The beautiful places to visit in Vermont

Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Vermont 

One of the most beautiful and most loved states in the USA, Vermont seems to conjure up images of everything that is magical from the eternally popular White Christmas movie to long scenic drives during the Fall. In fact with its fusion of idyllic farmland, imposing mountains, verdant forests, and impossibly picturesque small villages Vermont is pretty much perfect. It’s undeniably a tough choice but here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Vermont…

1. Burlington – a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a blend of scenic beauty

Burlington - best places to visit in Vermont

Beckoning a perfect setting of New England charm, ultra-liberal environment, and intimate atmosphere, Burlington is Vermont’s largest sprawling city. A vibrant city with the lovely shorelines of Lake Champlain, Burlington is steeped in art & scenic beauty.

Peep into the history at the Shelburne Museum and Ethan Allen Homestead Museum or kick back on the beach at the North Beach Park and Oakledge Park, this fun-city offers year-round entertainment. Explore the bricked, pedestrian-only walkway with one-of-a-kind shops at Church Street or explore the lush fields and farmlands of the Green Mountains for hiking and skiing, Burlington is one of the places you’ll connect with easily. 

2. Montpelier – the beautiful capital city of Vermont

Montpelier - beautiful places to visit in Vermont

Undeniably the smallest state capital in the country, the quaint Montpelier brims with quirky attractions, a lively downtown, cultural amenities, and sparkling Winooski River flowing through the heart of the city. Visit the gold-domed State House with a Roman goddess Ceres atop and learn about the state’s rich history at the Vermont Historical Society Museum.

Catch a stage performance at the Lost Nation Theater or take a steep hike to the Hubbard Park, adding to the character of its small-town charm with flavors of a big city. Take home a sweet maple syrup at the 200-years old Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks with farm life museum and free tastings.

3. Quechee Gorge – one of Vermont’s most spectacular natural wondersQuechee Gorge - beautiful places to visit in Vermont

Along the U.S. Route 4 in Quechee is the captivating Quechee Gorge. At 165 feet depth, the Quechee Gorge is the deepest in Vermont. Enjoy the beautiful vistas from the bridge above or indulge in the best whitewater rafting in the gushing Ottaquechee River. Often called ‘Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon’ the Quechee Gorge offers miles of walking trails, picnics overlooking the waterfalls, canoeing, cross-country skiing, and much more.

Located within walking distance from the Gorge is the quaint village of Quechee and the Quechee State Park. Take a hike, enjoy the bubbling waters or watch the foliage, Quechee Gorge is truly a rare wonderland of nature. 

4. Topsham Village – a pretty village surrounded by beautiful Vermont sceneryTopsham Village Vermont

A serene town in the Orange County of Vermont, Topsham offers beautiful mountain views and recreational facilities. Comprised of four villages- East Topsham, West Topsham, Wait River, and Topsham Four Corners this peaceful town gets its name from the first settlers of Topsham, Maine.

Explore the West Newbury Village Historic District with museums and exhibits or enjoy wildlife watching and myriad activities in a wide variety of terrains in Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area, each visit to Topsham is a delightful experience. Savor the locally produced cheese or indulge in some sports on the snow along the Northeast Slopes the options at Topsham are boundless. 

5. Nichols Pond – a hidden Vermont gem offering stunning vistas

Nichols Pond Vermont

Embark your journey to the pristine forests and sparkling waters of the Nichols Pond in the small town of Woodbury. Located in Washington County, Vermont, Nichols Pond extends over 168 acres of land. A relatively less explored scenic adventure, the Nichols Pond offers swimming, camping, canoeing, snorkeling, and much more with little visible evidence of human influence.

Take a short hike to the 1,707 feet Nichols Ledge to catch a stunning glimpse of the Nichols Pond and Worcester Range of the Green Mountains with miles of unbroken forests.

6. Woodstock – one of the prettiest historic towns to explore in Vermont

Woodstock - beauty spots in Vermont

Blessed with the New England charm, colonial architecture, and peaceful backroads, Woodstock is a magnetic treasure of Vermont. Experience the spirit of rural Vermont in the iconic outdoor history museum of Billings Farm and Museum with a restored Farm House and rich farm life exhibits.

Visit the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and tour the historic mansion, gardens and surrounding 550 acres of greens. Discover the Woodstock culture at the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Homestead and Old Constitution House or explore the fine downtown with New England flavors, the time at Woodstock is filled with unique amenities and picturesque countryside.  

7. Lake Memphremagog – one of the most stunning lakes to visit in VermontLake Memphremagog

‘Memphremagog’ or a big expanse of water is a freshwater glacial lake bordering Vermont and Canada. One of Vermont’s coverts, the lake stretches over 27-mile in Vermont’s Newport. Nearly a mile away from Quebec, the lake is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains.

A perfect lakeside vacation for sunshine and snowfall, the lake offers kayaking, canoeing, swimming, skiing, and a variety of things to do. Take a bike ride or walk in the rail trail, this picturesque lake is a place to rejuvenate yourself with the crisp fresh waters of Newport.

