Top 10 Best Wine Tours from Portland

The city of Portland is surrounded by some of the most beautiful wine country in the USA. The Willamette Valley is filled with around 150 wineries and is only around an hour’s drive away from Portland.

Many of the wineries are open for tastings but arguably the best way to explore them is with a knowledgable guide from an organised tour. Here are some of the best wine tours from Portland, Oregon…

1. From Portland: Willamette Valley Character Wineries – one of the best wine tours in Oregon

Willamette Valley Character Wineries - Oregon

Enjoy the pastoral scenery of the Willamette Valley Character Wineries and meet the personalities connected with the wine manufacturing.

It’s worth a visit to Willamette Valley Character Wineries so you can sample its popular Pinot Noir. During the holiday season, it’s most popular for its Christmas trees, hazelnuts, and berries. 

The tour lasts for 6.5 hours and you tour 3-4 different wineries in the area, so you can get the most interactive experience for the price you pay.

You will be picked up from your hotel and be provided lunch, drinks, and snacks during the tour. If you decide to purchase any wine bottles, wine tasting fees will be waived. 

2. Portland: Mount Hood Wine and Waterfalls Full-Day Tour – the perfect place to visit and to enjoy some wine tasting

Mount Hood Wine and Waterfalls Full-Day Tour - Oregon

Visit Mount Hood Wine and Waterfalls to bask in the sceneries of western Cascades, Timberline Lodge, and Hood River Valley. You will even get to see Multnomah Falls, which is the tallest waterfall located in Oregon during the 8.5-hour tour. 

It’s worth a visit to the Mount Hood Wine and Waterfall because you can enjoy a farm-to-table lunch as you sample the popular wines and bask in the scenery of Mount Hood.

No matter what season you do this tour, you can even enjoy time in the snow when the tour stops at Timberline Lodge. 

3. Portland: Silver Falls Hike and Wine Tour – a great spot to have a wine tour and to appreciate nature

Silver Falls Hike and Wine Tour - Oregon

Silver Lakes State Park is known as the “crown jewel” of the national parks in Portland, Oregon. You will be immersed in a cultural history lesson of the area during this 10-hour tour. 

It’s worth a visit to Silver Falls Hike and Wine tour because you get to hike through the Silver Falls area and then have a picnic lunch in Willamette Valley where you can sample Pinot Noir as your beverage.

Your guide will take you on an immersive tour around, through, and above the waterfall before you stop for your picnic lunch. After your lunch, you will enjoy tours of two local boutique wineries nearby. 

4. From Portland: Columbia Gorge Hike and Winery Lunch – an educational place where you can learn about the history and enjoy a wine tour

Columbia Gorge Hike and Winery Lunch -Oregon

Get ready to go on a 15-kilometer hike, stop in between to enjoy wine at two tasting rooms, and end your day at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum for an immersive history lesson of the local area. 

It’s worth a visit to the Columbia Gorge Hike and Winery Lunch because you can hike the Columbia Gorge in the morning and enjoy the scenery before you enjoy lunch at a local boutique winery.

Enjoy other stops to a local fish stand or fruit stand to pick up a bite to eat or something to take back to your hotel if you desire.

5. Portland: All-Inclusive Willamette Valley Waterfalls & Wine – the utmost winery where you can experience a great wine tour

All-Inclusive Willamette Valley Waterfalls & Wine - Oregon

Explore the Western and Eastern sections of the Willamette Valley in the All-Inclusive Willamette Valley Waterfalls & Wine tour.

It’s worth a visit to this tour because you get to have a seasonally fresh lunch for Left Coast Cellars after you explore the rainforests and waterways of Silver Falls State Park. 

Your guide will take you behind the curtain of the North Falls during your exploration of the Silver Falls State Park. Enjoy the farm country throughout your tour that once made up the Oregon Trail, which will give you an immersive educational experience during this 9-hour tour. 

6. A Great Oregon Wine Tour – one of the most beautiful places to have a wine tour 

A Great Oregon Wine Tour - Oregon

A Great Oregon Wine Tour will give you a private tour through the Willamette Valley. 

It’s worth a visit to this tour because you can customize your tour by exploring the Oregon Coast Loop or the Mt. Hood Loop via four different types of touring experiences. 

Go on a wine country tour of vineyards and sample local wines. There’s a private wine tour for two or for four where you can choose a list of wineries to explore or the tour guides give you a suggested list to explore or even a mixture of both. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even do your own self-guided tour without an itinerary but still have the help of an experienced tour guide join you.

7. Willamette Valley Wine Tours – one of the most popular wine tours in the state of Oregon where you can taste the best wines

Willamette Valley Wine Tours - Oregon

Take an hour’s drive from the Portland metro area to arrive at the Northern Willamette Valley Wine Tours and be amazed at Oregon’s wine country. 

It’s worth a visit because there’s a variety of wineries and vineyards to explore in their Sea to Summit tour including Anam Cara, Bella Vida, White Rose, Four Graces, Argyle Winery and more!

The Willamette Valley is located on a historic sedimentary bed of volcanic rock, where it’s a great place to grow grapes for Oregon’s popular Pinot Noir that you can enjoy at any of the 500 wineries throughout the Willamette Valley area.

8. Backcountry Wine Tours – a diverse wine tour that is customized to provide a good variety

Backcountry Wine Tours - Oregon

Backcountry Wine Tours has been in business since 2011 and provides custom tours of the Willamette Valley area for people to enjoy the local wineries. 

It’s worth a visit to Backcountry Wine Tours because you can customize your touring experience via a joinable tour or a private tour. A joinable tour helps you to meet new people and it keeps the group small, interactive, and personable at no more than eight people.

A private tour can go beyond eight people and you get to choose who comes with you on the tour as well as a guide that stays with your group. 

9. Tesla Custom Winery Tours – a one of a kind spot that is Oregon’s first and only fully sustainable winery tour

Tesla Custom Winery Tours - Oregon

Tesla Custom Winery Tours is known as Oregon’s first winery tour. Choose from three custom wine tours around Portland in the Willamette Valley and other nearby areas. 

It’s worth a visit to the Tesla Custom Winery Tours because they were voted #1 in 2019 for Vineyard Lunches, which is complementary to any tour they give for up to six people.

The menu consists of imported cheeses, a charcuterie board, fresh sourdough bread, oven-roasted turkey breast and so much more. 

The best deal is on the Tesla custom winery tour for up to six people where an itinerary of wineries is customized based on your group’s desired tastes. 

10. Tillamook: Private Food Tour of Local Farms – an all-in-one farm where you can have both food and wine tour

Tillamook Private Food Tour of Local Farms - Oregon

Be whisked away by a food experience beyond your wildest dreams on the Tillamook: Private Food Tour of Local Farms. It’s worth a visit to this tour because you get to learn about popular culinary ingredients and dishes of the local area beyond just tasting beers. 

Taste oysters and learn the best way to shuck them for your personal enjoyment at home. Learn how to catch a crab and enjoy a feast with local cheeses afterwards.

Enjoy a guided tour from local farms such as Nehalem River Ranch or Marion Acres discussing how they take animal welfare seriously to source the freshest ingredients needed for Oregon’s famous culinary masterpieces. 

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