Top 15 Best Places to Buy Plants in Portland

Whether you’re a succulent, cactus, terrarium or bonsai fan plant ownership is on the rise! Not only do they look great and require minimal looking after, they also absorb carbon dioxide and then release oxygen from their leaves. From flowers to both indoor and outdoor beauties here are the best places to buy plants in Portland, Oregon (in no particular order)

1. Gurton’s Plant Shop – a place to find lots of cool, funky and unique plants 

Gurton's Plant Shop

Gurton’s Plant Shop is located in the Hillsdale Shopping Center in the Hillsdale District of Portland. 

This family-owned plant nursery has 7 generations worth of green thumbs in their business background. Their family history spans as far back as one of their grandpas, Henry Gurton being a royal gardener and his son, Ted, being a dapper rose gardener. 

Shop your houseplants, planters, and outside plants at their store. They can even prepare an order for you via phone call or text messaging. 

Address: 6360 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239

2. Portland Nursery – one of the best places to buy plants, roses, cacti and succulents in Portland

Portland Nursery Plants

Portland Nursery grows their own flowers and plants such as roses, annuals, bamboo, fruit and nut trees, bonsai, ferns, perennials, and so much more! Refer to the plant library on their website for a full list of their available plants. 

What makes Portland Nursery one of the best plant shops in Portland is how they have an updated design container each month on their website. Viewing this picture can give you ideas on how to do your garden or small gardening container at home. 

Address: 5050 SE Stark St, Portland, Oregon 97215

3. Marbott’s Greenhouse & Nursery – a family-owned spot offering perennials, annuals, herbs and indoor plants

Marbott's Greenhouse & Nursery

Woodlawn District’s Marbott’s Greenhouse & Nursery is a family-owned garden center that has been in business since 1930 with a motto in their “About Us” section that states that “finding the perfect plant is not a problem”. 

This garden center is able to grow 90% of the plants and flowers they sell thanks to the 8 greenhouses that they have on-site behind the store. They sell flowers and plants such as perennials, annuals, poinsettias, house plants, trees, rockery plants, and groundcovers. 

Address: 1808 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97211

4. Birds & Bees Nursery – sells sustainable products for the urban garden both indoors and out

Birds & Bees Nursery Portland

The Birds & Bees Nursery in the Richmond District sells plants, seeds, and soils native to the Northwest and even supplies for you to make your own terrariums. For the green thumb in your family or your friend’s circle, the nursery sells gifts for gardeners. 

Carrying plants from local nurseries throughout Oregon, you can purchase houseplants for inside and Northwest natives, ornamentals, fruits, and vegetable plants for you to replant in your outside garden. 

The gardening tools and supplies that they sell come from suppliers in Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, and New York. 

Birds & Bees Nursery is one of the best plant shops for transparently disclosing their suppliers to their Portland shoppers. 

Address: 3327 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97206

5. Arium Botanicals – a speciality plant shop which curates rare plants, plant installations, and handmade ceramics

Arium Botanicals Portland

Arium Botanicals is a plant nursery situated within the Eliot District. 

Choose from hoya, silver dragon, zizou, bird nest fern, cork mounted plant, and so many more greenery selections to enhance your home’s decor and earthy presentation. 

While nationwide shipping is offered, there are some plants that are available for in-store or local pickup only. 

Check back often for on-site planting workshops every so often to get a crash course in gardening and plant care.

Address: 2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212

6. Pistils Nursery – a small nursery which offers exotic and everyday plants and terrariums

Pistils Nursery Portland

Pistils Nursery is a plant nursery that carries exotic and every day plants as well as plant gifts and terrariums. 

Located in the Boise District, if you own a farm in the local area, consider having Pistils Nursery become your supplier for urban farm supplies. 

No matter what you are purchasing, if you sign up for their newsletter when you log on to their website (the offer will pop up when you first land on their homepage), you can save $5 on your first online order just for signing up. 

If you want to enhance your green thumb abilities or learn how to gain one, there are online and private workshops available for you to sign up. 

Address: 3811 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

7. hammer + vine – a neighborhood plant shop with a beautiful hand-selected houseplants

hammer + vine Plant shop Portland

The hammer + vine plant nursery is located in the Goose Hollow Foothills District of Portland. 

You can shop in-store for your houseplants, planters, and ritual wellness products or you can choose what you want online and have them delivered to your door if you live locally in Portland. Hence, hammer + vine is one of the best plant shops for offering plant delivery in Portland. 

Choose from houseplants such as cacti, rubber trees, spider plants, rabbit’s foot fern, and more. 

