Top 12 Places to go Paddleboarding in or near Portland

The beautiful state of Oregon is full of great places for water sports, with a large number of beautiful rivers, lakes, and gorges perfect for paddleboarding and other water-related activities. No matter where you are in the state, you can find a place to go out, explore nature and have a great time (just remember to keep safe)! Here are our best places to go Paddleboarding in and around the city of Portland…

1. Willamette River – one of the best options for paddleboarding in Oregon

A major tributary of the Columbia River, the Willamette River is a great place for paddleboarding in Oregon. It accounts for almost 15 per cent of the flow of the Columbia River and is about 190 miles long.

The complete river flows within the state of Oregon. The Cascade Mountain range is located to the east of the river and the Coast Range is located to the west. It is the 13th largest river in the United States.

The main source of the Willamette system is Waldo Lake, which is one of the purest water sources in the country.

A great place for paddle boarding and other water sports, the Willamette River is one of the best options in Oregon.

Address: Willamette River, Oregon

2. Columbia River Gorge – designated one of the largest National Scenic areas in America

Paddleboarding at the Columbia River Gorge

Situated on Hood River, The Columbia River Gorge forms the border between the states of Washington and Oregon.

Also known as The Gorge, The Columbia River Gorge is the perfect place for paddleboarding. You do not need to bring any gear with you because you can find many rental shops that allow you to rent paddleboarding gear and other essentials. 

From paddleboards to kayaks, you can rent everything there, making it the perfect place for all kinds of water sports.

Address: 902 Wasco St Suite 200, Hood River, OR 97031, United States

3. Timothy Lake – a 1,500-acre lake with several campgrounds and picnic areas

Paddleboarding on Timothy Lake

Located in the southeast of Portland, about 50 miles away, Timothy Lake offers a great view.

Along with paddleboarding, you can undertake several other activities as well. There are great camping locations, spots you can hike to, and places for fishing, among other fun outdoor pastimes. 

Timothy Lake is situated near Clear Lake and has a mean depth of 14 meters.

Address: Clackamas County, Oregon, United States

4. George Rogers Park – 26-acre park on Lake Oswego offers a safe place to paddleboard

George Rogers Park - Oregon

Situated on State Street in Lake Oswego, Oregon, George Rogers Park covers an area of over 25 acres; it offers one of the safest paddleboarding environments. 

The George Rogers Park provides access to the Willamette River, which, as mentioned above, is ideal for water sports. Along with paddleboarding, you can also enjoy other activities in the park as it also has a number of baseball and soccer fields.

George Rogers Park is an ideal paddleboarding place for families because it offers a secure experience, free from any dangers.

Address: 611 S State St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034, United States

5. Clackamette Cove – a great location for those with their own paddleboarding equipment

Paddleboarding Clackamette Cove

The Clackamette Cove Trail, located on Clackamette Drive in Oregon city, can be accessed through Clackamette Park. The trail provides direct access to the river, where you can undertake all types of water sports. 

You’ll have to bring your own paddleboarding gear because rental shops might be hard to come by in the area. It is a great place isolated from the rest of the hustle-bustle with natural scenery that provides you with a paddleboarding experience, which is hard to find anywhere else.

Address: 1955 Clackamette Drive, Oregon City, OR 97045

6. Scappoose Bay Marine Park – one of the best places for paddleboarding in close proximity of the city

Paddleboarding at Scappoose Bay

Scappoose Bay is located close to Portland and is one of the places for water sports in the close vicinity of the city. 

The Scappoose Bay Marine Park offers all kinds of fun activities to perform; from kayaking to fishing to paddle boarding, you can do everything you want.

Furthermore, the park is a Certified Clean Marina by the Oregon State Marine Board; it has clean water so that you do not have to worry about any health risks while having a great time. 

You get a number of amenities, including a separate launching dock for paddleboards; there is also a reserved picnic area.

Address:  57420 Old Portland Rd, Warren, OR 97053, United States

7. Sellwood Riverfront Park – multi-purpose park tucked away on the east side of the Willamette River

Paddleboarding at Sellwood Riverfront

Situated in southeast Portland, on Oaks Park Way, the Sellwood Riverfront Park is a great place for paddleboarding within Rip City.

The park offers direct access to the Willamette River, along with other amenities that make it a great place for water sports. You get a boat dock and docks reserved for kayaking and paddleboarding. There is also a dog off-leash area, meaning you can bring a dog along if you want to.

Open from 5am till midnight, the Sellwood Riverfront Park can be accessed throughout the day.

Address: 1221 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202, United States

8. Lost Lake – a peaceful and calm place for paddleboarding, located in the Mount Hood National Forest

Paddleboarding on the Lost Lake

Located inside Mount Hood National Park, Lost Lake is another calm and peaceful place to paddleboard in Oregon.

The Lost Lake Resort offers a quality place to stay, making it the perfect spot for an outing with the family. The lake was used exclusively in the 19th century by Native Americans but was acquired later by the US Forest Service. 

The scenic beauty of the lake is jaw-dropping, making it one of the most aesthetic paddleboarding places in the state.

Address: Hood River County, Oregon, United States

9. Cathedral Park – a historic paddleboard location

Kayaking Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park offers another paddleboarding spot, which provides access to the Willamette River and its waters. 

The site is one of the landing spots of Lewis and Clack; it was also used as a fishing and camping site by Indian tribes and has a rich history. Another interesting thing about Cathedral Park is that in 1980 a time capsule was sealed into the Wall of History in the Memorial Garden situated within the park. 

If you want to paddleboard at a historic location, Cathedral Park is it. It stays open from 5 am till midnight.

Address: N Edison Street and Pittsburg Avenue, Portland, OR 97203

10. Henry Hagg Lake – a nature-lovers dream with wildlife observation decks

Paddleboarding on the Henry Hagg Lake

Located in northwest Portland, Henry Hagg Lake is an artificial lake, which is used as a reservoir. 

Part of the Tualatin River system, it covers an area of over 4.5 square kilometers and has a surface elevation of 93 meters. Scoggins Creek is the source of the water that makes up the lake.

The lake is a preferred paddleboarding and kayaking destination for both the natives and tourists. 

Because of its close proximity to Portland, Henry Hagg Lake attracts a large number of people during the summer.

Address: Washington County, Oregon

11. Hood River – a short drive from Portland, but a world away

Kayaking Hood River

Located an hour away from Portland, Hood River offers one of the best paddle boarding spots in the city.

The Hood River Waterfront Park is situated right by the Hood River and offers all the amenities you need for a paddleboarding session to remember.

A crescent-shaped beach with a separate playground for toddlers is one of the many offerings of the park. You also get picnic tables and a watercraft launch, among other things. The park stays open 24 hours a day.

Address: 650 Portway Ave, Hood River, OR 97031, United States

12. Trillium Lake – paddleboard with the incredible backdrop of Mount Hood

Paddleboarding on the Trillium Lake

Created in 1960 by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, Trillium Lake is located near Mount Hood. It is almost a kilometer long with a mean depth of 2.13 meters, making it a safe and secure place to paddleboard.

It is an artificial lake that offers more than just water sports with areas for camping, and hiking, along with Nordic Skiing. You can do whatever you want, from kayaking to canoeing and paddleboarding; everything is allowed. 

It is a peaceful place that allows you some privacy and is only a 10-minute drive away from Government Camp in the Mount Hood National Forest.

Address: NF-2612, Government Camp, OR 97028, United States

Please adhere to PaddleBoarding safety tips and advice before heading out.


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