Top 11 Amazing Places to Go Paddleboarding in Portland OR

I’m a huge fan of paddleboarding and the beautiful state of Oregon is full of great places for water sports, with many beautiful rivers, lakes, and gorges perfect for paddleboarding and other water-related activities. No matter where you are in the state, you can find a place to explore nature, and have a great time (just remember to keep safe)! Here are my favorite places to go Paddleboarding in and around Portland…

Top 3 Places to go Paddleboarding in or near Portland
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Best For Gear Rental
Willamette River
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Best For Waterfalls
Columbia River Gorge
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Best For Families
George Rogers Park
Best For Gear Rental

Willamette River

Willamette River for paddle boarding in Oregon Portland

A major tributary of the Columbia River, I personally think Willamette River is a great place for paddleboarding in Oregon. It accounts for almost 15 percent of the flow of the Columbia River and is about 190 miles long.

The complete river flows within the state of Oregon. The Cascade Mountain range is located to the east of the river, and the Coast Range is located to the west. It is the 13th largest river in the United States.

The main source of the Willamette system is Waldo Lake, which is one of the purest water sources in the country. I’d personally recommend taking a picnic and making a full day of it, especially during the summer months.


Scenic river views

Take part in multiple fun water sports

Lots of places to rent paddleboards

gear and take lessons


Crowded around peak seasons

Slightly noisy at times

Nearby Attractions

Forest Park

Works4wine tours

Must Do Things

Kayaking or paddleboarding

Visit the local parks around the river


There are great biking and hiking trails available

Some fantastic parks around the river which are pet-friendly

Paddleboards and gear rentals

Lessons available

Best For Waterfalls

Columbia River Gorge

Paddleboarding at the Columbia River Gorge

Situated on Hood River, The Columbia River Gorge forms the border between the states of Washington and Oregon.

Also known as The Gorge, The Columbia River Gorge is the perfect place for paddleboarding. You do not need to bring any gear because you can find many rental shops that allow you to rent paddleboarding gear and other essentials. 

From paddleboards to kayaks, you can rent everything there, making it the perfect place for all kinds of water sports.


Scenic views

Beautiful place to go paddleboarding

Historical landmarks nearby

Stunning waterfalls

Peaceful inlet so perfect water for paddleboarding


Parking is limited at times

Some places have limited cell reception

Nearby Attractions

Bridge of the Gods

The historic Vista House at Crown Point

Must Do Things

Explore the beautiful area

Explore the famous Multnomah

Bridal Veil

and Latourell Falls


Local breweries


and U-pick farms

The Society Hotel offers soaking pools

Best For Families

George Rogers Park

George Rogers Park - Oregon

Situated on State Street in Lake Oswego, Oregon, George Rogers Park covers an area of over 25 acres; it offers one of the safest paddleboarding environments. 

George Rogers Park provides access to the Willamette River, which, as mentioned above, is ideal for water sports. Along with paddleboarding, you can also enjoy other activities in the park, as it also has several baseball and soccer fields.

George Rogers Park is an ideal paddleboarding place for families because it offers a secure experience, free from any dangers.


Family-oriented spot

Stunning view of the Willamette River

Rentals available


Parking is a bit challenging

It can be slightly crowded

Nearby Attractions

Hazelia Field

Rogerson Clematis Garden

Must Do Things

Check out the historic 1886 Oregon Iron Company Furnace

Try kayaking here


The park is pet-friendly

Multiple sports fields and playgrounds

Best For Calm Waters

Clackamette Cove

Paddleboarding Clackamette Cove

The Clackamette Cove Trail, located on Clackamette Drive in Oregon City, can be accessed through Clackamette Park. The trail provides direct access to the river, where you can undertake all water sports. 

You’ll have to bring your paddleboarding gear because rental shops in the area might be hard to come by. It is a great place isolated from the rest of the hustle-bustle with natural scenery that provides a paddleboarding experience, which is hard to find anywhere else.


Serene environment

No currents so perfect place to paddleboard

Fabulous picnic spots


Need your paddleboarding equipment

It can get crowded at peak times

Nearby Attractions

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

McLean House

Must Do Things

Go for a picnic

Visit nearby Museum of the Oregon Territory


Camping facilities

There is a skatepark available

Best For Wildlife Spotting

Scappoose Bay Marine Park

Paddleboarding at Scappoose Bay

Scappoose Bay is located close to Portland and is one of the places for water sports near the city. 

The Scappoose Bay Marine Park offers fun activities; from kayaking to fishing to paddle boarding, you can do everything you want.

Furthermore, the park is a Certified Clean Marina by the Oregon State Marine Board; it has clean water so you do not have to worry about health risks while having a great time. 

You get several amenities, including a separate launching dock for paddleboards and a reserved picnic area.


Abundant wildlife at the park

Incredible watersports facilities

Great view of Mount Saint Helens


Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

The campsite is next to a busy road

Nearby Attractions


Must Do Things

Bird photography

I would also recommend kayaking here


A Gazebo picnic area

Vehicle parking for trucks and boat trailers

Best For Dog Friendly

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Paddleboarding at Sellwood Riverfront

Situated in southeast Portland, on Oaks Park Way, the Sellwood Riverfront Park is a great place for paddleboarding within Rip City.

