reasons to visit Alaska

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list

America’s last frontier has a wealth of treasures to offer curious visitors. From the magnificent wildlife that calls this place home to a trendy upcoming distillery scene, here are 10 reasons why you should add Alaska to your travel list…

The whale watching

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global GrasshopperAlaska is one of the best places to see these beautiful creatures wild and free in their natural habitat where they belong. Here you get a chance to see orcas, humpbacks, grays and beluga whales. There’s a unique joy in looking for whales and then seeing one rise up from the ocean in a dramatic fashion. Plus, it’s quite relaxing too, and there’s ample time to take in the stunning landscapes. Just remember that it might get quite cold out at sea, so bring a jacket and maybe a flask of hot chocolate!

…and the chance to see other incredible wildlife

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

It is not just the whales that you can see in Alaska – there’s a lot of other things to look at and wildlife to appreciate. Polar Bears, Brown Bears and Bison are all incredibly common, and some people might not have seen these majestic animals before. You should go to Alaska if only to catch a glimpse of some of these different creatures for yourself – travel, and new experiences can broaden the horizons!

The midnight sun

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

Because of the geographical positioning of Alaska, it serves as a place to experience a phenomenon known as the ‘midnight sun’. It’s a curious sight to behold because there is rarely any point at which the sun goes down. So the result is that you can still see the sun at midnight! There are a lot of high elevation points from which you can take a look at the sun, and there are also tours to locations where you’ll see the sun as closely as possible. It’s an experience which you should take a look into because it offers so much.

The Northern Lights 10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

Alaska is home to a beautiful phenomenon which a lot of people may well have heard about before, and it’s called the Northern Lights. There are very few words that can describe this shimmering, shining explosion of colour in the sky, and you should get a look at it if you can. Aurora Borealis is known to be quite enchanting and is one of those things that you should see if at all possible – it only appears in a select few places, so it is quite rare indeed!

The pristine wilderness

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

Part of what makes Alaska such a beautiful place is how pristine and untouched the wilderness is. You’ll find that it is gorgeous to look at, and a lot of people consider it to be one of the best parts of the whole trip! You can spend your days wandering through, seeing all of the nature in a completely organic way and without any tampering from the human inhabitants. It’s essential to have respect for places like these because they make up such a big part of all that we see and can experience in this world.

The chance to go snowmobiling

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

If you’re looking for something unique and entertaining, then you should consider snowmobiles for your trip to Alaska. They’re a fast way to get around and serve as a lot of fun at the same time. Owing to the massive amounts of snow that are common in the country, you’ll find that renting out such a vehicle is not a difficult task. Just make sure that you follow all of the instructions for safe travel, and let someone know if you plan to go off into the wilderness with it.

The awe-inspiring glaciers

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

The glaciers are some of the best attractions in the area, and you could spend a lot of time exploring them and getting a tour of the area. You have to make sure that you are going to explore them carefully if you’re not getting the assistance of a company or third party because they can be dangerous for the unprepared. However, those who want to be able to check them out will find that there is a whole selection of tours and companies who can take you out to see some of the best ones in a safe way, so it’s worth looking into when you’ve got a spare moment.

The beautiful lakes

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

When you’re looking to get some enjoyment out of your trip, why not check out of some of the lakes in Alaska? Whether it is Wonder Lake or Portage Lake, you’ve got quite a few options available to you, and it’s easy to find yourself wondering how best to do things. We suggest picking a handful which strike you as being particularly beautiful and planning a route which will take you as close to them as you possibly can, seeing as many as possible.

The breathtaking fall colours 

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

Here’s the thing about the fall – it’s always a pretty time and it offers you so much in the way of scenery and artistic inspiration. A lot of people go for exactly that, and then they become transfixed by the huge array of natural colours Alaska offers during the autumn months.

The emerging distillery scene

10 reasons to add Alaska to your travel list Global Grasshopper

Alaska is home to a fun and funky up-and-coming distilling scene. In many places, you can even watch the distilling process or just go straight to enjoying some of the different options when it comes to whisky, gin or other beverages. Try the Alaska Distillery is an artisan distillery located in the foothills of the Alaska Range, here they expertly handcraft spirits in small batches using the grains, potatoes and ingredients grown under the midnight sun – wonderful!

How to get to Alaska

The journey to Alaska itself can be breathtaking and you can travel there by either boat, plane or by car. Anchorage is a good choice to base yourself for your Alaska adventure as it has great road, rail and air connections to the rest of the state. Make sure you apply for your ESTA for Alaska which is valid for 2 years (and the ravel authorization also allows you to travel throughout the United States).

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