Address: 2190 W Burnside St ste b, Portland, OR 97210

8. Garden Fever! – a smaller neighborhood garden center selling plants and tools as well as classes

Garden Fever! Portland

While Garden Fever! is on the smaller side, there are many amenities in this garden center besides just selling houseplants and planters. 

Located in the Alameda Irvington District, Garden Fever! is also your destination for gardening education where you can take advantage of extracurricular lectures and classes to perfect your green thumb. 

Shop fruit and vegetable plants, soil and fertilizer, watering cans, herb plants and seeds, and more. You can either shop in-store or you can take a look at their available inventory on their online store and email an order in for them to prepare and bring out to your car. Be sure to put your phone number in the email. 

Address: 3433 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97212

9. Solabee Flowers & Botanicals – a plant store and a full service floral shop 

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals is a florist in Portland that takes you to a vision of a beautifully decorated backyard when you visit them. Sometimes they adorn their building with plants and even set outside some featured flowers and plants of the season to attract customers.

This florist specializes in bouquets and displays for weddings and other special events. You get a free consultation with the Florist on duty to help your floral arrangement come to life. 

If you want to decorate your home, there are greening design solutions offered at the shop, too. Besides their Humboldt District location, there is another location in the Northwest District of Portland as well. 

Address: 801 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

10. thicket – a garden boutique with botanicals, an eclectic array of vintage and new decor items as well as design classes

thicket Portland

Located in the Alberta Arts District, thicket is a garden center and boutique that offers botanicals, modern and vintage decor pieces, and even garden design classes. 

Their motto is “cultivating growth within our city and natural world”. thicket participates in local events, so keep up on where they are going next by checking the community events list on their homepage. 

If you want to learn more about planting and gardening tips, visit their blog for seasonal gardening tips and their personal stories about planting. 

Address: 4933 NE 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211

11. Cistus Design Nursery – a retail micro-nursery located on scenic Sauvie Island

Cistus Design Nursery

Cistus Design Nursery is on Sauvie Island in Portland and their niche are tropical plants that thrive in the Mediterranean climate. 

Whether you want to browse these plants sourced from the Willamette Valley at the nursery in- person or browse online and have plants sent to your home, Cistus Design Nursery is your go-to for helping you to design your small garden in the backyard or the courtyard at your small business. 

Their motto says: “Plants are our passion, and sharing our treasures with fellow plant lovers is our joy” and they continue to live up to that with every garden they design. 

Address: 22711 NW Gillihan Rd, Portland, OR 97231

12. Sammy’s Flowers – a popular and trendy shop offering plants, floral design for weddings and same-day flower deliveries

Sammy's Flowers Portland

Sammy’s Flowers is based in the Goose Hollow Foothills District and sells houseplants, does floral arrangements and displays for weddings and other special events, and offers same-day delivery for floral orders through the Portland area. 

Pair your floral order for that special someone with candles and/or chocolate for that perfect touch of delectable finesse. 

You can also choose a card to go with floral arrangements and bouquets that you order to make an occasion extra special for someone’s birthday, graduation, Valentine’s Day, or what have you. 

Address: 1710 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

13. Starflower – a charming place focusing offering luxurious, organic floral arrangements for weddings and special occasions

Starflower Portland

Starflower is another organic plant grower and garden center in Portland. 

Located in the Richmond District, you can sign up for a regular flower subscription to receive seasonal blooms all throughout the year for as long as you are signed up for the subscription. 

When shopping, choose from set floral arrangements or select from greenery house plants such as Monstera Peru and Madagascar Palm. 

Contact the store to find out more about floral arrangement classes that you can take at the shop. 

Address: 3564 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

14. Roots Garden Supply – everything you need to be able to nurture your plants

Roots Garden Supply

Roots Garden Supply is based in the Arbor Lodge District and is a garden center outlet with organic soil and grows their plants using horticultural lighting. 

Their homepage claims to be “Portland’s best garden center” and we can see why because they specialize in organic planting soil and all-natural fertilizer as well as organic pest control products. Organic growing is more healthy for the environment and for people eating any fruits or vegetables from homegrown plants. 

Address: 6850 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

15. UrbanStems – sends beautiful flowers, plants, and gifts on a quick delivery

UrbanStems Portland

UrbanStems specializes in next-day flower delivery in popular metros throughout the United States, including Portland. 

Simply choose your floral or plant arrangements or bouquets, add to your cart, pay, and expect as early as next-day delivery.

You can get 15% off your first order when you sign up for the UrbanStems newsletter. When you sign up for the UrbanStems rewards program, you can get $5 to put towards your next order once you have accumulated 100 points. If you refer a friend and he or she makes a purchase, you will get $15 off your next order and he or she will get $15 off their first order. 

Address: Online website that offers plant and flower delivery 


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