Top 15 Best Places for Digital Nomads in Portland

With the rise of freelancing, it’s great to avoid being stuck to a single spot and travel the world carrying our entire workspace in a single backpack or briefcase. If you’re part of the digital nomad community who love traveling and exploring new destinations then Portland will cater to you very well. From neighborhoods to cafes, here are the best places for digital nomads in Portland, Oregon…

Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads

WeWork – one of the greatest working spots for nomadics that offers flexibility and amazing amenities

We Work - Portland

WeWork is one of the most reliable working environments in Portland featuring a variety of spaces for every kind of need. It is the perfect option for new startups who need a fully functional, specially designed office or solo travelers who need desk space to continue their work.

The company has two locations in Portland with pristine and modern office spaces. There is speedy internet available in the locations, alongside printers, scanners, conference rooms, and more.

Get rid of all the distractions and maximize your productivity with WeWork’s office rooms. 

Address: 920 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204, United States – a premium coworking space for Portland Oregon Portland features premium coworking spaces in the iconic Flatiron building in Portland. As the name suggests the office space is built for people who don’t want to commit to a single spot and are looking for temporary working spaces.

With picturesque views of the city, modern amenities, and plenty of in-house coffee, it is the perfect location to set up your workspace. You can even book a place for a month so you don’t have to worry about daily fees.

Students also get an added discount on the rental fees. 

Address: 3303 N Mississippi Ave #500, Portland, OR 97227, United States

Urban Office – one of the top places that offer products and services for professional digital nomads

Urban Office - Portland

There is no better way to advance in your career than being surrounded by like-minded, hungry for success people. Urban Office provides a beautiful atmosphere to clutter down on needless things and avoid distractions that may arise when you work at home.

The location features both solo desk spaces and larger offices for a one-man-army or a team of people. There are various options available for private spaces, coworking environments, and dedicated desks. 

Address: 4949 South, S Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239, United States

CoLab – a cool shared office, ideal for the digital nomad’s community

CoLab - Portland

Take your productivity to the next level and surround yourself with creative minds in a collaborative working environment. CoLab is the leading office space and coworking company based in Vancouver.

Whether you are a freelancer or planning to start a new business venture, CoLab is here to save the day. With both affordable and premium workspaces, there are plenty of unique options for different needs.

Address: 915 Broadway St., Vancouver, WA 98660

Drive from Portland: 16 min (9.2 mi) via I-5 N

OpenHAUS – an all-inclusive operational community located in a convenient location 

OpenHAUS - Portland

OpenHAUS is a collaborative working space built on solid values and acceptance of everyone. To promote a diverse working environment, the company is making strides to promote healthy behavior in workspaces.

There are numerous plans and spaces available for all kinds of needs and budgets. Everyone from students to successful business owners is welcome to explore the place and book suitable spaces. 

It is a great way to make your work more professional and create a dedicated environment where you can work creatively. 

Address: 5020 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97211, United States

Best Coworking Cafes for Digital Nomads

Sweetpea Baking Co. – a fully vegan cafe that welcomes remote workers, located at the popular vegan-mall

Sweetpea Baking Co - Portland

What better way to get a surge of energy and activate yourself for the day than to enjoy a lovely piece of cake. Sweetpea Baking is a 100% vegan cafe specializing in all kinds of sweet and savory cakes. 

The cafe was first launched as a vegan cake spot but has since evolved to include delicious breakfasts, sandwiches, donuts, and more. The open-floor space brings in plenty of sunlight and the trendy atmosphere gives a unique touch to the place.

It’s a perfectly comfortable spot to meet up with friends or reply to your emails in peace.

Address: 1205 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Beulahland – an offbeat coffee and alehouse that provides a cool vibe for those digital nomads

Beulahland - Portland

Beulahland is a unique, old-style bar and restaurant which holds up its style without being influenced by modern times. The restaurant is family-owned and features delicious meals throughout the day.

First launched in 1997, the restaurant has garnered the trust and love of the residents. Whether it be a special event, a night out with friends, or a casual lunch, Beulahland is the ultimate choice. Be on the lookout for various events that take place throughout the year.

Address: 118 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232, United States

The Arbor Lodge – the perfect place for those who start the day early that offers freshly made coffees

The Arbor Lodge - Portland

The Arbor Lodge is the perfect choice for early-risers who want a great start to the day with some coffee and a light breakfast. The airy, minimalistic cafe offers a comfortable setting to get started for the day with sweet pastries plus tea and coffee. 

