Top 17 of the Best Coffee Shops in Portland

Portlanders’ love of coffee is world-famous and the city’s coffee culture has kept residents happy and alert with a heady mix of small cafes and trendy independent roasters brewing up everything from espressos to lattes.

Whether you are looking to get some remote work done or just want a place to relax after exploring the city there is literally something for everyone.

From cool hipster haunts to something more traditional and simple, here are some of the best coffee shops and cafes in Portland, Oregon…

1. Coava Coffee Roasters – a trendy cafe that offers high quality, specialty roasted coffee to order

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee started out in roaster Matt Higgins’s garage in 2008, and has expanded into several locations in Portland and beyond.

From its humble beginnings to its current position as one of the best speciality coffee shops in the city, Coava Coffee Roasters has always cared about quality.

Casual fans and coffee obsessives alike flock to this coffee shop for delicious brews that are sourced sustainably. Coava is built on established partnerships with small farmers and focuses on brewing an ethical cup.

They have several locations in the city, but check out the flagship store on Grand Avenue for a cool industrial vibe.

  • Address: 1171 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201, United States (and two other Portland locations)
  • Coava Coffee Roasters

2. Cathedral Coffee – a cool eclectic coffee shop with local art and occasional live music

Cathedral Coffee Portland

Cathedral Coffee in North Portland is one of the best coffee shops in Portland for a laidback, relaxed atmosphere. Cathedral prides itself on being a welcoming café for the neighborhood.

Visitors praise the friendly nature of the baristas and the environment that invites you to sit back and stay awhile.

Cathedral Coffee brews excellent coffee and tea, but its bakery, which produces goods in-house from carefully sourced ingredients, is one of the biggest draws.

The coffee shop has a wide, rotating range of options that includes sweet, savory, vegan, and gluten-free treats.

  • Address: 7530 N Willamette Blvd, Portland, OR 97203, United States
  • Cathedral Coffee

3. Good Coffee – one of the most popular and best coffee shops in Portland

Cool coffee shops in Portland, Oregon

Good Coffee’s offerings are simple, but the place more than lives up to its name. All five of the locations live up to the promise of good, quality coffee.

Stop by one of the modern, airy coffee shops with your laptop to get some work done in an inviting space, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor seating.

Good Coffee’s claim to fame is its quality coffee, roasted on the premises of its Troutdale location.

If you like Good Coffee’s offerings so much you’d like to start every day with their brews, you can buy a bag of their whole beans or sign up for their coffee subscription that delivers excellent beans right to your doorstep.

  • Address: 1150 SE 12th Ave (Salmon) Portland, OR 97214
  • Good Coffee

4. Push X Pull – roasts the most unique coffees in trendy surroundings

Push X Pull Portland Oregon

Push X Pull is a funky coffee shop that fills the gaps left even in this coffee-obsessed city. The coffee shop focuses on underutilized beans and brewing techniques, including one of the country’s only Moccamaster coffee makers.

Besides good coffee, Push X Pull’s focus is relationships. The coffee shop cultivates relationships with its sources by focusing on sustainable farming and building strong partnerships.

It also cares about its relationship with the community and aims to create an inviting space for the neighborhood to visit. Come sit for a while in the turquoise-accented shop!

  • Address: 821 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214
  • Push X Pull

5. Albina Press – an artsy cafe which serves French press coffee, tea and pastries

Albina Press Portland, Oregon

Albina Press is where Portlanders in the know go for good coffee and a European-style café ambiance.

This artsy little storefront in North Portland helped kick off the Portland café revolution as many owners of Portland’s innovative coffee shops worked here first.

Visitors come to Albina Press primarily for the good coffee and the little details that make the coffee shop a cozy neighborhood favorite. There is plenty of seating for people looking to get work done, baked goods for a quick pick-me-up, and even a resident latte artist on weekends.

  • Address: 4637 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217
  • Albina Press

6. Proud Mary – a trendy coffee shop perfect for hipsters with industrial-chic decor craft coffee, breakfast, and smoothies

Trendy cafe in Portland Oregon

The fact that Proud Mary’s brews are often served in other top coffee shops in Portland, including Cathedral Coffee, speaks to the quality of this coffee shop.

The funky Australian import sells different coffees tailored to your mood, including “Curious,” “Wild,” and “Deluxe.” You can make your own brews at home by signing up for their subscription, or stop into their shop for a taste of Australian coffee culture in Portland.

Stop by Proud Mary’s Northeast Portland location for precision-brewed coffee as well as one of the best brunches in town, served all day. We recommend the pavlova.

7. Never Coffee – a mod stop offering artisan coffee and drinks with herbs and cocoa

Never Coffee Portland Oregon

Never Coffee caters to coffee drinkers looking for something a little different. The innovative coffee shop is more like a lab that pours out unique coffee, cocoa, tea, and more.

Their special blends and drinks come with funky names and designs, such as the Rich Kids latte. Whether you order packaged coffee to your home (with a free prize inside) or come into the art-filled coffee shop, Never Coffee is a treat for all your senses.

That does not mean that this coffee shop is all style, no substance. The drinks, ranging from traditional staples to flavored brews, are all delicious.

8. Behind the Museum Café – a unique zen-like antique-lined cafe where kimono-wearing servers offers coffee, tea, and light Japanese nibbles

Behind the Museum Cafe

One of the best cafes in Portland is conveniently located by the Portland Art Museum, making it the perfect pit stop after a day of exploring art—and a premium destination in its own right.

Behind the Museum Café specializes in Japanese-inspired café culture. However, it adds a local touch with coffee roasted in the city.

