Top 12 Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in Portland

Arguably the most important dinner of the year in the US, Thanksgiving is a chance to celebrate gratitude and catch up with loved ones.

If you don’t want to spend it cooking at home, there are plenty of restaurants in the Oregon city that will do all the work for you and lay on an extra special feast! Here are the best restaurants in Portland that you can book into for your Thanksgiving Dinner (in no particular order)...

1. Andina – the perfect place to celebrate Thanksgiving with a touch of Peruvian cuisine

Andina - Portland

While it is easy to find an American-style restaurant on every corner in Portland, only a few dare to bring something new to the table and change the way people enjoy their food. The team behind Andina has done exactly that. 

By collaborating with local farmers in Oregon and traders from Chincha, Peru, the restaurant has brought authentic Peruvian cuisine to our very own city. Andina is built on love, compassion and brings thousands of years of culture and tradition with their food and recipes. 

The exotic Peruvian flavors, farm-fresh Oregano food, and a huge menu make it one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants in Portland. Enjoy your food in a family-friendly, classy setting and experience the Peruvian tradition.

Address: 1314 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Phone: +1 503-228-9535

2. Prost! – a cozy German pub located in a historic part of Portland where you can enjoy Thanksgiving food

Prost! Portland Oregon

Germany is known for its unparalleled wine and lively atmosphere. However, for many of us in the US, it is tough to find the same flavors in our local restaurants.

Prost! was built to bring popular German items and authentic wine to our city. 

Set up as a traditional pub with large tables and a beautiful patio, Prost! brings the lively German experience alongside their drinks. The menu also features German salads, homemade soups, pretzels, and much more. 

Address: 4237 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217, United States

Phone: +1 503-954-2674

3. Metropolitan Tavern – a modern tavern that offers traditional Thanksgiving food

Metropolitan Tavern - Portland

Metropolitan Tavern is a sleek, modern restaurant situated atop Hotel Eastlund. It is one of the few places in Portland where you can enjoy great sights and an amazing atmosphere all the while treating yourself to delicious, contemporary food.

The menu is split into main plates, small plates, sides, sharable boards, artisan pizzas and desserts to make sure you leave full.

The place is packed with loyal customers who swear by the food. Double the fun, this thanksgiving by treating your family to the best food in Portland. 

Address: 1021 NE Grand Ave Suite 600, Portland, OR 97232, United States

Phone: +1 503-963-3600

4. Radar Restaurant – a trendy restaurant where you can spend Thanksgiving day with the family

Radar Restaurant - Portland

If you are in the mood for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, consider giving Radar a shot. The stylish bar and restaurant have a huge selection of items to choose from which will be served fresh. 

Whether you are with your family and friends or solo-riding the day, Radar will welcome you with open arms. You can sit at the bar counter and watch the chefs in action, or take a seat in the private indoor setting to enjoy the food just the way you like it. 

If you are feeling especially bold you can also sit on the patio and enjoy the beautiful weather while you wait for your food. The menu is a mix of Spanish savory dishes, French dishes, seafood, veggie options, and craft cocktails. 

Address: 3951 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227, United States

Phone: +1 503-841-6948

5. NORR Kitchen – a great place to explore and try delicious Thanksgiving food

NORR Kitchen - Portland

NORR Kitchen has perhaps the most creative culinary staff in all of Portland. The place was initially a photography studio with an emphasis on creating and testing new dishes and cuisine. 

The love for food and creating aesthetically pleasing yet delicious dishes compelled the team to expand the studio to a kitchen. NORR Kitchen now offers a wide range of menu options with an emphasis on food that not only tastes good but also looks incredible. 

The place has dine-in and takeaway options. Furthermore, customers can also book catering services for events of all sizes.

Address: 920 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232, United States

Phone: +1 503-941-0407

6. Magna Kusina – a very successful restaurant nominated as the restaurant of the year 2021

Magna Kusina - Portland

Magna Kuisina was started as a passion project by the talented chef Carlo Lamagna. Carlo grew up in a Filipino household and over the years learned to embrace his culture and heritage.