The park offers direct access to the Willamette River and other amenities that make it an excellent place for water sports. You get a boat dock and docks reserved for kayaking and paddleboarding. There is also a dog off-leash area, meaning you can bring a dog along if you want to.

Open from 5 am to midnight, the Sellwood Riverfront Park can be accessed throughout the day.


Fabulous views

Perfect spot for flat water paddling

Wonderful picnic areas

Welcomes dogs too


It can be a little crowded

Parking can be challenging

Nearby Attractions

Portland Puppet Museum

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Must Do Things

A picnic with family or friends would be fun

Go paddleboarding with your dog


The park is dog-friendly

There are summer concerts

Best For Mt. Hood Views

Lost Lake

Paddleboarding on the Lost Lake

Located inside Mount Hood National Park, Lost Lake is another calm and peaceful place to paddleboard in Oregon.

The Lost Lake Resort offers a quality place to stay, making it the perfect spot for an outing with the family. The lake was used exclusively in the 19th century by Native Americans but was acquired later by the US Forest Service. 

The scenic beauty of the lake is jaw-dropping, making it one of the most aesthetic paddleboarding places in the state.


Serene Vibe

Breathtaking view of the lake and Mt. Hood

Equipment rentals

Overnight camping


Limited cell service

Limited parking spaces

Nearby Attractions

Lost Lake Resort

Must Do Things

Take your camera and photograph the views

Camp overnight and make the most of the scenery


Next to a resort with all the amenities

Takes reservations for the camping sites

Best For Bridge Views

Cathedral Park

Kayaking Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park offers another paddleboarding spot, which provides access to the Willamette River and its waters. 

The site is one of the landing spots of Lewis and Clack; it was also used as a fishing and camping site by Indian tribes and has a rich history.

Another interesting thing about Cathedral Park is that 1980 a time capsule was sealed into the Wall of History in the Memorial Garden within the park. 

Cathedral Park is it if you want to paddleboard at a historic location. It stays open from 5 am till midnight.


Stunning views of the St. Johns Bridge

Variety of fun hiking and trails

Paddling launch sites


Motorized boat traffic during summer months

Limited water sports facilities

Nearby Attractions

Occidental Brewery

St. Johns Bridge

Must Do Things

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival

Photograph the bridge


Boat ramp

Picnic tables

Best For Year-round Paddling

Henry Hagg Lake

Paddleboarding on the Henry Hagg Lake

Located in northwest Portland, Henry Hagg Lake is an artificial reservoir used as a reservoir. 

Part of the Tualatin River system covers an area of over 4.5 square kilometers and has a surface elevation of 93 meters. Scoggins Creek is the source of the water that makes up the lake.

The lake is a preferred paddleboarding and kayaking destination for natives and tourists. 

Because of its proximity to Portland, Henry Hagg Lake attracts many people during the summer.


Stunning lake views and wildlife spotting

Fantastic swimming areas

Great paddleboarding rentals

Great spot for year-round paddling


Crowded on weekends

It can be slightly noisy

Nearby Attractions

Elk Cove Vineyards

Tillamook State Forest

Must Do Things

The wildlife spotting

It’s also a great swimming spot


Biking trails

Boating facilities

Best For Instagrammable

Hood River

Kayaking Hood River

Located an hour away from Portland, Hood River offers one of the best paddle-boarding spots in the city.

The Hood River Waterfront Park is right by the Hood River and offers all the amenities you need for a paddleboarding session.

A crescent-shaped beach with a separate playground for toddlers is one of the park’s many offerings. You also get picnic tables and a watercraft launch, among other things. The park stays open 24 hours a day.


Stunning river and Mount Hood views

Peaceful inlet perfect for paddleboarding

Paddleboarding rentals offered in this area

Interesting waterbirds


Small swim beach

Can get busy at summer weekends

Nearby Attractions

Full Sail Brewing Company

Horsetail Falls

Must Do Things

Take in the wonderful views

The windsurfing here is also a must


Plenty of watersports facilities

Beach access

Best For Non-motorized Lake

Trillium Lake

Paddleboarding on the Trillium Lake

Created in 1960 by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, Trillium Lake is near Mount Hood. It is almost a kilometer long with a mean depth of 2.13 meters, making it a safe and secure place to paddleboard.

It is an artificial lake that offers more than just water sports, with areas for camping and hiking, along with Nordic Skiing. You can do whatever you want, from kayaking to canoeing and paddleboarding; everything is allowed. 

It is a peaceful place that allows you some privacy and is only a 10-minute drive away from Government Camp in the Mount Hood National Forest.


Relaxing and peaceful environment

Only non-motorized boats allowed

Spectacular views of Mount Hood


Parking is a little ticky at times

Crowded on summer weekends

Need to watch out for swimmers

Nearby Attractions

Timberline Lodge

Must Do Things

Nordic Skiing

Go early and photograph the incredible sunrise



They have incredible hiking trails

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