The cafe even has a dedicated online shop featuring whole beans and gift certificates.

Address: 1507 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97217, United States

Coava – an exceptional coffee heaven, perfect for digital nomads and coffee aficionados 

Coava - Portland

Coava is a coffee and snacks spot offering some of the best coffee-related beverages in the US. The company has been working for years to refine its craft and produce the best-tasting coffee. You can judge the popularity of the place by the fact that they have three locations in Portland alone. 

The idea took place in a small garage in North Portland in 2008. The owner Matt Higgins was passionate about roasting beans and producing delicious blends. After hours of study on the best practices to grow beans and prepare coffee Matt was ready to realize his dreams.

Fast forward to now, Coava successfully runs various branches in different parts of Portland. They work alongside dedicated coffee farmers to ship their beans fresh.

Address: 1300 SE Grand Ave a, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Costello’s Travel Caffe – a stylish cafe that offers a great ambience for remote workers

Costello's Travel Caffe - Portland

Costello’s Travel Caffe is the ultimate multi-purpose cafe featuring unique coffee blends, delicious breakfasts, and plenty of lunch options. It is a haven for travelers who are looking for a place that serves it all. 

The restaurant is family-owned and the chefs mainly specialize in European cuisine. The owners also focus on creating a community space where people can meet up and enjoy their food in peace.

Address: 2222 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232, United States

Guilder – a laid-back spot that provides delicious food and a cool nomadic vibe

Guilder - Portland

Guilder is a modern, laidback cafe with healthy breakfast options, coffee blends and pastries, and more. The coffee also serves as a bar featuring a decent collection of wine, beer, and cocktails.

The cafe has a branch in Powell’s City of Books as well for anyone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading their favorite title.

Address: 2393 NE Fremont St Suite B, Portland, OR 97212, United States

Best Places to Live in Portland for Digital Nomads

Pearl District West End – a chic area that is full of arts and culture, ideal for nomadic peeps


Best things to do in the Pearl District Portland

Pearl District is considered to be the heart of Portland. With numerous award-winning restaurants, beautiful gardens, and modern buildings it is the ultimate place to visit. If you love shopping you will find plenty of tempting venues to satisfy your cravings.

You will also find popular towns like Old Town Chinatown and Downtown Portland at a close distance to your home. It is also an attractive spot for book lovers and casual readers because it features Powell’s City of Books which is the largest bookstore in Portland.

Address: Pearl District, Portland, OR, USA

Arlington Heights – one of the best and most beautiful places to live if you are a digital nomad

Arlington Heights - Washington Park - Portland

Arlington Heights is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Portland featuring modern, posh houses and one-of-a-kind parks. The neighborhood also houses the Portland Japanese Garden which is one of the most popular sites for travelers. 

You can also explore the Forest Park area which has incredible trails and beautiful views. The area encompasses a total of 41 hectares and features three educational institutes as well. Since the neighborhood is a part of Washington Park you are likely to find trees, plants, and bushes in every nook and corner.

It is the perfect location to remain close to all the best traveling spots in Portland while having comfortable and beautiful lodgings. 

Address: Arlington Heights, Portland, OR 97205, USA

Alameda – a safe neighborhood that offers peace and tranquillity where a digital nomad can benefit from

Alameda neighborhood - Portland

The Alameda neighborhood is a beautiful piece of land located on the popular Alameda Ridge. The location is perfect for travelers who want to be close to all the popular spots. You will be able to see views of the Willamette River and the marvelous mountains of Cascades right from your place. 

The close proximity to Downtown Portland is also tempting to people who love exploring new towns. It’s a great place to be if you appreciate a quiet neighborhood without being too far from all the fun.

Address: Alameda, Portland, OR, USA

Laurelhurst – one of the most favorite areas in Portland where digital nomads can appreciate its vintage touch

Laurelhurst Park - Portland

Laurelhurst is considered to be the ancient town of Portland with a deep history and many incredible memories. The district is best known for its old-style houses and the popular, golden street statue of Joan of Arc (in memory of World War I).

Despite being known for its suburban feel and ancient homes, the neighborhood is pretty up-to-date with all the modern amenities and trends. You will find plenty to do and explore in the city and there is no shortage of restaurants, shops, and landmarks.

Be sure to explore the iconic Laurelhurst Park if you are in the area.

Address: Laurelhurst, Portland, OR, USA


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