8. Camels Hump State Park – one of the most beautiful places to visit in VermontCamels Hump State Park

Often called Saddle Mountain or Lion Couchant, the Camel’s Hump is a 1,000-acre gift from Colonel Joseph Battell to the state forest. Surrounded by alpine tundra and the Winooski River, the Camel’s Hump has carved the Green Mountains over the years.

At the heart of the park is the easily recognizable double-humped profile of the iconic Vermont landscape. One of the most popular outdoor destinations in Vermont, today the 21,258-acre state park offers hiking, biking, skiing, camping and many more recreational activities. With numerous hiking and multi-use trails, the Camel’s Hump is a haven for thrill-seekers.

9. Moss Glen Falls – a gorgeous natural beauty spot to explore in VermontMoss Glen Falls Vermont

Oddly enough, there are two waterfalls in Vermont by the same name. The Moss Glen Falls a few miles near Stowe and the Moss Glen Falls near Granville. While the former runs deeps into the woods, the latter is a popular roadside attraction for travelers right off route 100.

Cascading 125 feet through a gorge is the Moss Glen Falls in Stowe. With gorgeous outdoor locales, countless hiking trails, streams, and flowing falls, the Moss Glen Falls offers shallow and refreshing waters with a magical pool ideal for picnicking and light hiking. 

10. Peacham – one of the prettiest villages to visit in New England

Peacham - places to explore in Vermont

Probably one of the best villages of New England, Peacham is tucked in Caledonia County in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. From its historic village district to working farms and forests, Peacham has a magical charm in every season.

Visit the oldest surviving historic farm at the Josiah and Lydia Shedd Farmstead or the house of Peacham’s first settlers at the Elkins Tavern, this quaint village is a hidden wonder. Hike the Cow Hill or indulge in water sports at the Peacham Pond, this mountain pond is every kayaker’s dream. The region is also a part of the Groton State Forest with Devil’s Hill and Peacham Bog natural areas.

11. Hildene House – the legendary home of the First President rooted in Lincoln’s values

Hildene House Vermont

Step into the historic Lincoln estate, the beautiful home of Robert Lincoln, the only surviving child of President Abraham Lincoln. Located in Manchester Village of Vermont, this spectacular mansion offers amazing grounds and gardens overlooking a scenic Battenkill River valley.

Relive Lincoln’s legacy in the mansion with the original artifacts and furnishings including one of the original top hats. Tour the 1903 restored luxurious Pullman car or walk amidst the formal gardens with blooming peonies, this Georgian Revival Home is a favorite place in Manchester.  

12. Lake Champlain – a magnificent lake surrounded by beautiful Vermont countryside

Lake Champlain Vermont

Dividing Vermont from its nearest neighbor New York, the sparkling Lake Champlain is Vermont’s most stunning destination. Located along the eastern shores of Lake Champlain, the city of Burlington offers a splendid sight of the serene lake that’ll keep you spellbound.

Surrounded by picturesque beauty and recreational opportunities everywhere the lake is at pretty walking distance from Church Street and downtown. Boardwalk on the lake’s edge or simply catch a beautiful sunset with the lovely backdrop of Adirondack mountains, a trip to Vermont is incomplete without this colossal lake.

13. Mount Mansfield – the highest mountain in Vermont 

Mount Mansfield Vermont

Mount Mansfield Vermont

Named after the dissolved town of Mansfield, Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont. Nestled in the town of Underhill in Chittenden County, the mountain stands 20 miles northeast of Burlington. At 4,395 feet above sea level, Mt. Mansfield some of the oldest alpine tundra from the Ice Age.

Resembling the profile of a man’s face, the series of summits in Mt. Mansfield features distinct forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam’s apple when viewed from east or west. Part of the Mount Mansfield State Forest, the mountain offers numerous hiking trails and a resort area for winter skiing. 

14. Lake Willoughby – the Green Mountain State’s deepest most beautiful lake

Lake Willoughby Vermont

 Nicknamed America’s Lucerne, Lake Willoughby is a glacial lake in the town of Westmore in Orleans County of Vermont. Surrounded on the east by the Willoughby State Forest, the clear, inviting waters of this lake are known for their clarity & chilly temperatures.

While the North end takes you back in time with vintage lakeside cabins, the south end of the lake offers excellent trailheads with heavenly views from the top of Mt. Pisgah. With mountains on each side of this 5-mile long lake, the lake offers a beautiful beach refreshing dip filled with paddling, kayaking, ice-climbing, and much more.

15. Grafton – a timeless New England experience in southeastern Vermont

Grafton Vermont

Grafton town Vermont

Tucked in the mountains of southern Vermont, Grafton is one of the prettiest towns of New England. Located in the Windham County of Vermont, Grafton retains the charm of a quiet picturesque town.

Plan your stay in one of the oldest hotel of the state, the Grafton Inn, and enjoy the fresh hand-made cheddar at the Grafton Cheese, this quaint town has many scenic everyday spots to stop by and admire. With covered bridges, sheep fields, a beautiful pond, and a classic art-gallery, Grafton is winter heaven for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snow tubing at the Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center.

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