Top 15 of the best tours in Jamaica 2022

The Caribbean island filled with some of the most interesting history and culture in the world is a truly wonderful place to explore and discover. To really make the most of this beautiful and intriguing country head out on an organized tour. From Rum tours and famous clifftop cafes to rafting and exploring waterfalls, here are the most awesome tours in Jamaica…

Seven-Day Heritage Vacation Tour – explore some of Jamaica’s best cultural sites

Bob Marley Museum Jamaica

Jamaica Heritage Tour

Explore the best that Jamaica has to offer in a 7-Day Heritage Vacation Tour of the Caribbean’s most oversized island. This tour gives you a chance to discover the fascinating history of Jamaica, including Lovers Leap Tragedy. Experience its cuisine, culture, and music from Devon House to Port Royal.

Wander around its breathtaking white sand beaches with visits to places like haunted Rose Hall, Bob Marley Museum, and much more. Enjoy the world’s premium coffee brews and rum produced by Jamaica, presenting you with the best travel voyage.

Blue Mountain Peak Hiking Tour – pay a visit to one of the best beauty spots in Jamaica

Blue Mountain Peak Hiking Tour

Take a trip to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains to experience the panoramic views of the city. You can best explore the mountains ecstasy through hiking. The Blue Mountain Peak Hiking Tour is one of the most rewarding tours you can go on in Jamaica, offering truly breathtaking views. Your trip begins with a smooth drive from your hotel.

You can make a complimentary supermarket stop to buy snacks and refreshments as needed. Reach the peak of 2000 meters to explore the magnificent scenery filled with the sun’s warmth.

Bob Marley Tour to 9 Mile, St. Ann – a great day trip in Jamaica for the music lovers

Nine Mile Jamaica

Travel the enthralling life of Bob Marley with a guided tour to Nine Mile, the beautiful village known as his hometown. The Bob Marley Nine Mile Mile Tour begins with a thrilling drive through the Jamaican countryside to capture breathtaking views.

Upon reaching, walk through his memorable photo gallery leading to the house where he grew up. Next, you walk up to the famous Mount Zion Rock – a favorite mediation spot of Bob Marley. In this tour, endure a somber walk through the mausoleum that serves as his resting place to pay your respects.

YS Falls & Appleton Estate Rum Tour from Montego Bay – for a great day out at two of Jamaica’s best attractions

YS Waterfall Tour Jamaica

Appleton Estate Jamaica

The YS Falls & Appleton Estate Rum Tour from Montego Bay tour offers trips to Jamaica’s top two alluring stops. Head to the first stop – YS falls, where you marvel at the seven-tiered cascading waterfall. On this trip, enjoy swimming in a spring-fed pool and shop for relics from a nearby gift store.

The next stop in this 7-hour tour is a mythical Appleton Estate Rum situated on Jamaica’s south coast. Here, experience the historic rum-making process that begins with juice extraction of sugar-cane. With this travel operator, you’ll visit the barrel houses where rums are aged to perfection in the 200-year-old pots.

Blue Mountain Hike – an excursion to one of Jamaica’s best spots

Coffee Tour Jamaica

Leave the summer beaches of Runaway Bay behind and enjoy a day hiking the Blue Mountain in Jamaica to admire panoramic views. Begin your thrilling experience with a soothing drive from your hotel to the countryside of Jamaica.

Delve deep into the tropical rain forest that captures the beauty of Jamaica through its native birds, plants, and butterflies. Following your hike, take a break at a Blue Mountain Coffee Shop for an hour to enjoy mythical coffee brews. On your drive back to the resort, enjoy Jamaican’s real taste through its cuisine paired with tropical juices.

Rio Grande Rafting Tour – for a fun day out in Jamaica

Rio Grande Rafting Jamaica

Begin your trip gawking at the thrilling views of the nearby mountain vistas as you scale your way to the Rio Grande. Experience sailing on a bamboo raft with a skilled raftsman to learn more about the flora and fauna regions.

Your heart starts pounding as you steer from one iron stride to the other, seeing a variety of suspended bridges and zip-lines. They also offer a pick and drop service so that you can enjoy a scenic trip without hassles.

Negril 7-Hour Tour from Montego Bay – a tour exploring one of the most fun areas in Jamaica

Negril Jamaica Tour

Infuse yourself with the island vibes along Negril’s Seven Mile Beach and witness the incredible sunset at Rick’s Café on the trip. Continue the journey snorkeling an underwater reef or watch the cliff drivers making leaps into the cove while enjoying the beach breeze.

With the tour, you get a dine-in lunch for one of the famous Jamaican’s Jerk dishes along with other local delicacies. Also, they cover the pick and drop charges and the cruise fee in this 7-hour tour.

Full-Day Speedboat Trip to Negril – one of the best tours to explore Jamaica in style

Negril Beach Jamaica

The Full-Day Speedboat Trip to Negril is the ultimate spot to chill out with a shot of adrenaline too. Take an adventure of riding on a high-speed powerboat along the pristine water of the West Coast. Explore the entrancing beauty of Jamaica through a new frame of mind.

