Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Alabama

Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Alabama

The Southeastern state border by Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida is often overlooked as a travel destination in favor of its more crowd-pleasing neighbors but that’s what makes it so special. It has a raw and authentic edge which lacking in some states and is also home to some gorgeous scenery too. Known as “Heart of Dixie” and being synonymous with the American Civil Rights movement, Alabama packs a punch with its collection of proud historic buildings, Franco-Caribbean architecture, stunning forests, and lakes, and jaw-droppingly beautiful coastlines and beaches. Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Alabama, USA…

Dauphin Island – a gorgeous place to visit in Alabama far away from the hassle of city life

Dauphin Island - best places to visit in Alabama

A stunning place to visit in Alabama, Dauphin Island is a 14-mile-long barrier island and is located on the Gulf Coast Island of the same name. This is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of your crowded city or town. This island is famous for the fact that it’s extremely pet-friendly and has the remains from a 19th century Fort Gaines which is all about original cannons and a blacksmith shop. This tiny island is the home to several migrating birds and they can be found in the dunes, forest and swap of the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. There’s in abundance to walk around and explore or just sit back and relax on the beach.

The Cheaha Mountain State Park – a stunning State Park which is one of the most beautiful places to explore in Alabama

Cheaha Mountain State Park

The highest point, 2,407 feet above sea level in the State of Alabama is in the beautiful Cheaha State Park. The State Park is located a couple of miles northwest of Delta, a tiny town. The highest point is easily noticeable with a UGCS benchmark right in front of the Bunker Tower. This should feature on your list of great places to visit in Alabama if you enjoy some picturesque hikes! This park is also considered as Alabama’s very first state park.

Orange Beach – a great family beach holiday spot

Orange Beach Alabama

Orange Beach is a small and stunning coastal city located in the state of Alabama. Nicknamed as the water sports hub, it has a huge fishing pier and several picnic areas. The scenic coastal city has a museum named Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum and you can explore the history of Native Americans and fishing.

A mesmerizing vacation is on your cards, if you choose this stellar place! Some other places if you wish to look around Orange Beach are  Backcountry Trails, Canoe Trail, Waterfront Park, Public Boat Launches and, Disc Golf Course Park.

Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway – the most scenic road route in the state

Alabama's Coastal Connection Scenic Byway

Everyone loves a good long drive and there is nothing like a spellbinding and coastal route! This is why the Alabama Coastal Connection is one of the treasured places to vist not just in Alabama but in the whole of the USA and has been recognized by the Federal Highway Administration as a National Scenic Byway.

This byway connects the places and people of the Baldwin and coastal Mobile counties. It is also a true testimony to the diverse and rich culture of the state’s Gulf Coast region. Easily one of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Alabama.

Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery – one of the most beautiful buildings to visit in Alabama

Alabama State Capitol

History buffs don’t need to brainstorm on where we head to learn the history of this stunning American state. The answer is the Alabama State Capitol, which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the First Confederate Capitol. It is the state capitol building for Alabama and is a particularly beautiful building to visit.

The capitol is situated on Capitol Hill, earlier known as Goat Hill, in Montgomery. The capitol has been declared a National Historic Landmark since December 19, 1960.

Tuscaloosa – a beautiful Alabama city surrounded by even more beautiful countryside

Tuscaloosa - the best places to visit in Alabama

Tuscaloosa is a lovely city to visit located to the west of the Alabama state. This city houses the Byrant-Denny Stadium which is hugely popular for being the home to University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team.

Fans of the team, you know where to go now! The city’s Museum of Natural History has a huge exhibit of fossils and minerals as well. The city also makes a great base to explore some of the most beautiful countryside Alabama has to offer.

Mobile Bay – a stunning shallow inlet of the Gulf of Mexico

Beautiful Mobile Bay Alabama

Beautiful Mobile Bay is said to be the Gulf Coast’s prominent cultural center and is the house to scores of art museums. It doesn’t end with just that and there are a lot of options for music lovers to explore as well. A symphony orchestra, professional opera, professional ballet company, and a large concentration of historic architecture are all in offing for culture enthusiasts.

