A Guide to Portland’s Night Market

Night markets or bazaars are everywhere. They generally operate during the night, specifically designed for more leisurely shopping, strolling, and eating than businesslike day markets. A night market is an open-air showcase of several goods famous in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Chinatowns of several regions in the world.

Portland also hosts its own very popular Night Market. The city is popular for its festivals celebrating beer, books, bourbon, arts, and music. But those who frequent Portland know that tourists and Portlanders alike can enjoy a mix of food carts, drinks, live music, and craft vendors at the city’s night market several times each year. This quarterly night market combines culture, food, drinks, retail, and music gathered together for a fun and adventurous night in the Industrial District. 

The Night Market offers around 75 awesome Portland vendors housed in a hip warehouse with an outdoor bar and food trucks too. 

When does the Portland Night Market take place?

Portland Night Market Vendors

The date and time for the night market vary. For this year, it happens on the following schedules.


  • April 22 -23
  • September 30-October 1
  • December 1-4

Time: 6 PM to 9 PM

Why visit the Portland Night Market?

The event is free and welcomes everyone of all ages. More than a hundred vendors will fill the Industrial District’s Central Eastside showcasing various drinks, food, baked goods, arts and crafts, clothing, etc.

Culinary delights

Portland Night Market Vendors

Portland is consistently one of the top cities in the United States regarding the culinary scene. Easy access to farm-fresh products and world-renowned wine from Willamette Valley makes it handy for restaurants to get quality ingredients. One can describe Portland’s culinary scene as interestingly diverse, with selections from gluten-free pastries from Vietnam to the no-frills and classic cheeseburgers.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth healthily with La Casa de Mama. They offer vegan treats and sweets like polvorones, conchas, and champurrado. If you are up for old-school Mexican basics like burritos and enchiladas, you can get them from Los 2 Compadres.

The city is also popular for practicing sustainability, and it can also be seen from the store owners and vendors during the Night Market. Nouriche Broth offers small-batch bone broth locally made in Portland. The collagen-rich, nutrient-dense broth came from upcycled parts and pieces of a chicken that would usually be thrown out. Tita’s Kitchen’s dishes transport you to Peru while you get to taste Singaporean flavors from Sibeiho sambals.


Portland is to craft beer, wine, and coffee. Ethos Wines and Away Days Brewing are some of your got-to-vendors when you need some alcohol fix. The cocktails from Wilderton will give you provocative flavor combinations – spicy to sultry bright, and herbaceous.

Arts and crafts

Night Market Portland

Besides quality drinks, Portland is also home to a rich creative scene. The city’s unconventional and free-spirited vibe serves as a haven for creative individuals. You can also expect a gathering of art enthusiasts showcasing their talents and scoring some fantastic art finds. The night market brings local illustrators like Amy Wike Illustration and Hundredlily Designs.

Portland also says true to its nickname of being ‘weird,’ and you can see that through the strange and creepy art pieces from Northwest Oddities. Meanwhile, Bunnymilkshake Concoctions has the opposite offering with their cute upcycled arts and decorations.

Home decors and accessories

Since the night market showcases the city’s culture, you might also find exciting home decorations made locally in Portland. Arbor Grove Ceramics offers beautiful and aesthetic ceramic dishes, mugs, and vases. Meanwhile, the Light + Glow Candle Co has sustainable and all-natural scented candles for every nook in your house. There are approximately twenty vendors for great finds on home decors and accessories.

Adornments and threads

The vendors of Portland never shy away from innovating sustainable products. Basic Britches, for example, turns excess under-garments into new under-garments.

Most of them are carefully handcrafted to give products a more local touch, like plant-based wallets from Wolly Made. Wild intricately handcrafts cute jewelry pieces from pressed flowers and leaves by Design, Pigeon Heart Design, and more.

Beauty and body products

Landia Skin Care Portland Night Market

Landia Skin Care has eco-friendly skincare products, while Conscia offers different shampoo and conditioner bars based on your hair type and conditions.

