level sandy bottom. Taking a taxi or renting a car to the beach from Negril’s downtown area takes only 10 minutes.

Burwood Beach – popular with beach activities

Burwood Beach, Jamaica

Burwood Beach is about 0.64 kilometers east of the ancient town of Falmouth, in the Parish of Trelawny. Swimming, wading, beach football, and beach volleyball are all popular activities on the beach.

Beachgoers who want to do more than just spend the day at the beach can visit Falmouth. Martha Brae Waterwheel, Good Hope Great House, Albert George Market, and Tharp House are just a few of the neighboring attractions.

Royalton White Sands Resort and Excellence Oyster Bay are two hotels near this beach.

Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach Jamaica

Cornwall Beach is a private beach on the west side of Montego Bay, Jamaica’s largest city. It used to be a publicly accessible city beach that had its infrastructure repaired and improved. It is known among travelers as a calm and cozy area for family beach vacations. Despite its accessible position – it is a few minutes’ walk from Hip Strip and beach facilities.

Those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the soothing blue water, clean fine white sand, and breathtaking views may choose Cornwall Beach. Families, loving couples, and singles who wish to enjoy all the amenities of civilization while relaxing at sea come here.

Cornwall Beach has all the necessary requirements. The area’s slope to the water is mild, and the seabed is free of algae and stones, which is especially useful for families with children. In addition, there is a rescue service on the beach that is ready to help at any time.

Winifred Beach – fine white sands and hypnotic blue waters

Winifred Beach Jamaica

Winifred Beach, on the island of Jamaica’s eastern coast, is a picture-postcard destination. After a short stroll through the tropical rainforest, twirling vines, and rocky roads, you’ll arrive at a stunning beach with fine white sands and hypnotic blue waters.

Such a lovely location appeals for only one thing: a relaxing day swaying in your hammock, taking in the exquisite beach landscape. Every moment here is about natural beauty and simplicity.

It’s all about untouched beauty and community at Winifred Beach. This bay, one of Portland’s only free public beaches. This beach is adored by locals and treated with the utmost care, leaving you with a stunning beach.

Red Stripe Beach – a beautiful beach which is kept immaculately clean

Falmouth Beach Jamaica

Red Stripe Beach, which is hidden by a marsh area, is a new draw for cruise guests. Following the opening of a new port in Falmouth to accommodate larger ships, Red Stripe Beach was established to provide cruise passengers with a convenient option for soft sand. There are lifeguards on duty, as well as a cafe, snack shop, and gift shop on-site, so bring cash for refreshments and souvenirs.

The beach is kept immaculately clean, with twigs and algae cleaned regularly, resulting in picture-perfect water and sand. Rentable chairs and flotation devices are available. The beach is a short distance from the cruise terminal and is included in excursion options.

Puerto Seco Beach – one of Jamaica’s most recognizable public beaches

Puerto Seco Beach jamaica

The ancient village of Discovery Bay, St. Ann, is home to Puerto Seco Beach. It is one of Jamaica’s most recognizable public beaches, with design elements that emphasize the area’s historic appeal. Puerto Seco, with its 4 hectares (10 acres) of land and offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

Swimming and wading are both enjoyable pastimes on the beach, which also has a SCUBA center, a floating water park, and tidal pools. A restaurant and bar serve a variety of local and international cuisines. The venue has enough room for parties and business functions.

Hellshire Beach – known for its famous entertainment

Hellshire Beach, Jamaica

Hellshire Beach is the largest and most popular of a string of small beaches along the length of Jamaica’s southern coast. The black sands and cool, clear seas are the main features of this beach. It’s only around five miles from Fort Charles and near to Portmore, so a day trip to see the sights is a distinct possibility.

Hellshire Beach is known for its famous entertainment, which includes beauty pageants, reggae concerts, and other events that draw enormous audiences on weekends. Many locals flock to the beach to sample Jamaican cuisine prepared by merchants in-stalls along the shore. On weekends, the crowds are extremely thick.

Long Bay – an uninterrupted stretch of natural shoreline

Long Bay, Jamaica

Long Bay is one of the most stunningly gorgeous beachfronts in the Parish of Portland, with an uninterrupted stretch of natural shoreline. It’s also the perfect setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating afternoon.

Long Bay, surrounded by coconut palms and the Caribbean’s turquoise waves, is a surfer’s dream as well as a must-see refuge in Jamaica. Visitors should exercise caution while swimming, as the tide can be extremely strong at times.

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