Another fantastic addition to all of this is that Mobile is the home to one of oldest carnivals or Mardi Gras to be organized in the United States.

Lake Martin – a beautiful place to explore for outdoor lovers

Lake Martin Alabama

Lake Martin is a beautiful reservoir that covers a whopping 44,000 acres. This reservoir was formed due to the construction of the Martin Dam on the Tallapoosa River. When the construction was completed back in 1926, this was considered as the largest man-made water body in the world.

This popular Alabama destination to visit gives its visitors a host of options like swimming, boating, water skiing, camping and golfing. Some of the nearest cities are Dadeville, Jacksons Gap and Eclectic. 

Bellingrath Gardens and Home – the charming historic home of Coca-Cola’s first bottlers in the Southeast of the US

Bellingrath Gardens and Home

This 65-acre public garden and also the historic home of Walter and Bessie Bellingranth and they are known as one of the first Coca-Cola bottlers in the Southeast of the US. It is his wealth that helped in building up this stunning estate garden and home. It is located on the banks of the Fowl River near Mobile, Alabama.

The tour packages around Bellingrath Gardens and Home is extremely affordable and ranges $14 to $22. The estimated time to tour around the gardens and home is around two hours. Now you know you have to drop in here when you visiting Alabama!

Bankhead National Forest – home to Alabama’s only scenic river

Bankhead National Forest

This beautiful national forest is named after William Bankhead, former speaker of the United States House of Representatives. This humongous forest covers 181,230 acres and is the home to Alabama’s only scenic river, the Spisey Fork.

This forest is located around the town of Double Springs which is on the northwestern part of the state. It’s a great place to go hiking, walking with your dog, nature viewing, and camping during certain times of the year.

Fairhope – a charming harbourside city

Fairhope Alabama

This pretty and quaint city is located in the Baldwin county of Alabama. It is surrounded by the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay and this could be another option for all of you who like cities surrounded by stunning water bodies. The city offers panoramic views of the Mobile Bay and has lovely parks all around too.

Check out some of those sea-food restaurants in Fairhope. This beautiful town to visit is also said to be the paradise for retirees and a highly-considered option for retirement. The public schools in the city are highly rated as well! There’s a surprise for you tourists because you will find some noteworthy spots of strands in the area and it is your answer to the beach feel!

Gulf Shores – a popular resort city to stay in Alabama

Gulf Shores Alabama

As it goes by the obvious name, the city is located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast and all you beach lovers, this is your chance. The Gulf State Park has several beaches, pier and trails as well. It’s topped off with a golf course and a zip line that goes up to the dunes. The west of the city, several migratory birds and sea turtles thrive on the natural surroundings of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. A very popular and beautiful place to visit in Alabama.

Little River Canyon National Park – for forested uplands, waterfalls, canyon rims and bluffs

Little River Canyon National Park

The picturesque national preserve is situated on the top of the Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne in Alabama. The 288-acre preserve is said to be protecting the country’s longest mountaintop river.

Now that says something about this stunning view, doesn’t it? The DeSoto State Park is also near the Little River. The options are several for an explorer! Some of the sights to explore are Marthas Falls, The Alabama Fan Club and Museum, Fort Payne Depot Museum, Big Mill Antique Mall and so on.

Guntersville Lake – one of the best places in Alabama for a weekend escape

Guntersville Lake Alabama

This beautiful lake is located on the banks of the Tennessee River in Northeast of Alabama. Guntersville is said to be the focus point of Eagle Awareness in the state and several awareness programmes are conducted every year. This is to empower the public about the once-endangered national symbol. The bald eagle population is said to increase, all thanks to the preservation efforts put in.

Childersburg – said to be the oldest city in USA

Childersburg Alabama

The Talladega County in Alabama is the home to Childersburg which is touted as the oldest city in the country. The history of this city dates back to 1540 as it was visited by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto and back then what was the Coosa nation. Some of the points you can explore would be the DeSoto caverns for cave tours and the Kymulga Grist Mill Park for camping.

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