See the complete list here of vendors exhibiting for the Portland Night Market.

Essential Portland Night Market Tips

The Portland Night Market is not only a gathering of various local vendors, but thousands of people meet and gather to try all the offerings. Hence, there are regulations, and reminders visitors need to consider.

Fast Pass

One of the things you need to expect in the city’s night market is long lines. However, if you wish to skip the line, you can buy a ticket to cut straight right in front of the line. The tickets are $10 each. To follow the current local regulations on social distancing and personal space amidst the pandemic, organizers limit the number of attendees inside the building. This is why lines are a bit longer than usual.

When the building reaches its total capacity, they will only allow fast passes inside until the number of people is back at its average count.

COVID-19 Protocols at the Night Market

Portland issues various guidelines for everyone to follow:

  • The event is free, but passes are sold to skip the long lines.
  • Those feeling sick are advised not to attend and stay home instead.
  • Dress for the weather. Windows and doors will be opened for better air circulation inside the building.
  • Avoid touching your face or eyes with unwashed hands. Hand soap and sanitizers will be available upon entering the market.
  • With several people expected to attend, patience, understanding, and compassion will be highly appreciated, especially for possible longer waiting time.


If you plan to drive to the night market, pay-to-park lots are available all around the district. There is one at the corner of the SE 3rd Avenue as well as Alder. Another parking lot is at the SE 3rd Avenue as well as Morrison Street.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Access

The building is essentially designed to welcome individuals of all abilities. And both the first floor of the building and the tented beer garden are ADA-accessible. Suppose you are in the event and also need some assistance, do not hesitate to ask the security or staff for Emma or Phil.


Entering the night market is free, but you can buy a Fast Pass if you wish to skip the long lines.


The attendees aged 21 and above need to present a valid ID to receive a stamp or wristband. These will be useful when purchasing or consuming alcohol.

Is the night market open when it rains?

Whether it rains or shines, the Portland Night Market is open. You just need to dress accordingly.

Is the night market dog friendly?

Dogs are not allowed due to the very limited space venue, only the service animals are allowed inside.

What are the prohibited items in the Night Market?

Night Market Portland Oregon

  • Backpacks
  • Suitcases
  • Food and beverages outside the night market
  • Illegal substances
  • Smoking
  • Weapons
  • Vape pens

How to get there?

There may be pay parking options for night market attendees, but they are limited. Hence the Portland Night Market suggests the following transportation options. Since it is a major city, people will not run out of choices – there are buses, streetcars, taxis, and Lyft.


You can check the fares and routes of buses here. Indulge your eyes with a leisurely ride through Portland streets heading to the night market.

Bus lines numbered 2, 6,10,12,14, 15, 19, 20, and 30 will take you close to the Portland Night Market. The TriMet bus line 15 is the closest one to the venue. You can take the Morrison Bridge exit, use the stairs down to Water Avenue, and finally walk a block heading to Alder Street.


Get onboard one of the colorful, fast-moving streetcars plying along rails across the city. Have a comfortable and inexpensive ride to several destinations, including the night market.


You can download the Lyft application for your daily transportation needs in the city.


Taxis can be expensive, but it will provide you with a door-to-door service with comfortable seating if you wish to choose this option. People can hail a cab on the streets or ask the hotel concierge to call one for you.

These yellow taxis are an ideal and safe option for solo and female travelers.

Anything else I need to know about the Portland Night Market?

When is the Portland Night Market

The event’s website is updated as needed, so you might want to check it out before scheduling your trip. This is a gathering of people from all across the country and the globe. There might be some who aren’t familiar with the place. Attendees can use this map to guide them in going to the venue.

This event is held in chosen months in a year, so there might be additional vendors and other implemented guidelines. The website still accepts additional vendors and volunteers so you would expect more displays and exhibits for April and the last night market from December 1st to 4th.

After everything is settled, you just have to schedule your itinerary, travel to Portland, witness the vibrant night market, and experience the quirk and hip vibe of the city.


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