His goal was to spread his culture and promote Filipino culinary prowess through a well-crafted, delicious menu. He was able to achieve his goal and built the Magna Kusina in 2019. 

The restaurant was a huge success and within two years Magna Kusina was rated Restaurant of the Year by The Oregonian. Around this time Carlo was featured in Food & Wine’s class of Best New Chefs.

Address: 2525 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202, United States

Phone: +1 503-395-8542

7. Kachka – a great place to try Russian cuisine and Thanksgiving dinner

Kachka - Portland

Kacha was opened in 2014 by Bonnie Morales and her husband Israel. Bonnie grew up in the US in a family which was heavily invested in Belarusian cuisine and often held parties inviting fellow Russian relatives and home-cooking and prepping all the meals with great enthusiasm. 

However, Bonnie wasn’t particularly fond of her hereditary cuisine and drove away from it when she was studying french cooking techniques at a culinary cuisine. This was until she met her now-husband who rekindled the love of Russian food in her heart. 

The couple started the restaurant which was included in America’s Essential Restaurants by Eater.

Address: 960 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Phone: +1 503-235-0059

8. Cooperativa – a very charming Italian marketplace ideal for Thanksgiving celebrations

Cooperativa - Portland

Cooperativa is a food shopping store and in-door restaurant covering 5000 square feet on the ground floor of the Tanner Point building.

Inspired by the Mercato Centrale, the food shopping hall was set up by Anna Caporael and Sarah Schafer. 

The all-Italian food store features all sorts of treats including pizzas, gelatos, coffee stalls, flowers, pastries, and other items. The place also has a pasta station and a bar. It is a great place to shop for Italian items and get a taste of Italian cuisine. 

Address: 1250 NW 9th Ave Suite 100, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Phone: +1 503-342-7416

9. Dutch Bros – one of the best places to start Thanksgiving day

Dutch Bros - Portland

The Dutch Bros was founded by Dutch brothers Dane and Travis Boersma who were inspired to start selling coffee when working on a dairy farm. Eventually, the brothers set up their business by selling coffee in a pushcart. 

The coffee received great attention and was loved by many. Soon the carts were not enough, and the brothers began setting up coffee stands.

The company now has over 470 drive-thru and walk-in branches and sells all kinds of beverages including coffee, smoothies, lemonade, energy drinks, and more. The company was featured in Forbes’ Small Giants in 2017.

Address: 2057 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Phone: +1 541-955-4700

10. Cracker Barrel – a very good option for Thanksgiving if you fancy American traditional food

Cracker Barrel - Portland

Cracker Barrel is a Southern-style diner offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner in traditional Southern cuisine. Cracker Barrel has branches all across the US, with 665 stores or restaurants in 45 states. 

The restaurant locations feature a porch, with signature rocking chairs and a stone fireplace.

The walls are filled with local decorations and other ornaments giving a cozy vibe to the place. 

Address: 12050 N Center Ave, Portland, OR 97217, United States

Phone: +1 503-285-6651

11. Jake’s Grill – a grill restaurant that serves hearty food  Jake's Grill - Portland

Jake’s Grill is a traditional American restaurant well known for its steaks, seafood, and wine. The menu has a huge selection of items including sandwiches, cocktails, salads, soups, starters, lunches, and almost anything else you can wish for. 

Customers also love the happy hours where special items are available and items are featured at a lower cost. Jake’s Grill is also open for booking. You can book the team to cater your next event no matter what the size. 

Whether you are serving ten people or two thousand Jake’s Grill will handle your request seamlessly.

Address: 611 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Phone: +1 503-220-1850

12. Bullard Tavern – a classic Tex-Mex spot ideal for a thanksgiving festivity

Bullard Tavern - Portland

Bullard Tavern is a classy, modern restaurant that was first opened in Texas. The highlighting feature of the restaurant is the hearth and a smoker both powered by wood. 

The menu features lunch plates, small plates, brunches, and sides. The restaurant also features drinks, take-out options, and dinner boxes.

You can also buy gift cards to the place to treat a friend or loved one to a healthy meal. 

Customers can book the restaurant for private events including birthday parties and company conferences.

Address: 813 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Phone: +1 503-222-1670

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