most beautiful places to visit in Eastern Europe

10 of the most beautiful countries to visit in Eastern Europe

While it’s hard to escape the crowds in West Europe, many countries in what was formally known as Eastern Europe are often overlooked as a travel destination. Although it’s an incredibly interesting part of Europe and I personally believe Eastern Europe has a lot to offer visitors and it’s also home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the gorgeous sandy beaches of Bulgaria to the baroque architecture of historic Dubrovnik, here are my choices for 10 of the most beautiful countries to visit in Eastern Europe…

1. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic sits in the heart of Europe and it’s a stunning place adorned with culture, history, and legends. It also has one of the most beautiful and romantic capitals in Europe. Prague is a popular destination for city breaks and boasts some of the best beer and most beautiful women in the world.

Further afield the entire Czech Republic is sprinkled by castles, from Hluboka Castle – the first Gothic Castle in the world (1250), to Cesky Sternberk Castle – the best-preserved Bohemian Palace. The imposing Mikulov Castle is a fine example of Baroque architecture and the Svihov Castle has a distinctive Renaissance feel.

You’ll also find great mountain areas, coquette villages, a hectic history and one of the richest cultures on the continent. The intriguing Republic of Czech is undeniably the most attractive country in Eastern Europe and in my view one of the most elegant.

2. Croatia – easily one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Croatia is a lovely country in South-East Europe. It has a thousand years of history and mixed cultures, diverse landscapes, and a stunning coastline. It is home to 1185 islands and a fairytale mainland, making it a perfect holiday destination and the best-preserved citadel in the world.

If you visit I would recommend you visit the National Park Brijuni Islands, the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park in Lika and the birthplace of Marco Polo – Korcula Island. Of course, you’ll need to visit Dubrovnik with its beautiful baroque architecture and sea of red roofs. It’s often described as a jewel shining in the Adriatic Sea from the 6th century, protected by walls and by nature.

Split (the second-largest city in Croatia) has a unique charm. It’s a place where you can find cozy terraces built on ruins and where you can relax between history and legends while drinking your coffee at the Diocletian Palace. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is a beautiful and cultural city filled with open-minded and welcoming people.

3. Turkey

beautiful Turkey

Turkey offers much more than just cheap holidays. It’s a treasure of a country overflowing with history, great food, and rich culture, all of these being displayed over amazing backgrounds. Spread above two continents, Turkey is a colorful mix of philosophies and traditions. With 5000 miles of coastline laid along three different seas, the country connects Europe with Asia, borrowing their traditions and mixing them together.

One of the most beautiful places in Turkey is the Cappadocia region (see above), where the moonscape hills seem to be unreal like a wonder of nature. Istanbul is a memorable city where the East meets the West. It’s famous for its amazing mosques, the Grand Bazaar, rich culture, and stunning architecture.

In such a diverse country there is something for everyone, from beautiful beaches to the archeological sites of Anatolia, from the lively holiday favourite Bodrum to Ephesus which was once the trade centre of the ancient world. When at Ephesus make sure you see the remains of The Temple of Artemis which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

4. Montenegro – an underrated gem in Eastern Europe

Montenegro - most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe

There is no other place so tiny and filled with so many naturally beautiful areas like Montenegro. Called “the hidden pearl of the Mediterranean” it’s easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Eastern Europe. Montenegro is divided into three regions – the coastal region in the west which has the beautiful Riviera (Ulcinj and Budva), the central region with astonishing parks and the high mountainous area.

The first ecological state in the world, Montenegro has the second largest canyon (Tara), the most beautiful beach of the old continent in 1905-The Slavic Beach and “the mosaic-beach” of Becic. It is also home to the biggest bird reservation in Europe and many other gorgeous and unique spots. Blessed with a wild beauty, the state that gained its independence on 3 June 2006 has become a highly regarded travel destination.

5. Russia

St Basil`s Cathedra Russia

The largest country in the world is also home to some very beautiful scenery. Notable areas are the oldest mountains -Urals and the deeper lake-Baikal. Land of the titans of literature, Russia is a country that gave birth to so many artists covering all culture’s fields, Russia holds the most important collections of art, fabulous museums, treasured monuments spread all over the Russian territory. It also has some of the finest examples of religious architecture in the world.

Russia has extraordinary culture and architecture which could be down to the fact it spans 11 time zones across two continents – Europe and Asia.

6. Romania – home to beautiful natural landscapes

Romania Eastern Europe

This beautiful Eastern European country is an underrated gem. Romania is a country crossed by the Carpathian Mountains and bordered by the Black Sea. It’s also one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. The most beautiful part of Romania is undeniably the center where Transylvania resides surrounded by mountains. Also known as the home of Dracula, it’s an amazing place and where you can easily see how it would have inspired Bram Stoker to create the most famous vampire of all time.

Other interesting places to visit in this lovely country are, Sibiu which is the European Capital of Culture, Sighisoara– the best-preserved inhabited citadel and Brasov which is the cosmopolitan city in the foothills. Bucovina is a very special place where time has stopped. Here you’ll find the most beautiful monasteries in Europe.

Romanian seaside destinations have also evolved in the last few years probably mostly because of the famous beach parties which take place every summer. Well-known DJs play here drawing in crowds from all over the globe.

7. Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Easily one of the most stunning countries in former Eastern Europe, Slovenia has a population of around two million people. The beautiful Eastern European country has stunning landscapes where entire hills are covered with vineyards and many hectares are covered with thick ancient forest. With the Julian Alps in the north, the country is a great winter destination but it also makes an excellent budget holiday destination. The Slovenian coast is a slice of unspoilt Mediterranean,  full of colourful Italian-style fishing villages, olive groves and clean, transparent water.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and the largest city in the country, still retains a Roman touch besides many architectural styles that can be found here. UNESCO chose this city to be the 2011 World Book Capital and Maribor will be the European Capital of Culture in 2012.

Some of Slovenia’s most beautiful places to visit are the Rogaska Slatina which is a magical territory known for its thermal water and its relaxing surrounding and Bled, a stylish mountain resort. Portoroz is the most popular seaside destination and the Postojna cave is an outstanding 20km cave and one of the most amazing sights of natural beauty.

8. Estonia

Estonia - best countries to visit in Eastern Europe

Estonia has many beautiful areas and is an increasingly popular tourist destination. Tallinn (the capital) is especially very popular for weekend breaks. It has a special charm with lovely cobbled streets and pretty buildings. The capital is also bounded by 35c defense towers, with an amazing Town Hall. It’s a gothic beauty that amazed the historians who have labelled it as an exceptional construction, comparing it with Palazzo Vechio in Florence.

Estonia countryside is also a paradise for bird watchers. It actually held a record in 1999 for the highest number of bird species seen in a single day (189). With a very interesting traditional culture and exciting architecture, Estonia is a beautiful country and a great travel destination.

9. Ukraine

Kiev city in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second-largest country on the European continent. A good place to start is the Western Ukraine city Lviv. It’s a cultural municipality with a rich history and a beautiful combination of architectural styles. With an impressive historical center, Lviv is a great destination for tourists all over the world, especially history and culture fans.

Kiev, the stunning and elegant capital and the largest city in Ukraine is a really beautiful place enlightened by its marvelous golden domes, covered by elegant parks and filled with some great restaurants. The rest of Ukraine is rich in natural resources and beautiful landscapes like Crimea, the Carpathians, the Danube Delta and the animated Odessa. Thanks to its temperate climate, diverse landforms and its geographical position, Ukraine is a perfect and very affordable travel destination for both winter and summer.

Check out our team’s visit to Chernobyl in Ukraine…

10. Bulgaria

Sozopol in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was a country that spent a lot of time in anonymity but in recent years, it has become a popular tourist destination. Bulgaria is filled with sandy beaches on the Black Sea coast, ski mountain resorts, solid forests, intriguing architecture, great food and lively nightlife. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and an important cultural center. The most popular destinations in the country are; Sunny Beach – the largest beach resort with more than 800 hotels along the Black Sea Coast and Varna the lively summer destination, famous for its nightlife. Rousse is known as “The small Vienna,” Pamporovo is a modern ski resort and Bansko is the best destination for winter holidays.

I hope you have enjoyed my list, I have spent many years living in Eastern Europe so I know the area very well. Of course, there are many other very beautiful countries in Eastern Europe and you should also try the healing thermal springs of Hungary, the alluring cites of Poland and Latvia’s new hot tourist destination Riga. Have fun visiting these beautiful countries for yourself!

Written by travel writer Miruna Corneanu. She is a freelance writer living in Romania. Her interests include travel writing, fashion writing, creative writing, and poetry. 


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    25 June, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    Judging from these pics I’ll safely say that all of Eastern Europe is drop dead stunning to look at. I’ve gotta make a mental note to try to get there. 🙂

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    Ben Coham

    24 March, 2012 at 8:51 am

    Well Turkey is the most beautiful country in the world because it has the best beaches, lakes, rivers, & mountains. It’s season is also perfect – it has snow it has rain and it is sometimes really hot. Its history i very popular. And it has the most beautiful city which is ISTANBUL, & also others like antalya, Antep, Urfa, MArdin, & Kapatokya.

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    26 January, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Wow, what pictures you got here! I just love that Slovenian pic, it’s just like from Fairy tale. Been in few of the places mentioned in post but so much still to see. This gave me more inspiration to travel more. Thanks!

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    Shey Gonzaga

    27 November, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Romania is another place I want to visit in Europe. I just love the stories I’ve read about the place. Very historic and eye catching place. I know I will enjoy my vacation here.

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      1 January, 2012 at 2:37 pm

      Hi, Shey
      I’ll bet Romania won’t disappoint you.I will be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested so, do not hesitate to contact me.
      Best regards

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    Trina Risos

    27 November, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    I just had a blast during my summer vacation in Italy and now I want to go back to Europe and go to Montenegro because of its mountainous views. This is a very relaxing place even in the picture.

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    Honey Geronimo

    27 November, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this page! This is really helpful to those who are interested in travelling and take some photo biography on places and etc. I found your page very interesting.

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    18 November, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Marvellous post! You have described 10 countries and added beautiful photos. Inspirating! My favourite is Estonia. Why? It is easy to travel from here (Finland) to Tallinn – 2 hours ferryroute. Tallinn is really fascinating city and Estonia great country. Just like others 9 here!

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        28 December, 2019 at 11:54 am

        Czech Republic isn’t in Eastern Europe we are Central European country. Eastern Europe is only Russia, Ukraine,Belorussia ,Moldava, Lithuania,Estonia and Latvia . Then is Central Europe: W – Germany,Austria
        E- Poland, Slovakia, Hungary
        The of Europe is CZ
        Czechs hate it, whole world says that we are in Eastern Europe, and some people say that we are part of Russia , that’s sad

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