Windsurfing Milos

Five great European activity breaks

Five great European activity breaks Global Grasshopper

Holidays aren’t always about relaxing. Paddle or pedal your way across some of Europe’s finest coast and countryside with our choice of activity breaks…

Windsurfing in Greece

Five great European activity breaks Global Grasshopper

The warm seas of the Ionian are easily one of the best places in Europe to try a bit of windsurfing. Head for the gorgeous island of Milos for the activity the Greek islands seem to be made for. Try the Milos Beach Kite and Windsurf Resort, it caters from beginners to advanced and is perfectly located on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Accommodation and equipment is included in the package price and kiteboarding activities are also available.

Sea Kayaking in Croatia

Five great European activity breaks Global Grasshopper

Croatia is filled with endless chains of sparsely populated islands. It’s these offshore islands with their limestone cliffs, deserted beaches and iridescent waters which make Croatia the ideal destination for sea kayaking. Some kayaking tours even handily start in the beautiful historic city of Dubrovnik (which is easily accessible from the rest of Europe).

Day trips start from £30, eight-day expeditions from £57. For more information contact

Golfing in the Algarve

Five great European activity breaks Global Grasshopper

Golf is entering a new phase of trendiness, and to escape a rainy windswept course choose one of the Mediterranean’s sun soaked golf resorts. Try the Algarve – packed with famous courses, coastal views and hours of endless uninterrupted golfing time.

For more information on golf holidays in Algarve visit the site Golf Kings.

Cycling in France

Five great European activity breaks Global Grasshopper

Home to the most famous cycling race in the word, France is an obvious choice for a holiday powered by pedals. Cyclomundo offers breaks which combine gorgeous scenery with a only a little bit of effort. The choice of routes include the beautiful three main lakes of the Alps – Geneva, Annecy and Bourget. Cycling trails are on the river path only – no steep hills required.

• Five nights from €785. For more information contact

Yoga in Portugal

Five great European activity breaks Global Grasshopper

This is an activity break for peaceful types. The rustic retreat Qunita Mimosa offers both accommodation, meals and yoga tuition in an idllic part of Portugal. Wake up to yoga classes in a fully equipped airy studio, take a stroll in the orange groves before breakfast, meditate by the pool at lunchtime and squeeze in a spot of pilates before dinner.

From £430/$684 per week. For more information click here.


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