the most beautiful places to visit in Delaware

Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Delaware

The tiny state located in the Mid-Atlantic region. is often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors but with gorgeous sandy beaches, storybook countryside, and a spectacular river it still packs quite a punch. In fact, it’s proudly named itself the ‘Small Wonder, and with good reason, the 96 miles long state has plenty to offer its visitors and Delaware is even where the presidential candidate Joe Biden hails from. From tranquil islands to show-stopping historic structures, here are the most beautiful places to visit in Delaware, USA…

First State National Historical Park – a fabulous and popular historic attrition to visit in Delaware

First State National Historical Park Delaware

Delaware was the “First State” to ratify the U.S constitution and the First State National Historical Park encompasses many colonial landmarks as well as being a popular beautiful place to visit in Delaware. Take an enlightening tour to the New Castle Court House or trail along Woodlawn’s forested countryside along the historic Brandywine River, this land will leave you amazed.

Other attractions include the renowned landmarks Fort Christina, Ryves Holt House, The Green, Dover, and John Dickinson Plantation. The historic homes, beautiful landscapes, and lush-green forests truly define the marveling beauty of this wonderful state.

Rehoboth Beach – Delaware’s most visited city which is home to a gorgeous sandy beach

Rehoboth Beach - best places to visit in Delaware

A perfect getaway choice for beachgoers, Rehoboth Beach is an excellent beach vacation destination on the Delaware shores. The sparkling water is ideal for water sports like kayaking, surfing, swimming, skimboarding, sailing, and much more. This beautiful coastal town also hosts marveling estates, amusements, and museums.

Stroll along the award-winning boardwalk with the majestic view of the Atlantic or enjoy the pastel sunset with live music and savory delights in this lively destination. Wander downtown or simply sit back and relax, this charming town in itself will make you want to return to Delaware! 

Bombay Hook Wildlife Preserve – take a scenic walk through the historic tidal marshBombay Hook Wildlife Preserve

Stretching across 16,000 acres along the Delaware Bay, the Bombay Hook Wildlife Preserve is home to diversified wildlife and habitat. Mostly a tidal salt marsh the Preserve comprises meadows, creeks, tidal pools, and mudflats. A refuge and breeding ground for many migratory birds, this Preserve offers a great opportunity to view birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects in their natural environment.

Besides bird-watching, there are short walking trails with observation towers and a visitor center. Each season brings different species of birds to the refuge. It’s the best spot for watching songbirds, sandpipers, shorebirds, heron, waterfowl, and egrets. 

Dewey Beach – Delaware’s youngest town which is home to another gorgeous beachDewey Beach Delaware

Located around 125 miles from the Nation’s capital, the Dewey Beach is rightly called a gem along Delaware’s gold coast. The Dewey Beach is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the soothing Rehoboth Bay. For those who love water sports, this beach is an absolute paradise with the signature skimboarding.

Visitors from all walks of life throng the beach for ocean sunrises and pastel sunsets. Along with the beaches, Dewey is also known for its finest dining, exciting nightspots, and proximity to state parks. With cool bay breezes and the bonfires on the beach, Dewey Beach offers the perfect way to end the day.

Fenwick Island State Park – home to a peaceful ocean and bay shorelinesFenwick Island State Park

Named after a planter, Thomas Fenwick who migrated from England, The Fenwick Island State Park was established in the year 1966. Located on the Fenwick Island, between the Atlantic Ocean and Little Assawoman Bay, this beach is mostly undeveloped in comparison to surrounding beaches.

The peaceful ocean and pastel sunset is something you cannot miss. Popular recreational activities along the beach include swimming, sunbathing, sailing, kayaking, and much more. The three-mile stretch of this island offers a wide playground with beautiful dunes for sunbathing and relaxing spots in Delaware’s Atlantic coast.

Cape Henlopen – a land of gentle dunes and singing shorebirds

Cape Henlopen - best places to visit in Delaware

If you’re seeking solitude and quiet beauty for laidback summers, Cape Henlopen is a local treasure for all to enjoy. Near the town of Lewes is the southern cape of the Delaware Bay, the Cape Henlopen.

Located at a point where Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, this white sand beach provides exudes elegance. The Cape Henlopen State Park was the first public land established in the U.S. From sunbathing on the shoreline to fishing on the pier, endless adventure awaits you at Cape Henlopen.

Blackbird Creek Preserve – an unspoiled Delaware beauty spot perfect for outdoor recreational activities

Blackbird Creek Delaware

A part of the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve, The Blackbird Creek Preserve is located along the Delaware Bay shore Byway. The Reserves manages over 400 acres bordering the tidal Blackbird Creek.