On this trip, enjoy snorkeling at a coral reef to admire tropical fishes and turtles. Adore the Negril’s stunning seven-mile stretch of sparkling white sand beach – wonder this way to joy. End this trip after sipping a drink at the famous Rick’s Café, where you relax your toes and enjoy the sunset’s warmth

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise to Negril – a gorgeous excursion for ocean and sunset views

Catamaran Cruise Jamaica

Undergo a full-day adventure sailing from Montego Bay to Negril. In this tour, board a luxury cruise to swim and snorkel off the boat or simply lay on the deck to experience the beauty of Negril.

You’ll be offered a buffet lunch on the Dreamer Catamaran Cruise to Negril including Pasta Salad and Traditional Chicken Roast, along with a dessert tray and an open bar serving rums, beers, and soft drinks. After enjoying your meal, sail down the Negril’s Seven Mile Beach to Rick’s Café for a lovely sunset. They try to make the trip truly unforgettable as well as dropping you back at your hotel! 

Black River Safari – YS Falls & Appleton Rum Estate – one of the best tours in Jamaica

Black River Tour Jamaica

The Black River Safari takes you through the interior of the rain forest, where you discover the beauty of villages that’s full of fauna and flora allotted along the coastline. Before you take an awe-inspiring dip in the cascading waterfall of YS Falls, choose to visit on a canopy or river tube ride.

Afterward, experience some fine and flavorful rums at the Appleton Estates that wraps your day with Jamaican flavors. Your trips begin with the transportation from your hotel to the Black River, involving exploration of Jamaica’s longest river.

Negril Day Trip and Rick’s Café Sunset – for a fun and relaxing tour in Jamaica

Rick's Café Sunset Jamaica

Rick's Café Sunset Jamaica

Have fun at an afternoon party the Negril Day Trip and Rick’s Café Sunset that includes time for snorkeling and a sunset stop at legendary Rick’s Café. Escape from your busy schedule to relax your back at the legendary Rick’s Café in the West End.

Discover different diving opportunities or listen to the resident band play Bob Marley and other old hits. As the daylight fades, enjoy incredible sunset views with a flavored drink customized according to your wish. Transportation is also included in the price.

Journey of the Slaves, British and the Spanish Invaders – a must-do tour for history fans

Runaway Bay Jamaica

Discover the paradise on earth by immersing yourself in the history of the Tiano and African slaves from Runaway Bay. In on the Journey of the Slaves, British and the Spanish Invaders tour, you learn about the involvement of the British and Spanish slavers. Not just this, you also get the knowledge of brutal instruments used in slavery.

Experience how the native Jamaican lived – adore the stunning flora as you travel along the shoreline into the knolls. Before heading back to your hotel room, grab a bite to eat at the local Jerk Pit served with a refreshing drink.

To book, check prices or dates for Journey of the Slaves, British and the Spanish Invaders 

Ultimate Thrill Seekers – for outdoor adventure fun

Ultimate Thrill Seekers Tour Jamaica

If you’re tired at home and want to escape, Chukka’s Good Hope Estate offers you a day-out at Adventure Park & Falls, where the thrill begins. Pick a variety of adventures and adrenaline-packed activities designed for thrill-seekers of all ages on the Ultimate Thrill Seekers Jamaica Tour. 

For those looking for a more cultural experience, history buffs are enticed by the Georgian Style 1700’s Great House tours, coupled with rum tasting. Wrap this action-packed day with indulging in Jamaica delicacies or famous Jamaican’s Coffee.

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise to Negril – a great tour on the Sea Dreamer

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise to Negril

Enjoy a family-friendly day at Dreamer Cruise on your way to Negril for an adventurous snorkeling experience. Choose either a cruise to watch a glorious sunset or a day sail to explore the Caribbean Sea, where you get a chance to swim next to tropical fishes and colorful underwater plants.

A buffet lunch of Creamy Salad and rice is served with a delightful dessert and beer of your taste. After having lunch, sail down Negril’s Seven Mile Beach to Rick’s Café for the not-missed sunset. The pick and drop or conveyance charges are included in the trip.

Dunn’s River Falls and Jungle River Tubing Tour – explore the natural beauty of Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dunn's River Falls. Jamaica

Explore the natural beauty of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. You’ll be offered a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on the Dunn’s River Falls and Jungle River Tubing Tour tour as you hike up a jungle waterfall and drift down to a sluggish river. This trip is an exceptional choice for travelers searching for an energetic day in Jamaica that showcases fancy scenery.

Get a chance to taste a delicious Jamaican meal with an ice-cold Red Stripe Beer or tropical fruit drink that’s freshly made. A short drive later, board your tube at the White Sand River to admire the natural beauty as you drift downstream. At the end of your memorable trip, you’ll be driven back to your hotel.

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