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Huskies Finland Exodus

In BIG pictures: the Finnish wilderness and Northern lights


Just south of the Arctic Circle and deep in the heart of the Finnish Wilderness lies Oulanka National Park. During the winter months it’s known for its surreally beautiful scenery – thick forests, frozen lakes and layers of deep snow. For a week this was our home, the dark nights were punctuated with playful Northern Lights and our days were filled with getting to know even more playful huskies…

Exodus (exodus.co.uk) offers a selection of Finland Holidays including this Finnish wilderness week at Basecamp Oulanka.

Cabin at night

Hut and Northern Lights

Tree and Lights

Northern Lights

Frozen lake northen lights

Northen Lights dark

Base Camp

Igloos at night

New day at the frozen lake

Houses Finland

Husky safari


Blue Eyed Husky

Sleepy husky

River Finland

Forest Finland


All photos were taken by Gray.

Co-owner, designer, developer, photographer and sometime writer from the UK. Favourite cities: Tokyo, Los Angeles, Hong Kong. Follow Graham on Twitter and Google+.


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