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Top 10 cool and unusual things to do in Berlin

Top 10 cool and unusual things to do in Berlin

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Berlin is a unique modern metropolis, beloved of both digital nomads and curious tourists. It’s a city I fall more and more in love with each time I visit and I discover many more unique ways to spend my time here. To get a real feel of what’s on offer in the German capital head away from the crowds to unearth some really unusual things to instead. After a few trips here, here is my ultimate list of cool and unusual things to do in Berlin…

Spend an afternoon at the Liquidrom Spa

Liquidrom Spa Berlin

For a very unusual spa experience in Berlin, head to the Liquidrom a very cool spa housed in a circus-esque tent. The Liquidrom is home to several varieties of unique saunas including a floating-pool, an omm-sound pool, Infusion sauna and a Himalayan salt sauna. However, it’s the large saltwater pools that are the talking point. Surrounded by a series of light arches, the pool is met with coloured lights and several different genres of music that allow guests to zone out in the right way and feel refreshed in a completely unique way.

Brave the Monster Kabinett

Monster Kabinett Berlin

The Monster Kabinett was created by the Dead Pigeon Collective and is essentially part art gallery and part haunted house. Rather than conventional artworks, the Monster Kabinett portrays a series of striking metal sculptures that offer a wide selection of insect and robotic creatures that can’t help but be marvelled at. The exhibit also hosts costumed revellers that don’t look that different from the creations on show which allows for a completely immersive aspect that can’t be found in any other art gallery. A brilliant exhibit for art buffs as well as those new to the art world and want an element of fun with their new findings.

Experience high tea at the Tajikistan Tearoom

High tea at the Tajikistan Tearoom

Tea rooms may not seem too unusual on the surface, but the Tajikistan Tearoom is not any normal tearoom. Originally a Tajikistan pavilion designed for trade fairs, the Tajikistan Tearoom was given a Persian makeover after moving to Pals am Festungsgraben after it was donated by the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan in the 70s. However, despite carved wooden pillars and wooden tables, there are still many elements that echo its Russian roots. Often including a series of sweet biscuits, those looking for the ultimate tearoom experience will find that the Russian Tea Ceremony is unlike any other. The ceremony is a popular choice among tourists, as it allows for an experience that fuses different cultures into one.

Hang out at Holzmarkt

Holzmarkt Berlin

Holzmarkt is located on the Spree and is an urban village that is a collective of luxury hotels and quirky clubs that offer several different experiences. Some may want to enjoy a beer while enjoying the immersive views at Morchenpark, whereas others may want to use up their energy dancing to high energy music at night clubs like the Kater Blau. Everyone’s idea of relaxing is different, but Holzmarkt is an open urban playground for those that like to try different things, regardless of whether they’re looking to party or kick back and make use of the surrounding environment.

Take an outdoor swim at Badeschiff

Badeschiff - cool things to do in Berlin

Berlin offers another element of urban inspiration with Badeschiff. One of its notable features is the use of a barge as a swimming area. Anchored in Alt-Treptow, there are also a series of events that take place during the summer, such as yoga and music events. As well as being free-of-charge, the beach result can all also over a series of immersive views, such as the river Spree and the iconic television tower. The one drawback is that the area can become busy very quickly, so early attendance is recommended!

Visit the East Side Gallery at the Berlin Wall

East Side Gallery Berlin


The knocking down of the Berlin Wall solidified that the tensions of the Cold War were put to rest and allowed citizens of the GDR to freely cross the borders. Given the impact of the iconic wall, it should come as no surprise that it has become a series of artworks would be produced, and its best iteration can be viewed at the East Side Gallery. The open-air gallery is a representation of the Berlin Wall that hosts a series of different murals that document change and the hopes of a better future for Berlin. There are over 105 murals to view, and the site enjoys over 3 million visitors a year.

Catch the sunset at Klunkerkranich

Klunkerkranich Berlin

There’s nothing more immersive and enjoyable than a beautiful sunset. Although there are many locations around the world that can be used to enjoy this ambient and memorable experience, it’s Klunkerkranich that offers a truly unique take on the experience. The bohemian nature of the rooftop setting ensures that a relaxed vibe is always present as you watch one of the most mesmerising views in the world. As well as being able to offer a sunset like no other, the Klunkerkranich is also a great place to meet and converse with new people.

Go on an ‘Anti-Pub’ Crawl

‘Anti-Pub’ Crawl Berlin

The Anti-Pub Crawl is a fantastic cool and unusual thing to do in Berlin. This unique tour allows visitors to experience some the more intimate of Berlin’s venues, which often allows for a calmer environment when compared to some of the more conventional offerings in Berlin. As well as offering perspective on the popular pub scene, the Anti-Pub-Crawl is a great way of connecting with others that are looking for similar experiences.

Go for dinner with a local

BonAppetour - eat with a local Berlin

Although this may seem a bit forward don’t worry. The use of the BonAppetour platform allows visitors to search for local food experiences. The concept is as easy as booking a table at a restaurant, but instead of a menu and several other guests, you’ll be given a real taste of Berlin as well as some hospitality that can’t be found in any restaurant. Don’t worry about bringing wine or tips, all you need to do is make a payment via BonAppetour and then enjoy the great food and create some memories.

Enjoy Mauerpark on a Sunday

Mauerpark Berlin

Mauerpark is a public park in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district (and a former part of the Berlin Wall). Although Mauerpark can be a little chaotic at times, it’s hard not be taken in by its unique energy. As well as being to visit the area where the iconic Berlin Wall once stood, there are also a series of flea markets that are perfect for those looking to experience something different and unique on a shopping spree. Those looking to find their inner superstar can enjoy a bout of singing at the Bearpit Karaoke, a public karaoke experience that really is unlike anything else.

Design Panoptikum

Design Panoptikum Berlin

If you’re a fan of museums but you’re looking for something a little different, then why not check out Design Panoptikum. The museum offers a fusion of different eras and offers an industrial take on the art world, with inspirations drawn from the world of film, aviation and history. Although unnerving, the Design Panoptikum is a museum that will tick the boxes for those that enjoy quirky items and trying something different.

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  • Bernie and Jess Watt

    15 September, 2019 at 2:50 am

    Hey Becky,
    We love that you’ve captured some more of the hidden moments in the city. We had only a day or so there and didn’t get to see that side of Berlin. This inspires us to go and see the edgier parts.
    Bernie and Jess


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