Along with several miles of trails through uplands and marsh, it offers plenty of opportunities for bird watching, wildlife photography, canoeing for nature lovers. The Reserves also hosts a fun-filled Blackbird Creek Fall Festival every year during October. 

Delaware Memorial Bridge – one of the most stunning structures in Delaware

Delaware Memorial Bridge

The gigantic suspension bridge that links Delaware and New Jersey soars high above the Delaware River. Designed by the famed engineer, Othmar Ammann, the graceful bridge was opened to the public on August 15, 1951.

It was not until 1969 the identical bridge became fully operational. This historical bridge is the second-longest twin-suspension bridge in the world with a great view of the Delaware River. Visit this elegant engineering marvel on your trip to the South. 

Delaware Seashore State Park – a gorgeous coastal destination to explore in Delaware

Dewey Beach - beautiful places to visit in Delaware

One of the State’s most popular destinations, the Delaware Seashore State Park is located near the Dewey Beach. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay on the west, the park covers 2,825 acres.

Set up a camp beside the iconic Indian River Inlet Bridge or visit the restored Indian River Life-Saving Station, there’s everything for all. Besides stunning views and pristine beaches, the park is a haven for outdoor recreation and water sports for people of all ages.

Delaware River – the natural treasure of the north-east

Delaware River

Flowing for 330 miles from New York across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, the Delaware River is truly the heart of the north-east and definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Delaware. The clear waters of the River support wide fauna and flora where the residents enjoy the country life. Millions of visitors participate in a range of recreational activities it provides.

Roughly an hour’s drive from New York City, the river played a vital role in the history of the American Revolution with George Washington’s famous crossing. From magnificent scenery to varied habitats, the Delaware River is truly divine.

Bethany Beach – a small coastal town known for its wide, boardwalk-backed beach

Bethany Beach

Popularly known as “The Quiet Resort”, the Bethany Beach retains its laid-back atmosphere for a summer seaside resort. Renowned for its exquisite seafood, short boardwalk, pristine beaches, and the quaint charm of the town makes it most sought-after oceanfront destinations.

Despite its small stretch of one-mile, it offers a shorefront perfect for sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, windsurfing. A drive down the south will land you to the Fenwick Island Lighthouse and onsite museum. Bethany strikes a perfect balance of family-friendly as well as a fun-loving vacation spot.

Cape Henlopen State Park – a popular beach park, offering ocean and bay swimming

Cape Henlopen State Park

Covering a vast area of 7,000 acres, the Cape Henlopen State Park is a part of the Delaware state parks in Sussex County. Located at a point where the Delaware meets the Atlantic Ocean, it encompasses tidal salt marshes and bay beaches.

Camp around the pine-covered dunes or visit Fort Miles, a historical military base of Second World War, this land never fails to amaze you. Bike the Loop trail around the park and witness the diverse ecosystem of the park. This beach park is a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage.  

White Clay Creek State Park – a beautiful place to visit in Delaware which has excellent trails for hiking and biking White Clay Creek State Park

The 3,647 acre White Clay Creek State Park is located in southern Chester County, three miles north of Newark. Established in 1968, the park’s lush green scenery and bubbling streams provides a refreshing place for fun and relaxation. A nationally designated wild and scenic river, the White Clay Creek blooms with beautiful wildflowers in the spring.

With a plethora of terrific trails, including the popular Bryan’s Field trail and other recreational activities, the White Clay State Park is a great place to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Trap Pond State Park – home to diverse landscapes and a popular spot for camping, hiking and biking 

Trap Pond State Park

Once a site of large freshwater wetland, the Trap Pond State Park was established in 1951 becoming the first state park in Delaware. Located near Laurel, Delaware, the park is spread across 3653 acres and retains the charm of vast cedar swamps and bald cypress trees.

The calm and shallow standing water has a rich history shaped by the culture and community. An enchanting location for hiking, camping, or picnic, witness the abundant wildlife, wildflowers, and the ever-graceful bald cypress trees flourishing in the swamp’s wetlands. There’s nothing more eye-soothing than the beautiful fall colors and captivating sunset from Cypress Point.

Hoopes Reservoir – The largest reservoir in Delaware

Hoopes Reservoir Delaware

Surrounded by dense greenery and rolling hills, the Hoopes Reservoir offers quite a peaceful place for the ones seeking solitude. Located in New Castle County, Delaware, the reservoir was developed in 1932 by the chief engineer, Edgar M. Hoopes.

The Reservoir and its surroundings were open to the public since 1971. The Valley Garden Park on the northeast end of the lake features walking trails, beautiful gardens, and birding opportunities with lots of open space. 

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