Come to this café for specialty Japanese drinks, including a wide range of teas, a menu that includes savory dishes, sandwiches, and pastries, and a soothing environment full of Japanese art.

9. Barista Coffee Shop – focuses on showcasing great coffee from around the world

Barista Coffee Shop Portland

Barista Coffee Shop is Portland’s best café for coffee nerds, run by coffee nerds.

This business collects the best baristas in the city and lets them work their magic on a wide range of coffee drinks, including classics such as macchiatos and signature flavored drinks such as honey marzipan lattes.

Barista has locations all over Portland, but all of its locations start with quality beans and techniques. If you are serious about your coffee, this is the place to go in Portland.

10. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – said to have inspired the start of the craft coffee culture

The famous Stumptown Coffee Roasters in downtown Portland

A famous institution in the city that first opened its flagship store in 1999 and has since opened many more stores across the city including one in the famously trendy hotel The Ace (as well as other locations in other cities such as Seattle). 

They have even been credited with the rise of craft coffee popularity which is quite the accolade! 

They cater to a discerning coffee-loving crowd and are said to be famous for sourcing and serving some of the best coffee, espresso, and cold brew in the world.

Try their famous hair bender blend, which is their standard espresso – it’s not bitter just very tasty! 

11. Upper Left Roasters – a cool space which is quickly forming a reputation for delicious coffees

Upper Left Roasters Portland

Upper Left Roasters is the home to premier roasted brews in Portland. The café roasts its own coffee, which it uses to create excellent single-origin espressos and pour-over coffees.

While the coffee is Upper Left Roasters’ primary draw, this coffee shop is also a great place to come when you are hungry. The Ladd’s Addition location, in a sleek, light-filled space, serves up excellent pastries, open-faced toasts, and brunch dishes.

They accommodate dietary restrictions by offering gluten-free bread for all brunch dishes.

12. Heart Coffee Roasters – a hip café, roaster and bustling destination point

Heart Coffee Roasters Portland

Heart Coffee Roasters is one of the best coffee shops in Portland according to neighbors and prestigious critics such as Conde Nast Traveler.

While all three locations serve precision-brewed coffee, the flagship location known as the Eastside Café is worth a visit just to look at the giant coffee roaster that is the shop’s centerpiece.

Heart Coffee Roasters is a true coffee nerd’s paradise, with sleek Scandinavian-inspired design, quality beans, and precision brewing methods such as Chemex.

The coffee shop is committed to sharing the love of coffee and even shares tips on the best brewing on its website.

13. Prince Coffee – a charming Dutch-inspired cafe famous for its fresh coffee and its stroopwafels

Prince Coffee Portland

A gorgeous and charming Dutch-inspired cafe that originated after the owner fell in love with Holland in her youth and wanted to introduce a bit of their culture when she eventually settled in Portland. 

They have their onsite kitchen which serves all sorts of baked delights such as bagels, pastries, and sandwiches but they’re famous for their stroopwafels (a waffle with a caramel filling) as well as their excellent fresh coffee! 

14. Case Study Coffee Roasters – roasting direct trade and seasonal coffees in unique surroundings

Best hipster coffee shops in Portland

Case Study Coffee has multiple locations throughout the city where it serves up Portland-roasted brews sourced from the best beans worldwide.

Whether you go for one of their stalwarts or switch up your routine with a seasonal blend, you can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee from Case Study Coffee Roasters. Be sure to check out unique flavored drinks such as the jasmine matcha latte.

Any of the Case Study outposts is a great location to come study and work—this coffee shop is a favorite with PSU students. While you’re here, be sure to check out their lovely baked goods.

15. Deadstock Coffee Roasters – a chilled coffee shop with sneaker and basketball decor which serves up classic and creative drinks

Deadstock Coffee Roasters

Most coffee shops in Portland are excellent, but often feel as if they cater to a particular clientele. Not Deadstock. Deadstock’s mission is to brew “snob-free” coffee.

The coffee shop aims to create a welcoming environment even for people who may not consider themselves coffee fans with a chill environment and sporty décor.

Beneath the unpretentious exterior is a coffee shop that still cares about what it serves. Check out an excellent range of drip coffees, vegan lattes, and cakes baked by the owner’s mother. There is no formal menu, but the baristas will help you figure out what you vibe with.

16. Tov Coffee & Tea – a unique and quirky cafe in a double-decker bus specializing in Egyptian and Turkish-style coffee and tea drinks

Tov Coffee & Tea Portland

Tov Coffee & Tea is serving up a taste of Egypt in one of Portland’s most unique locations—a red double-decker bus. However, don’t dismiss this place as a gimmick.

Once you step inside, you’ll be treated with fragrant coffees and teas drawing on American and Egyptian traditions. If you’re hungry, be sure to check out the traditional pastries.

If you’re looking for a place with delicious coffee, funky décor, and great vibes to share with your friends, you can’t go wrong with Tov.

17. Water Avenue Coffee – a cool roastery cafe set amongst the lofts and factory buildings of the city’s historic industrial district

Water Avenue Coffee Portland

Water Avenue Coffee specializes in quality, ethically sourced brews roasted on its premises. It has unique beans, for example, Mexico Guienashi sourced from indigenous communities in Southern Oaxaca.

While you can get a subscription to their stalwarts and a rotating cast of seasonal brews, a visit to their flagship location is well worth a trip.

Water Avenue Coffee is located along the Willamette River, in what used to be an industrial area. Marvel at the modern industrial décor, but the real draw is the extended, toasted roasting process that leads to the shop’s signature espresso.

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